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Request for Quotation with Promote Women’s Leadership Development Project

TT-WLD-RFQ-00274 Supply, Delivery, Royesh Program Participant Stationery for TT WLD Kabul.

To: Tetra Tech WLD Project, Kabul, Afghanistan

Ref: TT-WLD-RFQ-00274 Supply, Deliver, Royesh Program Participant Stationary for TT WLD

Dear Tetra Tech WLD:
On behalf of my organization, I, the undersigned, offer to perform the work/services and/or provide the goods/equipment as described in the above referenced Tetra Tech WLD RFQ, in accordance with the Bill of Quantities and all other pertinent sections of the RFQ, and in accordance with our submitted Quotation, comprised of:
□ Priced Bill of Quantities (RFQ Attachment B)
□ Summary of Relevant Work Experience (RFQ Attachment C)
□ Copy of Business License (RFQ Attachment D)
□ Certifications (RFQ Attachment E)
□ Inspection & Acceptance of Work (RFQ Attachment F)
□ Scope of Work (RFQ Attachment G)

With references to all components of our Quotation, including but not limited to RFQ Appendices A through G, I have reviewed the information presented, and to the best of my knowledge, I certify that all of the information is current, complete and accurate.

Our attached Bill of Quantities is priced at the total sum of:

Figures = $
Words = US Dollars

Our Quotation shall be binding upon us, including mutually agreed upon modifications resulting from Purchase Order negotiations, for a period of 30 calendar days from the specified RFQ Closing Date, after which time the validity of our proposal will expire.

We understand that Tetra Tech WLD is not required to accept and/or evaluate Quotations that do not conform to the instructions of the referenced RFQ, and additionally, Tetra Tech WLD may reject all Quotations and not award a Purchase Order for this RFQ.

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Closing Date: Aug 16, 2018

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