Selina and Niko Food Production Company is a new brand of food production and soon it will start its operation with the natural refined and iodized salt. Selina will be the first salt refinery with international standards in Afghanistan. The founder of Selina and Niko Food Production Company is an Afghan local entrepreneur who has been operational in the Afghan market since the last fifteen years. Selina Food Production has been involved in salt mining for the last four years. The production of the company will start by the end of June 2020. This company will have a branded food production line with reasonable prices, rich quality of food and standard products. It is our aim that all Afghans get advantages from our quality food products. Selina Food Production Company will create thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities for individuals and contractors in the country. The company will ensure to supply the best quality refined salt to the Afghan market and to expand the food production lines with better services and products for the Afghan market.