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Afghan Compound Support Services (ACSS) is a multi-industry solutions provider, logistics to some of the most sensitive and mission-critical efforts Theater-wide throughout Afghanistan such as (a) maintenance & operations, (b) DFAC supplies, (c) visa and work permit services, (d) fuel supplies and delivery to the most remote areas, (e) provision of manpower including skilled, unskilled, technical and professionals, (f) transportation services and (g) general logistics services. Our continued focus on quality, quantity, performance and customer satisfaction within the areas that we specialize has afforded us the opportunity to deliver on volumes of the most vital projects for mission support and development year to date (YTD). Maintaining a diverse yet systematically designed group of companies and business units of Construction, Consultancy, IT Solutions and Manpower Service under ACSS allows us to offer turn-key solutions to our Customers for ultimate cost & quality control and to minimize the need for congested and complex project plans – a benefit that or Customers may pass on to their Customers as well. ACSS was founded to specifically address the issues with inconsistent capability and accountability by Host Country National (HCN) companies in a high-risk environment where our International and Coalition partners are restricted and limited in operational movement and control. ACSS’ teams work closely to develop the most cost-effective solutions and tactically sound options to meet and exceed our Customer’s, and their Customer’s, needs every time. Our technical processes are complimented by advanced technologies that allow real-time accountability and traceability reporting with interface sessions only the responsible would allow and the reliable would offer. We employ systems, policies, procedures and standards adopted from internationally prescribed rules and regulations which are routinely updated and consistently relayed to our staff through trainings. ACSS has delivered unfailingly time and time again whilst maintaining open communications on real-time issues which we and our long-term Customer(s) face together as a team.


  • Afghan Compound Support Services
    Jan 23, 2021

    Position Title: Finance Assistant

    Reference#: ACSS-01-21/009

    Closing DATE: 23-Jan-2021

    Functional Area: Accounting/Finance

    Gender:  Male

    Nationality: Afghan