(Re-announce)CASA-1000 Focal Point for MEW

Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 1204
Date Posted:Oct 13, 2018
Closing Date:Oct 24, 2018
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Administrative
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Open Ended
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Consultant
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:96,90,66

About DABS:

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د افغانستان برشنا شرکت یک شرکت خود کفا و مستقل است که طبق قانون شرکت های سهامی و محدود المسولیت جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان ایجاد گردیده است. د افغانستان برشنا شرکت با تمام اسهام سرمایه خود یک شرکت محدود المسئولیت بوده که به دولت افغانستان تعلق دارد. شرکت مذکور به تاریخ 15 ثور 1387 مطابق 4 می 2008 به د افغانستان برشنا شرکت تغییر شخصیت نمود و بحیث یک شرکت ملی برق جایگزین د افغانستان برشنا موسسه گردید. د افغانستان برشنا شرکت تولید، تورید، انتقال و توزیع برق را بگونه تجارتی در سراسر افغانستان تنظیم و اداره می نماید.

Job Summary:

Project Components
The CASA 1000 Project will finance the following components:
(i) Component A. Construction of High Voltage Transmission Infrastructure. Component A consists of four subcomponents:
Sub-component A1. High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission Line which involves the construction of approximately 750 km of 500 kV HVDC overhead transmission line with capacity of 1,300 MW to interconnect the electricity network of Tajikistan, at the Sangtuda substation (s/s), going through Afghanistan to connect with the Pakistan network, at the Nowshera substation.
Sub-Component A2. HVDC Converter Stations which involve the engineering design, construction, and commissioning of two High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) to Direct Current (DC) converter stations at Sangtuda s/s (1,300 MW) in Tajikistan and Nowshera s/s (1,300 MW) in Pakistan.
Sub-component A3. Kyrgyz-Tajik HVAC Transmission Interconnection which includes the construction of about 475 km of 500 kV HVAC overhead transmission line to interconnect the electricity network of the Kyrgyz Republic, at Datka s/s, with the Tajikistan network, at the Khudjand s/s. About 450 km of the line will be in the Kyrgyz Republic and 25 km in Tajikistan.
Sub-component A4. Tajikistan grid reinforcement which includes reinforcements in Tajikistan including construction of 500 kV line from Regar s/s to Sangtuda s/s and other parts of the network necessary to ensure transfer of Tajikistan and Kyrgyz export power to Sangtuda HVDC station. (Note: This section is not included in the scope of the DC Owner Engineer).
(ii) Component B. Technical Assistance and Project Implementation Support. The component provides support for project implementation and technical assistance for the four countries, IGC and the Secretariat.
(iii) Component C. Community Support Programs. The Component will develop and implement CSPs in each of four countries during project construction period to create a more supportive environment for project implementation by improving livelihood among approximately 670 communities living along the CASA-1000 corridor.

Skills Required:

Not available

Provinces to travel:

Skills Description:

Duties & Responsibilities:

CASA-1000 Project Focal Point for MEW will be based in Ministry of Energy and Water and work under the direct supervision of the Deputy Minister of Energy (Ministry of Energy and Water) and act as a deputy head of Joint Working Group (JWG) on behalf of MEW for the project and his duties and responsibilities will be as below:

Develop and maintain a detailed projects’ schedule of all tasks involved in the project For Minister and Deputy Minister of Energy

Provide insight and guidance for the MEW authorities in collaboration with DABS, PIU and CASA-1000 Secretariat in preparations of relevant documents and contracts for the meetings.

Closely Work with main project implementer i.e. DABS and other project stakeholders such as Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, and Ministry of Interior to make sure that the proper coordination is maintained between MEW and these other government departments in implementation stage.

Represent the GoA delegation as and when necessary and when entrusted with such authority in Working Group Levels.

Shall work with DABS, MEW and other stakeholders to develop security plan in implementation stage of the project along the route.

Organize and establish meetings on regular basis with designated individuals and groups to foster positive relationships.

Represent MEW in PC and other meetings as authorized by MEW.

Assist in the development of short and long term plans and programs for MEW authorities in implementation stage

Shall arrange regular Video-Conference with various stake-holders.

Prepare monthly progress reports & briefs of the project related activities to the IGC members of Afghanistan.

Coordinate on behalf of MEW with DABS, MRRD and other stake holder departments and institutions in the Community Support Program.

Make sure that Host Government Agreement (a document outlining responsibilities of Government Departments in Implementation Stage) is implemented in the best possible manner in implementation stage.

Travel to project member countries and any other places as and whenever needed.

Any other tasks assigned by the supervisor.
Reporting and Coordination

Prepare Project Progress Reports.

Prepare Annual Plan for the Program. Inter-agency and inter-project coordination.

Official point of contact for related issues of CASA1000 in Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW).

Official point of contact for coordination with MRRD for related issues of CASA CSP in Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW).

Any other tasks related to the duty.

Reporting to Team Leader of CASA 1000 Project in DABS and Deputy Minister of Energy in particular

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


Background and Experience: The Project focal Point for MEW for CASA 1000 shall be an independent professional with extensive experience of intern-ministerial cooperation, and with excellent reporting skills. Experience should include activities demonstrating the skills of coordinating the work of similar projects. At least five (5) years of relevant experience in coordination is essential with demonstrated understanding of Government of Afghanistan’s Laws with respect to legal, institutional, contractual and financial issues and processes. The candidate shall have prior experience in Power Infrastructure Projects or Donor Funded Project. The Consultant should have preferably knowledge and or experience in procurement. HE/She Must have demonstrated ability of leadership and inter-personal skills. Ability to work in a team. The incumbent must be able to develop plans and programs and establish mechanisms for implementation of plans.

Adequate knowledge of governmental and world bank procedure and regulations

Adequate interpersonal and communication skills.

Good working knowledge and practical experience of projects

Professional written and verbal English and Pashto/Dari communication.

Excellent communication skills with the ability to build working relations and engage with project related stakeholders
Education: The Project Focal Point in MEW for CASA1000 shall have Bachelor Degree in Finance, Business Administration, Economics, Social Science, Engineering or any other disciplines with at least five (5) years of relevant experience. A master’s degree will be advantageous.

Job Keywords:

(Re-announce)CASA-1000 Focal Point for MEW
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