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Police Reform and Capacity Building Adviser to Deputy Minister for Administration


About MOIA

Deputy Ministry for Administration Mission Statement:
The Deputy Ministry of Administration is responsible for recruitment, training, personnel management, and management of the civil service elements of the Ministry. It also oversees the processing of national identity cards (tazkira), passports and visas, motor vehicle registrations, and drivers’ licenses.

Deputy Ministry for Administration Context and Objectives:
The Deputy Ministry for Administration of MoIA, provide services to the people of Afghanistan in the following areas:

Visa and Passport
The Passport Directorate is responsible for the issuance of digitally and manually-produced passports, and for providing visas to expatriates and visitors. In order to comply with the international standards for passport security and identification, the MoIA in 1391 instituted use of a digital visa issuance system and passport scanners. This technology facilitates international travel for Afghan citizens and expedites the process of issuing passports. The capacity of the Passport Directorate improved considerably last year and now issues approximately 2,000 computerized passports daily nationwide.

Recruitment General Command
Police enlistment in Afghanistan is voluntary. Police recruitment is conducted throughout the country’s 34 provinces in accordance with the MoIA’s tashkil and approved procedures. Volunteers apply at one of the country’s recruitment centers, where, after checking the applicant’s national identification card (tazkira), recruiter will request completion of an application form, along with signed references from two members of Afghanistan’s local or national government. Applicants then face review by the Criminal Investigation, Intelligence, Counter Terrorism, Tazkira and Population Registration directorates, as well as by MoIA’s heath care services to ensure they are physically fit for duty.

Population Registration and the Tazkira
The duties of the Population and Tazkira department include: the collection and analysis of demographic data on births, divorces, deaths, and immigration; registration of entries and exits by foreigners; processing of documents for Afghan citizenship or withdrawal of citizenship; training programs for the birth registration department; distribution of tazkiras; and, requested verifications of tazkira information for citizens.

Professional Training
The Training and Education General Command by ten RTCs, Afghan National Police Academy and Afghan Police Staff College are responsible for training and educating police to enhance their professional, legal, cultural, and physical capacities to meet modern international standards. It conducts professional and specialized courses, provides scholarships for trainings in foreign countries, and conducts methodological and leadership seminars.

Job Summary

Job Code Title: Police Reform and Capacity Building
Adviser to Deputy Minister for Administration
Position Number: 1
Department: DMA-MOIA
Reports to: Deputy Minister for Administration (DMA)
Approved Grade: B

The Deputy Ministry of Administration is responsible for recruitment, training, personnel management, and management of the civil service elements of the Ministry. It also oversees the processing of national identity cards (tazkira), passports and visas, motor vehicle registrations, and drivers’ licenses.

Job Details

Date Posted: 06 Aug 2018 Reference: 001
Closing Date: 24 Sep 2019 Work Type: Full Time
Number of Vacancies: 1 Gender: Any
Functional Area: Adviser Open Ended: NO
Nationality: Afghan Salary Range: As per company salary scale
Contract Type: Long-term Years of Experience: 4 Year(s)
Contract Duration: 0 Year(s) & 0 Month(s) Extension Possibility: No
Probation Period:

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the overall supervision of the Deputy Minister for Administration (DMA) and in close collaboration with the MoIA International partners, RS, C-STICA, UNDP/LOTFA, GPPT, GIZ/EU Police reform project, SSMI and other stakeholders the Deputy Minister Advisor will:

• Work closely with international partners on police reform, system development and capacity building of Afghan National Police at national and International level.
• Frequent travel to the provinces across the country; where regional training centers exist and police training and education programs are implemented and enhance the capacity of the RTCs to provide quality education for male and female police.
• Coordinate with RS/PAIT team to plan and implement different capacity building program for ANP at national level.
• Coordinate and manage current female training program in Sivas, Turkey with UNDP/LOTFA and other MoIA partners to build the capacity in Afghanistan.
• Implement the Memorandum of Understanding of academic cooperation between Ministry of Interior Affairs and Ministry of Higher Education to ensure quality education in ANP higher education institutions.
• Rollout the Police Master Degree in Education and Law Enforcement with American University of Afghanistan for MoIA instructors and peronnels.
• Coordinate the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding between Ministry of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan and Ministry of Home Affairs of India on police capacity development.
• Deputize for the DMA and assist in managing the other directorates and commands and represent DMA in coordination meetings with MoIA leadership and International partners.
• Being the focal point of DMA for all international partners and other Afghan government ministries and institutions on police reform and capacity building.

Overall Function:
The incumbent of this position works in close collaboration and daily contact with the MoIA partners on implementation of all tasks and activities with national and international partners involved in the work of the Police Professionalization. The advisor will continue to focus most attention on the Afghan National Police reform and capacity building at PHQ and PD levels this includes frequent travel to these provinces. The position also will support to 119 Emergency Call Center development, Police Information Desks establishment and training at the regional level, District Safety and Security Surveys (DSSS) in the assigned provinces and Police Women’s Councils/Family Response Units regionalisation. Deputisation functions will involve high level coordination of cross output activities, supporting MoIA staff in meetings and negotiations with third parties and assisting with the development of plans and delivery of capacity building agreements and contracts (goods and services) for MoIA education institutions. Facilitation meetings between MoIA and with senior MoIA officials and other international partners. Transfer of technical knowledge to and building of capacity MoIA/DMA related directorates and amongst individual counterparts within the MoIA namely the training and education institutions is a major criterion for judging the success of this position.

Key Function:

Under the direct supervision of the Deputy Minister for Administration, the incumbent will ensure the following key functions are performed to a high standard.

• Manage and coordinate the work of the capacity development projects and programs using MISP implementation plans as a guide to achievement of results.
• Provide technical advise to H.E Deputy Minister for Administration on police development initiatives and plans.
• Arrange all meetingings for the H.E Deputy Minister for Administration with Resolute Support and other international stickholders.
• Help MoIA for the development and approval of revision of education policy and develop and awareness plan of the police laws and policies.
• Coordinate work of the DMA with other elements of education institutions and the international community in the central and provincial level.
• Assist the MOIA and members of the UNDP project to develop and expand concepts relevant to building trust and confidence in police (taking into account the work of other national and international partners).
• Facilitate the donor meetings with the Deputy Minister and provide technical assistance in preparing the reports to H.E minister of interior affairs.
• Support the RS initiative to provide standards female training program in enhancing the existing training resources in Afghanistan to replace Sivas, Turkey basic training program.

• Support the DMA Police Professionalisation:
• Assist DMA in quality assurance of the education in Afghan National Police Academy, Police Staff College and RTCs in Afghanistan.
• Facilitate liaison activities between Resolute Support and DMA relevant directorates at Provincial Police Headquarter (PPHQs) and other senior office holders for the coordination of police development initiatives.
• Contribute to management of technical assistance and support for all substantive work of the MoIA including major revisions police master degree program memorandum of understanding and delivery of the education for targeted MoIA instructors and personnels.
• Assist in identifying appropriate local/international development opportunities for regular capacity development under the MoIA and regional countries south-south cooperation.
• Facilated the negotiation between UNDP/LOTFA to support police capacity building programs in the regional countries.
• Maintain high level oversight and support for all DMA related programs and plans of the Police Professionalisation.
• Encourage the use of initiative, flexibility and enthusiasm amongst all team members and others in the Deputy Ministry for Administration.
• Develop a supportive and inclusive working environment based on respect, trust and appreciation of diversity.
• Support the DMA in conducting sensitive negotiations concerning police development matters and lead such negotiations where appropriate.
• Maintain a high level liaison with senior office holders of the MOIA inkling the Minister, Deputy ministers and key project contact at all levels.
• Support the DMA through timely verbal and written briefs in relation to emerging issues within the broader police and security environment in Afghanistan.
• Support the development of Work Plans for the delivery of associated activities and key results necessary for achievement of capacity building oversees.
• Support staff in the development of implementation plans to assist in tracking progress in delivery of Plan results and prepare monthly/quarterly progress report.
• Supporting DMA and other MoIA training institutions to develop an implementation plan for the MoU signed between MoIA and Ministry of Higher Education.
• Work closely with MoIA senior capacity building committee and international partners to support police stations reform and capacity building.
• In the absence of DMA, manage the work of police training institutions and pay regular visit to these institutions to observe the progress of the ongoing projects and provide technical assistances.
• Lead and provide secretarial support for national and international delegations examining police professionalization issues.

IV. Impact of Results

• Through exposure to contemporary project-based management activities and sound public/business administration principles, the MoIA/DMA at ANPA, PSC and RTC level, will have an enhanced capacity to fulfil its function as an ecffective training/ learning division of the ANP.
• This position will be a connecting hub between DMA office holders, directorates and MoIA International partners.
• An understanding of MoIA training and education requirements to meet current and projected police priority needs is clarified and responded to by MoIA and training institutions.
• MoIA training institutions have made a specific and measurable improvement in its development and career management of instructional staff.
• MoIA and training institutions have implemented a series of programs in support of staff development and career management for its officers in line with MoIA’s Human Resuources policies.
• Knowledge Management system developed within MoIA training and education institutions.
• Police development plan prepared inline with MISP for MoIA/DMA training institutions.
• Active partnership has made between MoIA and International partners for police capacity building and development.


Corporate Competencies:
• Demonstrates integrity by modeling the MoIA’s values and ethical standards.
• Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of MoIA.
• Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality, sexual orientation, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.
• Treats all people fairly and without favoritism.

Functional Competencies

Knowledge Management and Learning
• Has a good understanding MoIA/RS project management and implementation.
• Ability to provide top quality policy advice services on political and social issues.

Work-Planning and Organization
Able to plan, prioritize and organize working schedules effectively, including the ability to manage complex tasks.
• Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude.
• Proven competencies of communication (verbal and written) with all relevant stakeholders, primarily Government and Internation Partner Representatives.
• Excellent coordination skills.
• Ability to develop and formulate activities based on project requirements.
• Ability to implement result-based management and reporting.

Communication and Teamwork
• Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills.
• Builds strong relationships with clients and external actors.
• Focuses on impacts and results for the client and responds positively to feedback.
• Demonstrates openness to change.

Ability to persuade others to follow
• Generates individual commitment, excitement and excellence
• Creates opportunities for team to learn and take on new responsibilities
• Actively shares experience and knowledge
• Conveys a vision that staff and clients can see and charts a clear course to achievement
• Positions the organization as a center of expertise and influence


• Bachelor degree in, Education and social science, Journalism, public administration or any other relevant field with an understanding of normative Education System of ANP
• With a bachelor’s degree 4 years of relevant work experience or with a master’s degree and 3 years’ relevant work experience.
• Minimum 3 years of progressive working experience working in the area of police Professionalisation with a special focus on police training and education.
• Demonstrated knowledge of quality assurance frame work and Afghan higher education accreditation standards.
• Having knowledge of Afghan (civilian and military) higher education law.
• Good knowledge of developing progress report quarterly/annual.
• Substantive experience of working with Afghan police in the areas of civilianization.
• Demonstrated experience of organizing surveys, policy research and analysis and developing high-quality briefing note/policy brief for senior leaderships.
• Experience in working with RS, UN entities, international organisations, in the relevant field of police training and education is highly desirable.
• Computer literate, fully competent in MS-Office based applications, and internet research.
• Highly proficiency in English - written and spoken;
• Fluent in Dari and/or Pashto.

Job Location

Afghanistan - Kabul
AF AF 12


Bachelors Degree,

Submission Guideline

تاریخ شروع اعلان 15 اسد 1397 مطابق Aug 06 2018م
تاریخ ختم اعلان 28 اسد ساعت ۱۲:۰۰ ظهر 1397 مطابق 2018 Aug 19 م
وزارت امور داخله در نظر دارد تا یک تعداد بست های ملکی خویش را از طریق رقابت آزاد به اعلان بگذارد و قرار ذیل میباشند:
رهنمایی ارسال درخواستی: Submission Guideline
کاندیدان محترم قبل از ارسال درخواستی خویش باید موارد زیر را دقیق مطالعه نموده و حین ارسال درخواستی شان همه موارد را در نظر بگیرند:
 لایحه وظایف بست را دقیق مطالعه نمایید.
 CV خویش را به (نام و تخلص) نامگذاری نمایند.
 حین ارسال ایمیل درخواستی خویش به یک بست، نام و کود بست را در عنوان ایمیل خویش ذکر نماید.
 اگر ایمیل در خواستی شما بدون عنوان فرستاده شود، ملاحظه نمیشود.
 لطفاً تنها CV خویش را ارسال بدارید. اسناد تحصیلی و تجارب کاری در صورت لزوم دید از شما خواسته میشود.
 فقط کاندیدانی که واجد الشرایط شناخته میشوند، از ما تماس دریافت میکنند.
 اگر به چندین بست درخواستی میفرستید‌، لطفاً به هرکدام ایمیل جدید ترتیب نمایید.
 هیچ درخواستی بعد از تاریخ بسته شدن اعلان مورد قبول نبوده و پذیرفته نمیشود.
 در خواستی خویش را به ایمیل آدرس بفرستید.

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