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Aviation Associate (Air Movement)


About United Nations World Food Programme

The United Nations World Food Programme is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. WFP has been working in Afghanistan since 1963. WFP food assistance aims to help the most vulnerable, food insecure Afghans, including women and children, as well as families affected by conflict and natural disasters. In 2016, WFP fed over 3.6 million vulnerable Afghans through various programme activities such as general distributions ( food, and/or cash and voucher as the transfer modality); nutrition programmes, through targeted supplementary feeding; school take-home rations; food for assess creation, Purchase for Progress (P4P), training and capacity development activities. for more information, see

Job Summary

The Aviation Associate (Air Movement) reports to the Air Movement Officer or Air Transport Officer, as applicable, the incumbent is responsible for performing effective and efficient movement control tasks. At this level, job holders operate in locations characterized by a complex security situation and/or a higher volume of flights generating additional number of processes and details that must be completed. Job holders demonstrate personal responsibility and initiative to respond independently to queries and problems with only general guidance, using a strong understanding of the local context. There is a requirement to use judgment in dealing with unforeseen problems on a daily basis. Job holders specialise in either air transport or air movement, and perform a specialised technical role, or in some situations may supervise and coordinate a team of staff. Job holders can also be based in an AO or FO with no direct professional technical supervisor on the ground, and therefore expected to resolve routine issues and take decisions quite independently.

Job Details

Date Posted: 13 Nov 2017 Reference: 70027
Closing Date: 26 Nov 2017 Work Type: Full Time
Number of Vacancies: 1 Gender: Any
Functional Area: Airline/Aviation Open Ended: NO
Nationality: Afghan Salary Range: As per company salary scale
Contract Type: Service Contract Years of Experience: 2 Year(s)
Contract Duration: 12 Year(s) & 0 Month(s) Extension Possibility: Yes
Probation Period:

Duties and Responsibilities

2.1 Booking, Handling Documents and Load Control

1.Receive booking reservations for passengers and cargo (for AMA in the field) and make relevant entries in the Takeflite/eFMA;
2.Convey and deliver documents between the aircraft and appropriate terminal authorities;
3.Prepare, sign, distribute and clear as appropriate, documents such as loading instructions, load sheets, balance charts, manifests, etc., in accordance with local and international regulations or as reasonably required by the aircraft; and
4.Compile and dispatch statistics, returns and reports in accordance with procedures, rules and regulations and perform manifest correction and updates through Takeflite/eFMA.
2.2 Passenger and Baggage handling.

1.Check-in passengers in accordance with requirements and instructions issued by WFP-AFO and the chartered carrier’s and ensure 100% matching of the ID against the passenger manifest;
2.Inform passengers about time of arrival and/or departure of chartered carrier’s aircraft and transportation connections;
3.Guide passengers from the chartered carrier’s aircraft through controls to connecting transportation and vice versa;
4.Handle baggage in the baggage sorting area, deliver baggage in accordance with the local procedures;
5.If applicable, storage of baggage in the customs bonded store if required (any storage fees to be paid cash by the passengers);
6.Assist passengers requiring special attention;
7.Inspect, weigh and tag checked and unchecked baggage;
8.Effect the conveyance of checked baggage from the baggage check-in position to the aircraft and vice-versa;
9.Deal with loss, found and damaged property and report such irregularities;
10.Notify the AMO/ATO/CATO of complaints/claims made by passengers; and
11.Head check of passengers upon embarkation (count to be compared with messenger manifest and general declaration).
2.3 Cargo Handling

1.Present to Customs for physical examination and processing clearances for the release of inbound, transfer and outbound cargo as required and/or clear cargo through Customs in accordance with the chartered carrier’s and WFP-AFO instructions and in concurrence with local regulations;
2.Deal with lost, found and damaged cargo and report such irregularities;
3.Notify the AMO/ATO/CATO of any complaint/claim made by Consignors;
4.Sort and store inbound, transfer and outbound cargo prior to dispatch in accordance with the nature of goods and the routing of the cargo;
5.Provide and/or arrange for essential equipment and storage facilities for special perishable cargo and other special items;
6.Provide accommodation and services for acceptance of cargo and ensure adequate control so that shipments and documents, when delivered for transportation by Consignors either directly or through an agent of WFP are made "ready for carriage". Any irregularity to be reported;
7.Tally and assemble for dispatch by weight and volume, cargo up to capacity available on all aircraft;
8.Prepare for delivery onto the aircraft, unit load devices - e.g. pallets, etc;
9.Prepare cargo manifest(s), split air waybill sets, and forward applicable copies of aforementioned documents as required. Where applicable return a copy of the waybill to the ATO/CATO endorsed with conveyance details;
10.Offload bulk cargo from vehicles, break-down and/or empty unit load devices, e.g. pallets, etc. and check incoming cargo against document(s);
11.In accordance with local and WFP regulations and where necessary, put cargo under Customs' control, clearing discrepancies;
12.Prepare transfer manifest(s) for cargo to be transported by other aircraft;
13.Inspect and check incoming cargo against document(s); and
14.Notify consignee/agent of arrival in accordance with applicable instructions.
15.Handle Dangerous Goods and provide all necessary associated documentation (Shipper’s declaration, etc,) to the aircrew.

2.4 Loading/Unloading of Aircraft

1.Provide/arrange for, position and remove adequate passenger handling equipment for embarking/disembarking passengers where needed;
2.Provide/arrange for and operate suitable loading/unloading equipment;
3.Provide/arrange for and operate suitable equipment for transportation of loads between points in terminal areas as required;
4.Unload, assemble/deliver/receive loads;
5.Load, stow and secure loads in accordance with chartered carrier’s and WFP-UNHAS instructions and procedures;
6.Weigh pallets/containers/load units;
7.Re-distribute loads in cargo holds according to the aircraft’s Load Masters instructions;
8.Secure and lock cargo hold doors and hatches when loading/unloading is complete;
9.Provide passenger and/or crew transport between aircraft and airport terminal as required by WFP-UNHAS or local authorities; and
10.Arrange for safeguarding of all loads with special attention to valuables and vulnerable cargo during loading, unloading and during transport between aircraft and the terminal.

2.5 Aircraft Handling

1.Attendance. Standby before arrival and after departure and general supervision of ramp handling activities.
2.Marshalling. In conjunction with the Operator’s Flight Operations Officer, provide/arrange for marshalling equipment and/or arrange for the marshalling of the aircraft at arrival/departure.
3.Ground/Aircraft Communications. Where required provide/arrange for communications facilities to establish and maintain communication between handling parties and the aircraft command element.
4.Ground Power Units. Where required, provide/arrange for, position/remove and operate suitable ground power unit for supply of necessary electrical power during a specified time limit;
5.Starting. Where applicable, provide/arrange for positioning/removal and operate appropriate unit(s) for normal engine starting at departure.
2.6 Safety and Security Management
1.Report immediately to the AMO/ATO/CATO and the aircraft commander, all damage noticed at or inside the aircraft irrespective of cause or time of occurrence;
2.Monitor aircraft operations and performance, identify and report any likely hazard(s) and operational risk(s) which could affect the continued safe operations of aircraft;
3.Provide/arrange for, position/remove and operate suitable fire fighting equipment and other protective equipment as required.; arrange for the management of foreign objects damage (FOD) on the movement area on the airside;
4.Ensure that security procedures are in place at all UNHAS destinations before each departure;
5.Provide/arrange for security of personnel, cargo and facilities.
6.Perform as flight monitor on UNHAS flights into security compromised locations where aviation security control is limited or not existing in order to conduct screening of passengers, luggage and cargo;
7.Provide assistance and guidance to passengers and flight crew on all flights originating from the field stations where UNHAS has no personnel;
8.Communicate with Air Operations Control Centre (AOCC) and Flight Following Centre while in the field, to provide both with all necessary operational information;
9.At field locations, liaise and coordinate aviation and security aspects with local authorities and national/international forces;
10. At field locations, plan, organize and supervise any medical or security emergency and implement the A-ERP when necessary or instructed;
11. Moving of Aircraft. Provide/arrange for and position/remove suitable towing equipment to tow/push aircraft on the designated handling area according to the aircraft commanders’ instructions and in accordance with the local regulations.

12. Refuelling of Aircraft. Provide and/or arrange for the provision of fuel for aircraft and ensure that aircraft are refuelled in time to satisfy scheduled departures and designated take-off times and verify the amount of fuel delivered into the aircraft.
13.Transportation and Administration Resource Management
14. Exercise adequate control over the utilization of assigned transportation resources;
15. Plan and execute utilization of assigned transportation resources in accordance with WFP-AFO procedures, rules and regulations and as directed by the ATO/CATO;
16. Provide in a timely manner to all transportation coordinating agencies, including Flight Following Center and/or Air Operations Control Center (AOCC), information on local weather conditions, traffic restrictions, hazards, incidents/accidents and transportation mode departure/arrival times and loads;
17. Immediately report all breaches of internationally accepted and practiced safety regulations and procedures in respect to transportation modal operations to the appropriate authority and the AMO/ATO/CATO;
18. Assist in the official investigation of incidents/accidents, losses and discrepancies;
19. Perform all administrative and financial tasks requested at the field location in liaison with management and admin/finance office in UNHAS Kabul;
20. Manage the UNHAS team and liaise with the WFP sub-office regarding all admin, finance, HR and operations related issues;
21. Liaise with UNHAS users in the field, mainly UN agencies and INGOs/NGOs who are flight-authorized on WFP/UNHAS aircraft and also ensure that the face and image of UNHAS is well maintained by fostering good customer relationship;
22. Carry out any other duties as directed by AMO/ATO/CATO.

Travels to Provinces

Require Travels to Provinces


• Experience in dispatching flights from uncontrolled airfields.
• Experience in interpreting operational flight plans.
• Experience in fuel planning, fuel management and supervising refuelling operations.
• Experience in airside operations and marshalling procedures.


Education: Completion of secondary school education. Post-secondary certificate in air traffic control, flight dispatch, aeronautical engineering or related field is essential for Air Operations roles, desirable for Air Movement roles

a.Hold or has held a Commercial Pilot License, Navigator License, Air Traffic Control License, Flight Operations Officer, Flight Dispatch Officer License, Loadmaster Certification or aircraft loader / handler certification (or equivalent). Or Minimum of five years’ progressive experience in the field of aviation related responsibilities such as Flight Operation; Check-in-Counter, Customer Care/Service;
b.Demonstrated experience in use of commercial aviation software/tools i.e. e-FMA/Takeflite for operational functions including reservations, manifest correction, aircraft utilisation reports, departure/arrival data, etc.

a.Proficiency in the technical field of aviation related to aviation personnel, air customer service and air operations;
b.Be conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results;
c.Show persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges;
d.Remains calm in stressful situations;

a.Excellent drafting ability and communication skills, both oral and written;
b.Ability to communicate complex concepts to persons with different types of cultural background;
c.Ability to prepare written reports that are clear, concise and meaningful;
d.Ability to use and communicate via VHF radio;

a.Good interpersonal skills, demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment and to maintain effective working relations with people of different nationalities and cultural background;

a.Fluency (level C) in English language and in Dari and/or Pashto;

Job Location

AF AF 12


Secondary School, Airline/Aviation

Submission Guideline

Afghan Nationals meeting the essential qualifications of the position are invited to apply by submitting a letter of interest and an updated CV and/or P11 form. Please click or cut and past the following link in your browser in order to submit your online application through the WFP E-recruitment portal. Please note that application submitted via email or hardcopy will not be given any consideration.;=

Submission Email

No email provided, please refer to Submission Guideline above

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