Poultry Layer Farm Manager

Master's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 545
Date Posted:Feb 2, 2019
Closing Date:Feb 14, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Health/Medical
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Open Ended
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Agency Staff
Probation Period:2 months
Required Languages:96,90,66

About Afghan Meyar Poultry Farm :

Afghan Meyar Poultry Farm and Feed Production: Afghan Meyar is established in Gul Bagh, District, 7th, Shah Mahmood khan Garden, Kabul Afghanistan on a 44,000 square meter site. Afghan Meyer will become known as the largest and most modern layer poultry farm in Afghanistan and will be fully operational with eggs sold from July 2019, with stocking by day-old-chicks planned for March 2019. The farm has capacity to produce 170,000 eggs daily, and expanded to proposed capacity, it will double production and satisfy a major part of egg demand in Afghanistan. Facilities can produce 7% of the total national egg demand, but more significantly it will contribute to supplies of table eggs to the urban centers which are estimated to require 235.5 million table eggs for those urban centers where local supplies are deficient. Construction of the integrated poultry unit and feed mill is happening in two phases. The first began in July 2018 and will be completed in February 2018 with completion of the Brooding house, egg layer units, the egg packing plant and staff facilities. The second will then follow with construction of the feed mill. Afghan Meyer will then not only increase its production and income from poultry products but will also is focus on serving the people with safe, quality product, support local and regional economic growth, and create gainful employment for upwards of 500 people. Shifa Pharma is marketing and distribution authorization holder for the world well know pharmaceuticals companies i.e. Bayer, Chiesi, Pan Pharma S.A., Rotexmedica GmbH, Sante Pakistan. Our products and services are available in almost all provinces of Afghanistan through 4 regional offices and 24 sales braches in 28 provinces, supported by extensive warehouses/stock storage and offices.

Job Summary:

The Poultry Farm Manager will work under the direct supervision of Afghan Mayar Management team and will constantly liaise with technical team result based maagment of the farm. He will be responsible for the training and technology transfer to the skilled and unskilled workers of the farm in order to increase the poultry farmers’ incomes through the effective delivery of project outcomes. He will mainly be responsible for technically supporting the Commercial Layer farms activities.

Skills Required:

Not available

Provinces to travel:

Skills Description:

1- The farm manager is responsible to refresh the layer farm worker;s knowledge in layer management in order to ensure production of cost competitive, high quality, disease free table eggs
2- Properly calibrate/operate the cage equipment (feeder, drinkers, light system, egg collection, storage and ventilators);
3- Train the Farm supervisors in maintaining of high standard of bio security.
4- Responsible for carrying out of layer production, health, bio-security, husbandry and poultry welfare practices
5- Train farm workers in terms of feeding, watering, vaccination, weighing, uniformity of flock, beak trimming and lighting schedule
6- Train the layer farm workers/supervisors in order to build their capacity in layer poultry husbandry duties such as temperature control, proper laying, medicating, humidification., environmental management (e.g. ventilation) and proper debeaking, practices.
7- Guide staff on developing mechanisms to be carried out during weather extremes (very hot or cold)
8- Train staff on maintaining disease free layer flocks; achieve high production with quality standards and targets as established for the farm
9- Prepare reports and lessons learnt for information sharing.
10- Regularly Technical assist the workers in poultry husbandry practices and marketing.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Assist and train farm workers on best practices regarding the layer farming to improve the quality and quantity of their production;

To provide guidance on how to correct issues that may limit productivity;

Train workers on best layer farming and poultry management practices;

Check and regulalry monitor the fram cleaning, disinfection standards and mainatain higher level of bio security standards.

Conduct post mortem and prescribe the required medicne vaccine whenever require

provide daily report of the fram

Advice and take active part with regards to feeding, watering, vaccination, flok uniformity , weighing andother activities of the farm;,

regularly Collect data regarding poultry production, productivity, feeding, vaccination, medication and poultry diseases needed for the farm;

Solve local technical poultry issues where possible and report on-going problems including outbreaks of diseases and poultry mortality;

Identify the root causes of the any problem and develop relevant and right time approach for its solution;

Undertake other duties and responsibilities requested by the Technology suppliers and technical advisors.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


Master’s degree in Poultry Management, or layer farm working background with 5 years of experience with reputable agencies/suppliers like feed supplier to layer, DOCs supplier to layer farmers and/or rworked in layer farm.

Bachelor Degree in Poultry Management, layer farm working experinces with reputable agencies/suppliers like feed supplier to layer farms, and or DOCs supplier to layer farmers.

Working experience in layer farm espcially in fully automatic controlled cage equpments.

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