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Request for Quotation with Afghanistan Cricket Board

Procurement of Fuel (Diesel Petrol) Re-4th -IFB No: ACB/2017-NCB/117

This is to notify you that your Bid dated [Insert the date as day, month, year] for execution of the [Insert he Contract name and identification number, as given in the SCC] for the Contract Price of [Insert the amount in words and figures, and the currency], as corrected and modified in accordance with the ITB is hereby accepted by our Agency.
[Insert one of the following (a) or (b) options]
(a) We accept that [Insert the Name proposed by the Bidder] be appointed as the Adjudicator .
(b) We do not accept that [Insert the Name proposed by the Bidder] be appointed as Adjudicator, and by sending a copy of this Letter of Acceptance to [Insert the Name of the Appointing Authority], we are hereby requesting [Insert the Name], the Appointing Authority, to appoint the Adjudicator in accordance with ITB Clause 37.1 .
You are hereby instructed to
(a) proceed with the execution of the said Works in accordance with the Contract Documents;
(b) sign and return the attached Contract Documents; and
(c) Forward the performance security pursuant to ITB Sub-Clause 35.1, i.e., within twenty-one (21) days after receipt of this Letter of Acceptance, and pursuant to GCC Sub-Clause 52.1.

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Closing Date: Jul 02, 2018

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