Trade Show Coordinator

Master's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 491
Date Posted:Feb 10, 2019
Closing Date:Feb 17, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:2
Functional Area:Event Management
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Open Ended
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Consultant
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:96,90,66

About Davis Damanagement Group:

Davis Management Group has managed over 1,000 events, across 20 countries and in every US state. Our clients rely on us when key programs require management, staffing, budgeting, training, communications assistance and IT implementation. They trust in our professionalism, dedication and passion, which makes these qualities indispensable to our success. Every day, our goal is to be equally indispensable to our clients. We deliver results all over the world: Training IT Solutions Administrative Support/Staff Augmentation Outreach and Communications Logistics/Conference Support

Job Summary:

The Davis Management Group, a small, minority-owned US small business, is seeking Trade Show Coordinator to serve as a consultant to the Trade Show Support (TSS) team. Qualified Afghan nationals are invited to express interest in the role.

The objective of the TSS activity, funded through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is to increase income for Afghan businesses and generate new jobs, through increased exports of Afghan products. The purpose of the TSS activity is to:

Organize, support, and facilitate trade shows, business events, exhibitions or other fora where Afghan businesses can interact with potential buyers and importers; and

Provide capacity building to Afghan business and trade associations (such as the Afghanistan Exporters Club) so that they can independently organize and facilitate export events and represent their members more effectively.

We are seeking a dynamic, responsive, proactive, diligent and experienced business, logistics and/or trade show planner based in Afghanistan. The TSC will support the team in all aspects of event coordination, and most particularly in identifying, preparing and assisting Afghan businesses to participate in TSS trade shows. The Davis Management Group may choose to engage up to two LTSCs.

Skills Required:

Not available

Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:

Duties & Responsibilities:

Description of Consulting Services.

Identify and qualify businesses to participate in TSS Trade Shows. In 2019, this may include:
o 300 businesses to attend a Delhi-based show in September;
o 30 businesses to attend a Milan-based show; and
o 30 businesses to attend a Tashkent-based show.
o Other events as needed.
Note, these numbers are final anticipated numbers of participants. Likely double or triple this number of businesses will need to be informed and put through a qualification process to obtain these final numbers. Consultant will work closely with the Kabul-based and regional businesses associations and other partners in identifying potential businesses.

Meet regularly with identified businesses and manage their participation in the shows, to include:
o Visas;
o Required shipping/logistics documents;
o Assist/inspect final goods for shipping;
o Register businesses on event website;
o Require and assist businesses in researching and matchmaking with event attendees;
o Review and advise on booth set-up plans; and
o All other aspects of preparing businesses for trade shows.
Coordinate the shows and exhibitions plans with businesses well in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

Carry-out or assist, as needed, surveys pre, during and after events under management of TSS Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist.

Attend, by phone, weekly TSS meetings, to increase closer to events.

Work closely with all Afghanistan business and trade associations, relevant ministries and government agencies (in particular EPAA), other USAID and donor project personnel, and USAID in developing and carrying out the event. Coordinate and participate in information meetings related to the TSS supported shows/exhibition with businesses, associations and related government leaders.

Build the capacity of local organizations, including business associations, to support businesses in attending international exhibitions and trade shows, including beyond donor-subsidized participation.

Advise TSS management on relevant developments in Afghanistan that may or does impact event planning or business participation.

Train businesses on participation in international exhibitions. Trainings will be partially or wholly developed by TSS.

Provide and co-manage a planning checklist with each attendee.

Review and update business profiles of businesses participating in TSS events.

Participate in work planning process throughout the year as required by project Chief of Party.

Create and show weekly progress against event plans

Represent TSS in relevant meetings in Afghanistan

Treat all businesses and business associations equally, providing each with opportunities to coordinate with TSS exhibitions and shows

Participate in pre-planning trips for events

Assist in making cargo and passenger arrangements for participants to trade shows

Assist in finding businesses to contribute resources to the event

Work closely with core businesses and business associations to develop sector leaders to assist in inviting buyers to events

Persistently manage the readiness of businesses for participation in events

Ability to identify and cultivate exhibition readiness for women-owned businesses

Build strong relationships with associations, commercial officials, businesses and other key stakeholders in the country where TSS trade shows are held

Advise team on legal, regulatory, market and situational obstacles faced by Afghanistan businesses in potential markets where TSS trade shows are held

Review booth layout plans and advise on discrepancies.

Develop and co-manage approvals of rooming lists for all exhibitor for all shows, and assist TSS event planner on-site with rooming lists

Provide exemplary customer service to all businesses, associations, government officials and other stakeholders.

Required Deliverables:

Signed agreements of consent from the target number of businesses attending each show, one week prior to participation. All businesses signing consent have been provided, by the consultant with:
o Training in logistics, marketing, sales, and other relevant topics for upcoming exhibition. Each company is to attend at least 4 hours of training.
o Completed planning guide.
o Copies of relevant tax, sales and licenses.

Attend meetings with TSS as assigned.

Attend meetings with USAID and provide notes/reports to TSS within 24 hours

Copies of all customs and other paperwork to facilitate goods from Afghanistan to international exhibits

Weekly report to TSS on consultant work and accomplishments, including updating progress against event workplans

Notes from meetings with business associations

Prepare contributions to TSS event reports as well as trip reports for pre-event planning

Timely submission of time sheets, expense reimbursement claims, and other documentation

Business profiles reviewed with business and provided 4 weeks prior to exhibition/event

Other deliverables as assigned by the Chief of Party or another assigned supervisor

Log/ update spreadsheets, reports, and other TSS team coordination documents in a timely manner

Data collected from businesses

Provide complete hotel rooming lists to TSS 2-weeks prior to show

Review all registration data for accuracy (company name, first name, last name) and assist in uploading business cards to event website. Be present during registration and facilitate the badging of all Afghanistan participants

Provide input on booth layouts, cultural elements of events and setup of panels, receptions and other events at the trade shows

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


The TSC consultant will be an unparalleled professional, with an excellent reputation for competence and honesty among Afghanistan businesses. The consultant will have a good working relationship with and is well respected by USAID, EPAA and/or leading Afghan businesses. The consultant will have demonstrated leadership abilities and the ability to work well under time deadlines. Specific qualifications include:

5+ years working as a consultant to Afghanistan businesses in assisting them to develop growth and/or export-oriented strategies.

Previous experience working with USAID and/or USAID-funded economic growth in Afghanistan.

An Master’s degree or higher postgraduate degree from an accredited institution in business, economics, international development, marketing or a related subject.

Experience with planning and executing trade shows and matchmaking conferences.

Ability to work remotely, and coordinate with a US-based team, including: the occasional requirement to attend meetings outside of working hours; the ability to use cell phone for international calling; access to reliable internet, including web-enabled communication such as skype.

Good speaking and writing ability in English; fluency in Dari and/or Pashto.

Job Keywords:

trade shows, business events, exhibitions , Afghan businesses
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