Deputy Team Leader/Value Chain Specialist

Master's Degree   Multi City Full Time 1728
Date Posted:Aug 29, 2018
Closing Date:Sep 19, 2018
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Agriculture
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:10 Years
Contract Duration:Open Ended
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Consultant
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:96,90,66

About GreenTech Dunia Consulting:

GreenTech Dunia (GTD) is a registered project management Consulting Company (MoCI license No.: D- 78011) established in 2015. We stand for environmental sustainability and innovation embedded in a global mindset. GTD’s team consists of experienced experts from various professional fields, who have successfully completed projects in Afghanistan, Germany, Pakistan, UAE, and Iran. GTD's team is committed to delivering value-based and innovative solutions to its clients by applying a management approach that considers not only the science but also the art of project management. GTD pursues a team-work approach by closely cooperating with all involved stakeholders throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. GTD maintains an expert database with up to 3,000 national and 500 international experts. GTD has local and international cooperation partners in various sectors; thus sustaining the global mindset of the company. GTD's goal is to contribute to the improvement of people's living standards through the employment of a holistic approach. This approach takes into account social and economic factors alike; consequently allows us to develop appropriate technologies for the sustainable development of emerging economies. GTD is developing and managing projects in the field of renewable energy, water, agriculture, and environment. GTD’s commitment to the cause is further strengthened by the fact that it dedicates 5 % of its annual profit to other research and development projects in Afghanistan.

Job Summary:

The proposed positions are required to assure that subproject designs will adequately address the issue of value addition for export expansion and import substitution objectives for horticultural products of Afghanistan and that there is adequate technical support available during the preparation of subproject designs and their subsequent review based on technical requirements. They will also be needed to support the PMU and PIUs during implementation to assist in subproject identification, screening, preparation (of SIRs) and supervision during construction to strictly enforce the safeguard requirements during construction. In addition, expertise is needed in small to medium enterprise business development and planning.

Skills Required:

Not available

Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:

See qualification

Duties & Responsibilities:

Support the PMU in the preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting obligations under the grant;
(ii) Provide a point of contact between the government PMU and project management structures and the ISC to coordinate activities of individual specialists;
(iii) Assist in the preparation of annual work plans and associated budgets for consideration by the government and ADB;
(iv) Assist the PMU in the implementation activities for the identification, preparation, evaluation, and implementation of subprojects for both ABEs and on-farm investments;
(v) Support the PMU office in maintaining accurate accounts and financial reporting as required under the grant;
(vi) Manage the inputs of specialist consultants engaged through the ISC contract and guide their activities to ensure inputs are timely and achieve their intended purpose; and
(vii) Other tasks agreed with the project management.
Agri-business and Value Chains
(i) Support the PMU to develop an information and awareness campaign to elicit SIPs from interested commercial entities and farmers;
(ii) Assist the PMU in the identification of target value chains to be the focus of project interventions from both a commodity and geographical perspective;
(iii) Assist in developing a strategy for the identification of potential subproject investors;
(iv) Train the PMU and/or PIU staff and facilitating partner staff in the conditions for participation in the project and in assessing eligibility criteria for the subprojects;
(v) After a review of available value chain studies undertaken in Afghanistan, prepare commodity market investigations and analyses for potential horticultural value chains to assist in identifying the most promising areas for
(vi) Undertake a technical review of all subproject feasibility studies (SIRs)
prepared by the PMU and/or PIUs. This review shall;
 Include field inspections of the proposed sites;
 Pay special attention to minimizing any disturbance to the natural
environment and mitigating and corrective measures as appropriate;
 Review the practicality of storage implications for the investment to confirm that capacity of the storage area is consistent with planned sales
patterns/product movement;
 Ensure that financial assessments of investment are completed in both
financial and economic terms and that (through cash flow analysis), the subproject investor has access to adequate resources to finance the purchase of incremental raw material through the facility;
 Ensure that designs take account of security arrangements and access to external public infrastructure and services. In particular, together with the civil engineer, ensure that designs do not have excessive recurrent
Horticulture Value Chain Development Sector Project 5
expenditure implications post commissioning; and
 Provide written comments and recommendations to the PMU on each
subproject reviewed detailing any changes or modifications to the
technical design.
(vii) Assist the monitoring and evaluation specialist in designing a baseline survey
to capture the base case scenarios of ABE subprojects (including the affiliated farmers) and identify verifiable indicators that can be used to measure the success of the investment;
(viii) Assist the financial management specialist to develop training programs to introduce improved financial management practices amongst beneficiary ABEs to generate the measures required for monitoring purposes;
(ix) Conduct annual reviews of ABE grants to determine if changes are needed in the means of identifying potential grantees and in the nature of interventions provided under the project; and
(x) Conduct annual reviews of on-farm investments financed by the project to determine efficiency in identification (carried out by facilitating partners) and the mechanisms used for procurement and payments of these investments.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Bamian, Gardez, Ghowr, Kabul, Khost, Laghman, Nangarhar, Paktia, Paktika, Wardak


he positions require a minimum of 10 years of experience in the field of business development and more than 5 years of experience in the field of agriculture value chain development.
 They will be based within the PMU but will be required to travel on frequent occasions to project provinces, sometimes for extended periods subject to security considerations.
 The specialists will have master’s degree in business development, economics and
Horticulture Value Chain Development Sector Project 4
or any relevant discipline from an internationally recognized institution.
 Will be fluent in the English language. Individual specialists will be able to demonstrate good written skills in English and the national language Pashto and Dari (national
specialist only).
 Both will have good interpersonal and communication skills and will be familiar
working in large multinational teams.

Job Keywords:

Value Chain Development, Horticulture, Management, MAIL, ADB
This job is expired