Horticultural Specialist

Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 837
Date Posted:Feb 2, 2019
Reference:Ghani- Horticultural Specialist
Closing Date:Mar 1, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Agriculture
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:10 Years
Contract Duration:Open Ended
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:

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Job Summary:

As this is a horticulture-oriented project, the requirement for technical horticultural expertise is axiomatic. During implementation, a wide range of technical issues are likely to arise extending from horticultural production, post-harvest handling, grading, storage, and processing to subsector wide issues ranging from international competitiveness, quality certification, branding, and applied or
adaptive research amongst others. Within MAIL and through other development initiatives,
there exists a certain level of technical expertise, particularly from the Department of
Horticulture and other horticulture related international financed development projects.
Individual project expertise tends to be narrowly focused in their immediate technical issues
e.g. quality of planting material and the associated certification topics. The project needs
access to strong technical knowledge covering a wide range of horticultural topics and one
experienced in all aspects of temperate annual and perennial fruit and vegetable crops.
Technical support will be provided from a range of sources—the ISC Contract,
dedicated technical staff appointed to the PMU for the duration of the project and from tertiary
institutions within the country. To coordinate support from these sources, a national
horticultural specialist will be engaged under the ISC Contract.

Skills Required:

Not available

Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:

Duties & Responsibilities:

(i) Review existing horticulture value chain studies that have been conducted in
Afghanistan under the Enhancing Agricultural Value Chain for Sustainable Livelihood
Project and other horticultural projects;
(ii) In conjunction with the value chain specialist and Team Leader, assist in the
identification of priority horticultural products to be supported under the project;
(iii) Confirm the technical viability of producing these crops in the identified provinces
participating in the project;
(iv) Provide technical support to the facilitation partner, PIUs, and farmers in the
identification of the most appropriate technologies (structure designs, planting
materials, small scale processing equipment etc.,) to be established on affiliated
farmer properties;
(v) Assist in the development of representative unit area budgets that can be used in
assessing on-farm investments based on Good Agricultural Practices;
(vi) Provide guidance to the PIU staff and NGO facilitation partners in the identification of
potential subproject investments at the farm level suitable for project financing and
their preparation of SIPs;
(vii) In consultation with the associated ABE, support NGO facilitation partner efforts to
identify investments for on-farm investments to be financed by the project;
(viii) Assist PIU and PMU staff in the development of SIRs as part of the evaluation and
review process outlined in the PAM;
(ix) Review SIRs prepared by PIU and PMU staff (supported by the ISCs) to confirm
technical feasibility of the investment. At ABE level, confirm the waste reduction
estimates and the capacity and/or throughput of cool room facilities and packaging
activities so that feasibility estimates are realistic. For on-farm subprojects, confirm
the technical feasibility of production and storage for estimating financial returns on
the investment;
(x) In association with the CPMO procurement team and ISC procurement specialists,
assist in the development of terms of reference to recruit the needed expertise to
implement output 2 activities;
(xi) Support the recruitment of service providers to the project for the implementation of
output 2 initiatives;
(xii) Assist in the identification of hygiene certification auditors to be recruited under the
project for HACCP certification and its implementation;
(xiii) Provide technical support for farmer and ABE training in production and post-harvest
handling practices delivered by the facilitation partner in the provinces; and
(xiv) Other items reasonably requested by the ISC Team Leader in the field of horticultural

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


S/he should have minimum bachelor’s degree from an internationally recognized
university specializing in horticulture or a higher-level qualification from a tertiary
institution in agricultural science or the equivalent.

The specialist should have a minimum of 10 years of working experience in the sector
and preferably in horticultural production, processing, and marketing areas.

Experience with a packing house or processing facility or agribusiness will be
recognized in the evaluation. The specialist should have a commercial background
rather than academia-based experience, most of which will have been gained in the
country. Experience in the sector outside Afghanistan will be highly regarded.

Job Keywords:

Horticultural Specialist
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