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Master's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 853
Date Posted:Jan 30, 2019
Closing Date:Feb 14, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Banking
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:15 Years
Contract Duration:Open Ended
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:

About Ministry of Finance:

وزارت مالیه: وزارت مالیه نقش مشخص غرض ارائه خدمات به مردم افغانستان را دارد که عبارت از جمع آوری عواید و اداره امور مالی دولت میباشد. همچنان مدیریت درست مصارف و بسیج سازی عواید بیشتر غرض تأمین ثبات مالی از جمله اولویت های عمده این وزارت بشمار میرود. وزیر مالیه مسئولیت کنترول و مدیریت امور مالی و سایر صلاحیت های قانونی که توسط پارلمان به وی تفویض شده عهده دار میباشد. مسئولیت مدیریت ، نظارت ، کنترول و استقامت دهی تمام مسائل مربوط به امور مالی افغانستان به دوش وزیرمالیه گذاشته شده و شخص وي طبق قانون اداره مالی ومصارف عامه اجراات مینماید. وظایف وزارت مالیه دربرگیرنده موارد ذیل میباشد: • ایجاد سیستم های مالی ، طرزالعمل های محاسبوی و تادیاتی • اجرای تخصیص وجوه مالی بودجوی برای مصارف دولت ، حصول اطمینان ازمحاسبه دقیق و درست آن • ترتیب حسابات قطعیه برای هرسال مالی طبق قانون اداره مالی و مصارف عامه . یکی از اولویت کلیدی وزارت مالیه اداره سالم مصارف ، وصول اطمینان از خودکفای مالی می باشد. وزارت مالیه برای هرسال مالی چارچوب مالی میان مدت ویک چارچوب بودجوی مصارفاتی میا ن مدت راانکشاف وانرا تجدید می نماید . همچنان سقف بودجه مصارفاتی ادارات دولتی را به تفکیک بودجه عادی وانکشافی پیشکش وپلان جمع اوری مالیه .سایرمنابع عوایدی ، محصولی برای سالهای ۱۳۸۸الی۱۳۹۲ که باتوجه به اصل عدالت و مثمریت بنا یافته وتا حدی قابل ملاحظه ئی خود کفائی مالی ویک بخش از چارچوب مالی میان مدت 5ساله را به تصویر می کشد ترتیب داده است. وزارت مالیه، قوانین مالی ، مصارفاتی ، عوایدی ومحصولی رادر امورمحوله املاک عمل قرارداده ومقررات موضوعه مربوط به آنرا پذیرفته که میتوان ازقانون اداره مالی ومصارف عامه ،قانون گمرکات ،قانون تدارکات ، قانون عواید مالیات وسایرمقرره ها وطرزالعمل های مربوط به انها نام برد .

Job Summary:

The objective of the project is to contribute to the modernization, transparency, and efficiency of Afghan state-owned banks SBs). Through supporting state-owned banks, the project intends to contribute to a sound, more efficient and resilient financial systems that will be better equipped to increase the outreach of financial services to Afghan households and firms. The project will support Afghanistan’s efforts in restoring financial stability and confidence in the sector.
The proposed project will include the following two broad components: (i) strengthening the ownership role of Ministry of Finance (MoF) and the corporate governance of the State Banks, and (ii) supporting institutional development and business strategy of the State Banks as well as modernization of IT systems, in addition to a third component focused on supporting the coordination of project activities undertaken by various beneficiary institutions (SBs and MoF) and their monitoring and evaluation.
The Banking Lead Expert (BE) will be an essential member of the project implementation team at the MoF for the execution of the State Bank modernization project. As such, working through and reporting to the MoF Deputy Minister of Administration (DM Admin) or delegated to the Project Director (PD), the BE in collaboration with the PD, the World Bank Task Team and other outside experts will be responsible for supporting the coordination and monitoring of all the distinct activities under the various components and sub-components of the project.
Furthermore, the BE will provide an essential input in the continued design, implementation, and execution of the State Bank modernization project. Contributions are expected to address both the narrowly institutionally focused strategic and technical aspects of reform implementation, as well as wider financial sector concerns which impact the success of the project or could be impacted by the performance of the SBs.
The BE is expected to provide intellectual leadership for SB reform and financial sector discussions with a wide array of audience and stakeholders, including MoF, Central Bank Da Afghan Bank (DAB), Government Ministries and agencies, international donors and agencies and other stakeholders, with a particular emphasis – but not limited to - systemic and institutional solvency and sustainability, risks management capacity, transnational banking issues, sector modernization, and integration, and financial inclusion advances.
Furthermore, the BA will work closely with and provide on-going support and guidance to the Resident Advisors deployed in the three SBs, as well as other Advisor consultants assigned to specific tasks in the Strategy implementation process.

Skills Required:

Not available

Provinces to travel:

Skills Description:

Core Competencies:

The Banking Expert should be highly competent and knowledgeable in issues related to the project.

The Banking Expert should demonstrate an ability to gain influence and respect of stakeholders and management.

S/he should possess sufficient experience and skills in institution-building, administration and human resource development.

Formal education in Management or Business will be advantageous.

The Banking Adviser must possess good program management skills, including on administrative and financial aspects.

Selection and Appointment

The selected candidate would be on probation for first 3 months of joining, after which he/she will be eligible for confirmation upon receipt of a written confirmation from PD.

A Candidate will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in section V of the World Bank's Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers.

Duties & Responsibilities:

In addition to the above outlined, under the guidance of the PD the BE’s responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

Providing project related and task-specific and on-going assistance and support to the Ministry of Finance, DAB, World Bank and other stakeholders as it relates to the performance of SBs, the implementation of the modernization Strategy and wider strategic and technical issues affecting the development of the Afghan financial sector,

Review of and provision of recommendations on any necessary remedial action regarding Afghanistan banking sector policy, procedures and practices as they relate to risk management.

Reviewing relevant legislation and regulation to identify additional reform and modernization needs to enhance financial sector performance.

Assessment of SB Strategy implementation progress and constraints and provision of recommendations for required adjustments.

Support and advise the SBs Resident Advisors as required on specific technical and strategic aspects of the Strategy implementation process.

Regular follow-up on SBs’ financial performance and sustainability, as well as outreach indicators, identifying operational and performance weaknesses to be addressed.

Undertake evaluations of risk management strategies and capabilities, including examination of existing risk management systems, procedures, and practices to establish the degree of comprehensiveness of cover in relation to good international practice in the banking sector.

Identify gaps in risk management systems, procedures, and practices and make specific recommendations to bring them into line with good international practice, both on the individual institutional level and the systemic level, as well as from a regulatory/supervisory perspective.

Provide regular review and analytics of Afghan financial and banking sector performance, with emphasis on areas such as e.g. risk management, NPL management, LLP coverage, CAR ratios, FX exposure, operational performance, and efficiency, etc. Identify areas of weakness and concerns and recommends remedial actions.

Assess periodically the adequacy of external oversight competence for the financial sector and SBs.

Undertake evaluations of credit, market and liquidity risks and relate this to state banks relevant reports.

Provide assessments of financial market functioning and depth, developmental challenges and proposed actions to be taken.

Provide a monitoring and coordination function under the guidance of DM Admin and PD and take timely corrective measures when necessary in consultation with the MoF authorities and the World Bank,

Work closely with Management Firm(s) appointed to undertake various tasks as part of project implementation towards the achievement of project goals.

Effective communication with all stakeholders, including timely submission of quarterly and annual reports related to the SOB projects. Supervise and coordinate governance, oversight and fiduciary parts of the project and communicate challenges with MoF management as well as the World Bank in a timely manner under the guidance of DM Admin and PD.

Main tasks and deliverables:

Briefly written assessments of identified technical aspects, as noted above and required from time to time.

Single issues reports and notes – or input to such – regarding SBs reform Strategy, Financial Sector development and other identified relevant issues related to the area of work defined above, as may be required from time to time by MoF, Administration and Finance Directorate (AFD), PD or TTL.

Support the issuance of regular performance reports for the SBs, including addressing DAB reviews or other oversight reports.

Support issuance of regular project implementation reports

Provide input for project evaluation and performance reporting.

Effective liaise with relevant stakeholders in MoF, AFD, SBs’ Supervisory Boards, SBs’ Management, outside experts and consultants, provide feedback and recommendations on project execution.
Reporting Requirement:
The Banking Expert Adviser will report directly to the Project Director or their designees. The Banking Adviser will submit periodically (monthly or quarterly) reports to the Project Director on all activities carried out as part of this assignment and will also prepare other reports as and when required by the Project Director or his/her assignees.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


Minimum requirement of Master Degree in a related discipline that includes but limited to Business, Management, Economics, Public Administration or Public Policy, or Law.
Work Experience:

A minimum of 15 years’ experience working in or with national and/or international banking or financial institutions, or financial sector regulation, including at least 10 years’ experience in a senior management position and/or advisory role. Commercial banking experience in transition and conflict countries (is a plus);

Work experience in financial sector reform at the policy level and/or donor level (is a plus);

Prior experience in SB reform/implementation/management/capacity building programs;

Good recent knowledge of the Afghan context.

Relevant working experience in a managerial capacity for large and complex projects, preferably with donors.

Excellent oral and written command of one of the local languages and English is mandatory.

Job Keywords:

Banking Expert
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