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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


About Harakat- Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility (H-AICF)

Harakat-AICP is a multi-donor funded programme. The lead donor is the UK. Harakat is an Afghanmanaged
non-profit organization operating as a grant-management facility. It has inherited a sevenyear
legacy from its predecessor (Harakat-AICF) of delivering projects aimed at improving barriers to
private sector investments in the country. This was achieved through its partnerships with the
Government of Afghanistan, private sector, civil society and NGOs. By facilitating a healthy and
competitive investment climate as part of its vision, Harakat-AICF sector-specific interventions have
supported direct job creation, revenue generation, laws and regulations, and other programs
contributing to the private sector’s ease of doing business in Afghanistan.
Harakat-AICP has identified a program management approach to achieving the objectives of fostering
an enabling environment for private sector investments in the country by concentrating on four
programme pillars: (1) Public Private Partnerships; (2) Legal and Regulatory Reform; (3) Investor
Protection; (4) Women’s Economic Empowerment.
Through the design of these specific areas of intervention for these programme pillars and linking
them to measurable outcomes and indicators, Harakat-AICP aims to impact the country’s business
enabling environment by attracting viable foreign direct investments and domestic investments,
increasing the confidence of the private sector at large, creating employment opportunities, and
generating revenue. By the time Harakat-AICP completes its mandate in 2023, it expects to have
contributed to significant economic transformation of Afghanistan’s economic growth terrain
Harakat-AICP shall serve as a trusted partner to the Government of Afghanistan, the Private Sector and
Civil Society by supporting and promoting the private sector development and business economic
reform agenda of the country through sustainable and measurable impact.

Job Summary

The Opportunity to Lead and Serve:
Harakat-Afghanistan Investment Climate Program (Harakat-AICP) is seeking a dynamic, innovative
and driven leader as its new Chief Executive Officer.
This is an excellent opportunity to serve and contribute to Afghanistan’s business environment reform
and private sector development agenda and lead an organization with a focused mandate on creating
an enabling environment that will allow for private sector growth and strengthening within the
country and attract long-term, viable and sustainable investments into the country.
Overall purpose of the role
• To provide dynamic, strategic leadership and direction for Harakat-AICP
• To manage the development and implementation of outsourced Harakat- AICP
• To position Harakat-AICP at the forefront of Business Environment Reform (BER) in
• To effectively develop and manage Harakat-AICP as an organization
Objectives of the role
• To be responsible for meeting the targets and objectives set forth in the Harakat-AICP
log frame and supporting Business Case. In support of this main objective:
• Lead the process of developing Harakat-AICP interventions through the
Programme Pillars and subsequently to provide dynamic leadership of service
• Oversee the process of capacity building within Harakat-AICP, and among
• Raise awareness and understanding of BER and Harakat-AICP among
influential stakeholders and decision makers inside and Afghanistan.
• To be responsible for Harakat-AICP long term organizational development.
• To lead, manage, motivate and develop Harakat-AICP staff, encouraging their
commitment to programme objectives, and meeting their personal development needs.
• Provide effective management of the day-to-day operations of Harakat-AICP measured
against strict key performance indicators including but not limited to:
• Management efficient use of resources, and timely delivery of Programme Pillar
• Manage the design of all Programme Pillars and procurement of services
thereof in accordance with Board established time frame.
• Fiduciary control of the funds and expenditures of Harakat-AICP in accordance
with the caps set forth by the Board.
• Effective Leadership of Harakat-AICP operational teams.
• Effective relationship building with key stakeholders (as measured by
independent stakeholder satisfaction survey).
• Provide Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reporting to the Board and Investors on
Harakat-AICP’s performance across all the functions of the organization.
• Represent and promote Harakat-AICP at key functions in Afghanistan and beyond.

Job Details

Date Posted: 19 Nov 2016 Reference: CEO 16-001
Closing Date: 15 Dec 2016 Work Type: Full Time
Number of Vacancies: 1 Gender: Any
Functional Area: Management Open Ended: NO
Nationality: Any Salary Range: As per company salary scale
Contract Type: Permanent Years of Experience: 10 Year(s)
Contract Duration: 3 Year(s) & 0 Month(s) Extension Possibility: No
Probation Period: 3 Months

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. The CEO shall be responsible for the overall leadership and management of Harakat-AICP’s
operational, financial and administrative functions. Working under the guidance of the
Harakat-AICP Board of Directors, the CEO shall implement the strategic vision and mandate
of the organization and is accountable for the key performance indicators as set forth by the
Board and contained in the Harakat-AICP log frame.
2. The CEO shall maintain strong relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders, including
but not limited to the Government of Afghanistan, international donor community, private
sector and civil society.
3. The CEO is responsible and accountable for internal and external interactions by
exemplifying values of high ethical standards, integrity, and fairness and ensuring that these
values prevail across the organization’s culture and its contractors.
4. The CEO reports to the Harakat Board and shall work closely with the Investors Committees
and Board in carrying the following primary responsibilities:
Operational Management:
• Ensure that Harakat-AICP’s organizational structure, operational policies and
other business procedures effectively deliver on the strategic objectives and
mandate as defined by the Board.
• Exercise authority over staffing and human-resource matters with the objective
of strengthening performance management by tracking key performance
indicators across the organization.
• Deliver on the key performance indicators as and ensure their timely delivery.
• Maintain a positive, dynamic and results-driven work environment that centers
on collaboration and information sharing while attracting, retaining and
motivating diverse talent in the organizational internal and external work force.
• Lead the Harakat-AICP as the mechanism for ensuring aligned internal leadership
and implementation of its governance and operational framework.
• Act as a key spokesperson for Harakat-AICP and effectively communicate and
market Harakat-AICP’s vision, mandate, and progress across all its functions.
• Add value to Harakat-AICP by contributing to the strategic decision-making of the
organization by providing new perspectives and examining alternative strategies.
• Lead the process of selection of staff members of Harakat-AICP.
• Manage the performance of staff members.
• Implement human resources (HR) policies and procedures as set out in the
Harakat-AICP Operations Manual and report on all relevant HR issues to the
• Exercise leadership in providing implementing oversight to Harakat-AICP’s
communications and PR strategy, IT systems, knowledge and programme
management systems and any other mechanisms that will ensure optimum
performance of Harakat-AICP under its mandate.
Board Engagement
• Lead the process of engaging with existing and potential investors and assist the
Board and Investors in the process of raising funds for the Harakat-AICP from
international donors and any other parties determined by the Board.
• Report to the Board on the performance of Harakat-AICP (measured against key
performance indicators set in the log frame.
• Attend Harakat-AICP Board Meetings, ensuring timely submission of Board
documents, maintaining requisite communications with Investors, Board
Directors, and Chairman, and adhering to the corporate governance and bylaws
of the organization.
• Prepare and submit monthly, quarterly and annual work plans to the Board and
• Provide input to the Board using knowledge, expertise, and judgment to
contribute to the success of Harakat-AICP and its initiatives.
• Report to the Board on the operational, administrative, and financial aspects of
Harakat-AICP at each Board Meeting.
• Ensure that the Board is made aware, in a timely way, of key strategic and other
material operational challenges the Secretariat encounters in the course of its
• Represent AICP management at Board Meetings, and ensure effective and timely
preparation and distribution of all materials in accordance with Board-mandated
policies and procedures.
• Communicate Board decisions to Harakat-AICP’s staff, and other relevant
Stakeholder Engagement
• Represent Harakat-AICP and its work with external stakeholders to build
effective partnerships with public and private entities to support the work of the
Harakat-AICP in creating an enabling environment for private sector growth and
• Engage in fundraising to attract investment into Harakat AICP and increase the
funding portfolio.
• Interact with government at the highest political level to advocate for an
appropriate level of national resources to be directed to at risk populations.
• Maintain effective communications with all stakeholders, especially on
possessing a solid command of all programme pillars and their progress.
• Directly manage Stakeholder Engagement Manager to ensure effective and
productive stakeholder engagement that will also broker and promote
stakeholder partnerships where appropriate.
Programme Pillar Strategic Management
• Provide guidance and oversight on implementing the specific programme pillars,
identify risks while developing and implementing requisite risk mitigation
mechanism including by seeking additional authorities from the Board as may be
needed to address risks that arise proactively and effectively.
• Ensure the accurate and timely maintenance of operational databases containing
information on projects, performance and impact indicators, stakeholders,
contacts, consultants, and investment climate initiatives.
• Provide oversight to programme pillar deliverables against financial payments to
implementing contractors and programme results indicators.
• Effectively oversee the management of risk in the portfolio of each Programme
Pillar, including, but not limited to, the development of rigorous management and
communications systems to ensure the implementation of and strict adherence to
Board decisions, Harakat-AICP policies, and results frameworks as they relate to
the Programme Pillars.
• Ensure meaningful and well coordinated monitoring and evaluation of Harakat-
AICP Programme Pillars, performance and provision of accurate analysis and
routine reporting on the impact and performance of Harakat AICP’s Pillar
Programme portfolios.
• In close collaboration with the Independent Monitoring Agent, External Internal
Auditors and the Audit Committee of the Board, ensure compliance with fiduciary
controls to monitor the use of Harakat-AICP resources.
• Directly manage Programme Managers to exercise effective delivery of pillar
• Directly manage M&E Manager to discharge duties of coordinated monitoring and
evaluation with outsourced M&E support, DFID, IMA, and IEA.
Financial Management
• On direction of the Board, appoint external auditors for Harakat-AICP.
• Prepare annual programme budgets.
• Prepare quarterly and annual financial reports.
• Commission external parties, as required by investors, to undertake financial and
operational reviews of Harakat-AICP’s progress and performance.
• Ensure that activities supported by Harakat-AICP adhere to strict financial
controls, and compliance regimes.
• Ensure Harakat-AICP policies and procurement procedures are firmly in place
and strictly implemented and adhered to.
• Work closely with the Chief Financial Officer to ensure that all relevant tasks are
being completed efficiently and effectively with adherence to fraud control
Professional Conduct
• Comply with personal legal liabilities and fiduciary requirements of diligence and
care in carrying out the duties of Harakat-AICP.
• Act honestly and with the utmost integrity in all the affairs of Harakat-AICP and
avoid all actual and perceived conflicts of interest and, should this arise,
immediately declare them to the Chairman, Board and Investors.
• It is essential that the CEO does not seek to make a profit from Harakat-AICP
or engage in transactions that provide personal profit or advantage.


The ideal candidate will:
1. The ideal candidate will have strong administrative skills and will be capable of overseeing
the various operational elements of the organization, which includes skills associated with
budgeting and procurement.
2. Bring a track record of success in leadership roles in any of the following areas: legal,
government service, nongovernmental organizations or banking.
3. Have existing relationships of trust within government and/or global institutions and
organizations or private sector consulting firms and command a solid understanding of
Afghanistan’s economic growth, legal and regulatory reform and business enabling
4. Have the ability to proficiently communicate in Dari, Pashtu and English. Excellent written
English is required.
5. Have a proven track record in writing and producing substantive proposals, reports and
policy related documents that are in par with international standards.
6. Possess a minimum of ten years working in Afghanistan, specifically in the areas of
commercial and economic reform.
7. Possess advanced (minimum masters) level education in the areas of law, international
development, international business, international economics, or a related field.
8. Be a hard worker who leads by example, has a very strong programme design, management
and implementation skills, and is an innovative and strategic thinker who understands how
to facilitate rapid growth in a small organization.
9. Have the ability to effectively communicate and market Harakat-AICP’s vision, mandate, and
progress across all its functions.
10. Expected to maintain the focus of the organization on achieving key strategic goals and to
possess the ability to recognize new opportunities and trends to ensure that Harakat-AICP is
at the forefront of business environment reform and contributing to economic growth and
11. Possess a leadership style that motivates and engages clients, partners, staff, colleagues,
faculty, and students to make their best contribution, and engenders collaborative efforts to
achieve shared goals.
12. Have the ability to develop and maintain external relationships with strategic governmental
and institutional donors, and the Government of Afghanistan entities Harakat-AICP serves
through its Programme Pillars and overall Programme mandate, and to build new
relationships with additional international organizations, governments, and private sector
providers, all with a goal of creating an enabling environment for private sector growth,
strengthening the private sector in Afghanistan, and engaging in substantive and measurable
business environment reform.
13. Proven complex programme management experience to be able to lead multi-disciplinary
teams (including outsourced services).
14. Strong command and understanding of Afghanistan’s economic growth, business
environment reform and creating an enabling environment for private sector growth
15. Strong command of Afghanistan’s local commercial, business, and cultural norms, languages
and governance terrain.
16. Good understanding of barriers to business enabling reform in Afghanistan.
17. Track record for strategy planning and ability to respond to changing post conflict
18. Able to travel internationally to attend meetings and events for and on behalf of Harakat-


Possess advanced (minimum masters) level education in the areas of law, international
development, international business, international economics, or a related field.

Job Location

Afghanistan - Kabul: PROVINCIAL CENTER (KABUL)


Masters Degree, Economic Growth

Submission Guideline

Submission Guidelines
Applicants must submit a complete application that includes a letter of interest, current curriculum
vitae, and contact information for four professional references. All submissions must be made via
email only to the below email
Credential review begins immediately and will continue until the position is filled. Harakat-AICP
reserves the right to screen and interviews suitable candidates any time during this period. No phone
calls please. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted
Harakat-AICP prohibits discrimination in employment on any basis.
Women are strongly urged to apply.

Submission Email

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