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Project Management Director


About Afghanistan Holding Group

The Project Management Director position at Afghanistan Holding Group (AHG) is a high-level position in the company. This position provides direct technical expertise focused on the identification and acquisition and managements of opportunities that will help grow the company’s current areas of activity and expand its activities in areas that are identified by the Chairman. It is critical that the Director have good understandings of the vision, objectives, and relevant organizational policies and procedures, which apply directly to their tasks.

The Director must play a senior role in the company. There should be a commitment to the company and its employees, which is based on mutual trust and good will. This commitment will enable the Director to share important confidential company planning, financial, and other information needed to assist the Chairman in development of policies and practices, marketing, and long-term strategic planning. The position reports to the CEO. The position will oversee and manage a dedicated team of Associates, Analysts, and Interns.

Job Summary

The Project Management Director is the key organizational position focusing on projects (e.g. project strategy, planning and execution). The person in this role is responsible for the generation and maintenance of integrated project plans and for ensuring optimal execution of cross-functional project activities required to progress projects to the next decision point. The Project Management Director will provide leadership to cross-functional early development project teams from optimization/compound selection up to and including full implementation, reporting and project close out, for a large diverse portfolio of discreet contracted projects.

This position has the following distinct and crucial areas in which the incumbent needs to be able to perform effectively and efficiently - namely:

Job Details

Date Posted: 11 Jan 2017 Reference: TBD
Closing Date: 22 Jan 2017 Work Type: Full Time
Number of Vacancies: 1 Gender: Any
Functional Area: Management Open Ended: NO
Nationality: Afghan Salary Range: As per company salary scale
Contract Type: Long-term Years of Experience: 10 Year(s)
Contract Duration: 1 Year(s) & 0 Month(s) Extension Possibility: Yes
Probation Period:

Duties and Responsibilities

• Manage cross functional project teams in partnership with AHG Management Team.
• Enable and drive project strategy development
• Responsible for the generation and maintenance of the integrated project plan (options development, risk management, opportunities identification, timing) with the project team
• Responsible for ensuring execution of all cross-functional project activities; Identify activities on the critical path; assure continuous consistency with project strategy; allow scientists to focus on science
• Work with team members to identify key issues and bring to project team for deliberation and decisions.
• Works collaboratively with AHG Management to drive high performing teams based on the expertise and contributions of its member’s shared responsibility and the coordination of work towards a common goal. Strives for the alignment of team members, project goals and global functions.
• Serves as neutral facilitator, communicates openly and timely, horizontally and vertically in order to progress projects and lead to resolve conflicts in good faith
• Applies knowledge of the industry and the competitive environment
• Coaches core team members for optimal project progression when needed
• Organize and chair project team meetings and issue meeting minutes
• Manage cross functional input for resource and operational planning
• Contribute to improvements of tools and processes used in project management


The Director position is a high level technical position within AHG and as such the Director should have a tertiary degree, preferably a Masters Degree. It is expected that, with the consent of his/her supervisor, the Director continuously stays abreast of all new development in his or her field and pursues avenues for capacity building. From time to time, AHG may assist in further training which would result in measurable benefit to the company.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Project Management, Master degree is preferred

The Director should have an exceptional track record in areas of management, supervision, leadership, project planning, organizational structures, and client relations.

The Director is expected to have experience and demonstrated skills in the following areas:

• 10+ years of Experience in project Management,
• Proven Experience in Leadership
• Excellent Knowledge of Team Management and Reporting
• Technical Writing skills
• Strong language of English skills
• Excellent communication skills
• experience in the management and development of proposals
• ability to conceptualize project activities to ensure a productive interaction between plans, designs, tasks, assessment, and development of products
• ability to develop plans which are achievable
• ability to develop, assess and monitor budgets
• ability to allocate and review priorities and meet deadlines
• ability to work under pressure and respond to multiple tasks
• ability to focus on the requirements of clients
• ability to give solution oriented advice and assistance to staff, clients and stakeholders
• technical writing ability, especially for proposal development
• ability to work well in teams
• ability to develop effective networks and relationships with a broad range of current and potential clients
• experience in procurement and asset management
• computer skills

Management Skills
Major considerations for the Director fall across all areas. He/she should be able to independently manage their work, and the work of their specific tasks, to the satisfaction of the supervisor and within the specific relevant policies and procedures of AHG. The Director must fully understand all relevant laws and policies of AHG, the Afghan government, and the clients as they apply directly to the work undertaken by the Director.

The Director will design, plan, organize, and implement activities under his/her authority including the work of the staff they supervise. The Director will show a considerable degree of independence in these activities, and will be expected to use superior judgment in designing and implementing tasks.

The Director will develop and promote a climate for professional, technical and business growth. The Director will work with colleagues in a professional manner to strengthen the company through teamwork.

Communication and Collaboration
AHG works in an information arena; so good communication should be a priority. Good communication means sharing ideas, perspectives, and information which may be of interest or relevant to colleagues, in addition to the routine, administrative information which keeps things moving on a day-to-day basis.

Collaboration is linked to communication, because AHG is an organization that draws its strength from teamwork the Director will constantly seek to foster collaboration, by example and by working systematically to improve systems for coordinating activities. Collaboration involves both initiating cooperative activities and following through.
Professional Conduct
• Comply with personal legal liabilities and fiduciary requirements of diligence and care in carrying out the duties of AHG.
• All AHG staff must act honestly in all the affairs of AHG and avoid any conflict between their personal interests and the interests of AHG. Using a position in AHG or knowledge gained from AHG to inappropriately influence decisions or activities for their advantage, financial or otherwise, or for that of their family and friends or associates defines an unacceptable conflict of interest and is strictly prohibited at all times. Individuals are expected to avoid even the appearance of impropriety in the performance of their duties. All secretariat staff must disclose, at the earliest practicable time, any possible conflict of interest to the Partners, whether it be actual or perceived. If a staff member is uncertain whether a conflict of interest exists, a determination may be requested by the Partners.
• All AHG staff should be aware of AHG’s core policies and AHG's commitment to high standards and best practice in all of its operations. The governance charter outlines the key principles that underline AHG’s strategic and operational responsibilities to social, gender, environmental and corporate integrity practices.

Intangible Qualifications
All AHG staff members are expected to develop a high level of professional competence as measured by a number of tangible as well as intangible qualities. To succeed at AHG, staff must develop leadership and teamwork skills and abilities. There are many descriptions of intangible qualities of leaders. The following list may serve as an example of the type of character we expect in the Director and which the Director should expect of the Senior Staff at AHG. These qualities should be fostered throughout the company in all staff. The Director plays a major role in setting the example for others, especially more junior staff.

Confidence Confidence is the belief that you can, which leads to tenacity, but not arrogance. The confident leader recognizes his or her need to keep growing and learning. Does not know it all. A confident person listens to others intently and is not threatened by criticism. They are patient and they quietly but unambiguously counsel those needing it.

Courage The Director should have courage in interpersonal relationships and in adherence to principle. Courage means following one’s convictions. It also means being able to change one’s mind—to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” and to admit that you and your organization is not perfect and never will be. The type of courage we need is that which helps us to keep learning and to place principle over expedience.

Savvy Savvy is a practical blend of knowledge and intelligence. Pragmatic down-to-earth intelligence vital for leaders. This intelligence should be grounded in reality and theory, in empirical evidence as well as in abstractions. The Director should know what makes people tick. They should be aware of what they don’t know. They must stay in touch with people at the level where the work gets done.

Maturity It is unacceptable to have temper tantrums or lose emotional control. Maturity means no raving and ranting and no abuse of other people. One must exercise control; make no snap judgments, and not show obstinacy. The mature person supports other staff in personal and professional development. Maturity is a must for supervisors.

Maturity is reasoned and reasonable behavior targeted at the specific issue or individual; not impulsiveness, outbursts, or attacking the dignity of any employee at any level.

Integrity Integrity means no shading of the truth, hiding the truth, or manufacturing facts to look good. These are cowardice. When employees see their superiors exercise dishonesty they follow suit. Effective communication relies on integrity. There can be no punishment for sharing bad news. A person with integrity does not feel threatened by others knowing what’s going on. The Director cannot treat knowledge as power.

Integrity and honesty can be taught from the top down by example, by teaching, and by insistence. Shading of truth or integrity violations could be grounds for dismissal.

Desire The Director must desire to lead for the right reason. The right reason is to make life better for others, not oneself. This sustains the best leaders, and makes them go the extra mile. It is selflessness. A strong desire to make it better for others translates into extra effort and concern. It generates a can-do spirit. When leaders work only for the prestige, perks, and pay, they can’t resist the temptation to start enjoying them.

Job Location

Afghanistan - Kabul


Bachelors Degree,

Submission Guideline

Please submit your CV to the following email:

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