Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 962
Date Posted:Jan 13, 2019
Closing Date:Jan 30, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Data Management
Salary Range: - 31838 AFG monthly
Years of Experience:3 Years
Contract Duration:Open Ended
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:96,90,66

About Operation Mercy Afghanistan:

Operation Mercy is an international relief and development organisation with over 20 years of experience. We are currently working in Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa by serving the poor and marginalized through community development and humanitarian aid projects.

Job Summary:

Major Goal of the Position:
To assist the WaSH manager and Wash Director to retrieve and analyze good quality data from WaSH program activities.

Skills Required:

Not available

Provinces to travel:

Skills Description:

a) Must be proficient in Kobo tool box or equivalent Data analyzing program, Word, Paint, internet searches and email
b) Must have good proficiency in Dari and English– spoken, written and typed
c) Must be self-motivated, able to work independently and in a team
d) Must be punctual and able to meet deadlines
e) Must be honest

Duties & Responsibilities:

Key Result Area (KRA) 1: Facilitating WaSH assessments and lessons. The Data Analyst will:
a) Develop a strong relationship with all coworkers and beneficiaries, seeking to be an example in teamwork, self-sacrifice, positive outlook and integrity.
b) Set up and implement a data analyze system (E. g. Kobo toolbox) and is able to provide data on demand.
c) Train WaSH facilitators, promoters and other community groups in needs assessment activities in developing action plans to reduce the incidence of WaSH related diseases.
d) Mentor WaSH facilitators to utilize community assessment data to individualize each community training event.
e) Communicate with other organizations for further development of data assessments as directed by the WaSH director and / or manager.

Key Result Area (KRA) 2: Monitoring and Reporting WaSH lessons. The Data analyst will mentor WaSH facilitators to:

a) Conduct and manage KAP assessments of usual hygiene, water and sanitation practices as well as presence or absence of priority hygiene practices.
b) Complete WaSH assessments specific to each community’s action plan and track progress accordingly.
c) Ensure that the target number of promoters in each community submits assessment reports for each session.
d) Supervise or submit accurately completed community data reports within three working days of receipt from community.

Key Result Area (KRA) 3: General WaSH Program and Op Mercy WaSH Office. Data Analyst will:

a) Apply the training they receive and serve as role models for good WaSH behavior at the Op Mercy office and in the communities.
b) Facilitate WaSH training in relation Data assessment for new WaSH co-workers as well as other Op Mercy staff.
c) Works closely with the WaSH Manager, Director and Translator in developing data analyzing systems.
d) Prepare data reports as requested by the WaSH project manager.
e) Perform any other duties as directed by the WaSH manager.
f) Maintain an attitude of learning that continuously seeks to grow in professional skills and language learning and cultural understanding of the target community and co-workers.
g) Teach and nurture character building, WaSH, basic development and self-help group principles of co-workers
h) Seek to have a thorough understanding of the WaSH program goals, objectives and activities

Key Result Area (KRA) 4: Supervise Data Entry personal – Data Analyst will:
a) Train and coach data entry and graphic personal

Key Result Area (KRA) 5: Substitute Facilitator – Data Analyst will:
a) Serve as a substitute to facilitate WaSH lessons and assessments
b) Serve as a substitute to monitor and Report WaSH lessons

Key Result Area (KRA) 6: Translation and Proofreading. The Administrative and Training Assistant will:
a) Proof-read translated documents, lessons and assessments (mainly in Dari).


A Bachelor degree in Computer science, Statistics or closely related to the field.
Ability to lead/manage a small team of co-workers in Analysis work
Very good inter-personal skills, ability to express thoughts clearly
Able to teach and able to be taught
Friendly, kind and able to communicate with people of all cultures with respect
Good speaking, reading, writing and typing ability in Dari
Good speaking, reading, writing and typing ability in Pashto
Good speaking, reading, writing and typing ability in English
Good computer, Database Developing and data entry skills
Strong interest in health and well-being of all members of society
Decent, respectable appearance
Honest, hard-working and punctual, even without direct supervision

Fluent in speaking Pashto
Experience in group facilitation
Experience in WaSH or related fields

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


A Bachelor degree in Computer science, Statistics or closely related to the field.
Ability to lead/manage a small team of co-workers in Analysis work

Job Keywords:

Data Analyst
This job is expired