Deputy COO Of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 1149
Date Posted:Nov 7, 2018
Closing Date:Nov 20, 2018
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Electrical Engineering
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:7 Years
Contract Duration:Open Ended
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:96,90,66

About DABS:

Founded: 2002

د افغانستان برشنا شرکت یک شرکت خود کفا و مستقل است که طبق قانون شرکت های سهامی و محدود المسولیت جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان ایجاد گردیده است. د افغانستان برشنا شرکت با تمام اسهام سرمایه خود یک شرکت محدود المسئولیت بوده که به دولت افغانستان تعلق دارد. شرکت مذکور به تاریخ 15 ثور 1387 مطابق 4 می 2008 به د افغانستان برشنا شرکت تغییر شخصیت نمود و بحیث یک شرکت ملی برق جایگزین د افغانستان برشنا موسسه گردید. د افغانستان برشنا شرکت تولید، تورید، انتقال و توزیع برق را بگونه تجارتی در سراسر افغانستان تنظیم و اداره می نماید.

Job Summary:

This position reports directly to the COO and assumes responsibility for all aspects of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Skills Required:

Not available

Provinces to travel:

Skills Description:

 Knowledge of office practices, procedures, and computer software programs.
 Knowledge of correct English usage and grammar.
 Knowledge of English translation to local language and local to English language.
 Knowledge of the organization and composition of letters, minutes, reports, charts, and spread sheets.
 Ability to follow, applies, interpret, and explain instructions and/or guidelines.
 Ability to determine work priorities.
 Ability to make decisions and take appropriate actions.
 Ability to meet schedules and deadlines of the work area.
 Ability to perform mathematical calculations.
 Ability to communicate effectively.
 Ability to compose routine correspondence and reports.
 Ability to operate standard office equipment.
 Knowledge of the supervisor's point of view and priorities
 Knowledge of organization, work flow, staffing, forms, and procedures.
 Ability to coordinate activities of the department and DABS.
 Ability to abstract and present significant facts from data.
 Ability to interpret and apply complex rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
 Ability to analyse and assess services and operations for quality, efficiency, and effectiveness and to make recommendations for improvements

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Manage RE and EE Department activities in line with the overall DABS’s objectives.
 Support institutional development of the department
 Implementation and evaluation of EE, demand response, beneficial electrification and renewable energy technologies and programs
 Develop and implement methodologies and work plans for projects in the areas of the department activities
 Manage department consulting projects and support staff
 Manage market research, RE and EE data analytics, and benefit/cost analysis
 Manage fiscal operational plan activities related to the assigned Department.
 Planning and development of systems and procedures in-line with DABS’s regulations to improve quality and efficiency of the assigned Department.
 Responsible to measure and monitor Department’s efficiency.
 Communicate the Department activities with assigned team and relevant stakeholders.
 Act as focal point to all stakeholders including national and international for routine information sharing and project management on department activities.
 Monitor and Evaluate the entire Department activates and generate reports and required data in specific intervals.

 Assure that files and documentation are complete, accurate, and confidentially maintained according to DABS’s policy.
 Any other related tasks assigned by the supervisor.

RE and EE activities
 Knowledge Management between national and provincial institutions
 Provide technical capacity development opportunities on RE and EE to the assigned staff
 Support RE departments in universities and vocational training institutions assuring that their curriculums meet the demands of the sector.
 Support coordination among international, national and provincial sector stakeholders. This includes climate change activities.
 Implement RE and EE sector plans and regulations in line with DABS’s policies
 Development of technical project implementation documents. This includes ToRs, Justifications, Concept papers, reports, etc.
 Support public awareness campaigns and promotion programs. This includes supporting in finding/developing solutions/concepts for productive use of energy.
 Support operationalization and utilization of a single information data base on RE and EE projects and initiatives.
 Support development and implementation of EE measures, standards and codes in construction industry.
 Support implementation of EE measures to reduce technical and commercial losses.
 Support technical capacity development on EE of the assigned staff.
 Develop and implement public awareness campaigns and promotional activities.

Tasks in detail -1
 Development, implementation and maintenance of department objective with sustainable activities and tasks, including constituent responses, reporting based on monitoring tools and operation plan of DABS;
 Support assigned team members in data collection and the compilation of input materials for strategy papers and planning documents
 Review and share meeting minutes to relevant stakeholders.
 Support the supervisor or other project team in coordinating department activities with stakeholder organizations.
 Collect and evaluate department’s relevant information for planning and monitoring activities.
 Communicate relevant information with relevant team members, such as change in schedule dates, changes in the department and DABS requirements, unexpected hitch etc.
 Coordinate the actors like ANSA in promotion and adoption of standards for RE and EE.
 Support studies of EE and RE implementations in the new constructed building. This includes supporting assessments and generating annual reports.
 Participation on review process for concept papers strategies, policy, and regulations in the sector.
 Establish and maintain professional relationships with academic institutions to support knowledge Management in the sector.
 Prepare and follow implementation mechanisms of EE measures in buildings.
 Support other relevant departments by providing technical inputs to reduce losses.
 Support developing and implementation of quality assurance processes for the value chain of RE and EE e.g. maintenance concept, volunteer standards for installation of PV and Solar thermal energy used by private sector.
A. General Tasks
The Deputy of REEED will provide support including:
 Contributes to the overall DABS’s goals and objectives.
 Contributes to interface management between different institutions in the sector.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


 Educational level typically acquired through completion of University.
 Priority is given for a Post Graduate in similar fields.
 At least 7 years of professional and technical working experience related to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.
 Strong knowledge of Afghan energy sector including policies, strategies and methodologies and understanding of the sector stakeholders.
 Experience of working in Governmental Organizations.
 Experience of working with national and international organizations.
 Experience of working in a relevant position supporting Government organizations in both national and provincial levels.
 Experience of working and implementing related fields such as: energy strategy and policy development, renewable energy and energy efficiency action plans, renewable energy planning for the sector, integrating solar systems to the electricity grid, electricity market regulation, energy projects and investments.
 Proven experience in event management, moderation, project management, coordination and delivery of technical assistance, exchange visits and capacity building.
 Understanding of the government administrative and procurement systems.
 At least 5 years project management and administrative experience.
 Documented knowledge of English language (certificates or degrees)
 Documented knowledge of Project Management (certified by a recognized institution)
 Proven experience of developing technical project documents including Concept Notes, Project Proposals, ToRs, Reports, etc.

Job Keywords:

Deputy of renewable energy and energy efficiency
This job is expired