Contract Farming Specialist

Bachelor's Degree   Multi City Full Time 1462
Date Posted:Aug 29, 2018
Closing Date:Sep 17, 2018
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Agriculture
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:10 Years
Contract Duration:Open Ended
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Consultant
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:96,90,66

About GreenTech Dunia Consulting:

GreenTech Dunia (GTD) is a registered project management Consulting Company (MoCI license No.: D- 78011) established in 2015. We stand for environmental sustainability and innovation embedded in a global mindset. GTD’s team consists of experienced experts from various professional fields, who have successfully completed projects in Afghanistan, Germany, Pakistan, UAE, and Iran. GTD's team is committed to delivering value-based and innovative solutions to its clients by applying a management approach that considers not only the science but also the art of project management. GTD pursues a team-work approach by closely cooperating with all involved stakeholders throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. GTD maintains an expert database with up to 3,000 national and 500 international experts. GTD has local and international cooperation partners in various sectors; thus sustaining the global mindset of the company. GTD's goal is to contribute to the improvement of people's living standards through the employment of a holistic approach. This approach takes into account social and economic factors alike; consequently allows us to develop appropriate technologies for the sustainable development of emerging economies. GTD is developing and managing projects in the field of renewable energy, water, agriculture, and environment. GTD’s commitment to the cause is further strengthened by the fact that it dedicates 5 % of its annual profit to other research and development projects in Afghanistan.

Job Summary:

oriented towards improving linkages between farmers, traders, processors, and the market, so they can better respond to requirements (quality and quantity of farmer produce). Horticulture value chains in Afghanistan are comprised of multiple stakeholders that operate over long distances between production areas and destination markets. This transition provides part of the reason for the excessive post-harvest losses that are widely reported throughout the industry. To improve the sustainability of project interventions at both ABE and on-farm levels, the design recognizes the important role to be played by ABEs in guiding their affiliated farmers regarding market requirements as ABEs deal with markets on a day to day basis. In many cases, they also provide technical support, access to inputs and market information to their affiliated farmers. ABEs provide the focal point for affiliated farmer deliveries of horticultural produce to national, regional and international markets. The design uses this relationship between producer and processor and/or trader (ABE) as a key element in the project design. Affiliated farmers will receive priority access to on-farm investments, facilitation partners will start their identification of affiliated farmers through consultation with the beneficiary ABE, and ABEs will assist in identifying future market demands in terms of fruit varieties, production systems, market quality requirements, and even on farm processing and/or pre-cooling and storage where appropriate. One of the key project achievements will be the improved relationship between ABE and affiliated farmer.

Skills Required:

Not available

Provinces to travel:

Skills Description:

Duties & Responsibilities:

(i) Review the project documents to gain familiarity with the intended outputs and outcomes;
(ii) In association with the ISC Horticulture Specialist and the PMU horticultural officers, identify priority crops where there is scope for improved contract farming arrangements;
(iii) Hold discussions and group meetings with affiliated farmers and beneficiary ABEs to identify the strengths, constraints they face, and opportunities (socially and economically viable for both parties) in entering into contract supply and/or receival arrangements;
(iv) Identify if technical support is required as part of the contract farming arrangements and if so, how this should be incorporated in the concept;
(v) For each specific crop (fruit and vegetable varieties) identified as a potential opportunity, develop a model contract supply agreement to be discussed amongst the relevant parties;
(vi) Engage in the widespread consultation of the content and mechanisms used in model contracts;
(vii) In consultation with selected beneficiary ABEs, pilot the adoption of the model contracts with their affiliated farmers and review results after the first season of operation;
(viii) After modification of the proposed contracts, promote their adoption with affiliated farmers, and beneficiary ABEs under the project and monitor the uptake in conjunction with the M&E units of the PIU and/or PMU;
In coordination with the PIU and/or PMU M&E staff, the specialist must make encourage both; affiliated farmers and ABEs to comply with the conditions of farming contracts;
Conduct impact assessment of contract farming for both parties aimed at enhancing sustainable of horticultural production and, predictable supply in terms of quantity and quality of raw material to ABEs; and
Other tasks reasonably requested relating to contract farming arrangements by the ISC Team Leader.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Balkh, Gardez, Ghazni, Kabul, Khost, Laghman, Nangarhar, Kunar, Paktia, Paktika, Wardak


 The national contract farming specialist will have at least bachelor’s level qualifications from a recognized institution in the field of agricultural economics, marketing, or a related subject matter.
 S/he should have at least 10 years of experience in the horticultural sector mainly dealing with commodity value chains as well as supply contracts.
 Ideally, some of this experience would have been achieved by engagement in the commercial private sector.
 It would be a distinct advantage if the specialist was familiar with contract farming arrangements in other Central-West Asian countries

Job Keywords:

horticulture, value chain, marketing
This job is expired