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The population of Kabul City, the capital of Afghanistan, was about 2 million in 1999. It is estimated to be 5 million as of 2012. Moreover, it is forecasted to reach 6.5 million in 2025. Under such circumstances, the Government of Afghanistan established Dehsabz-Barikab City Development Authority (hereinafter referred as to DCDA) and decided to develop a new city for the increasing population, which was located in the north east area of Kabul City for approximately 740 km2 (74,000ha). The Master Plan for the Kabul Metropolitan Area Development in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (hereinafter referred to as MP) was formulated in 2009 and public infrastructure plans for development of initial development area (Dehsabz South area) was prepared in 2011, through assistances by JICA. To facilitate smooth development of the new city, JICA is implementing the Project for Promotion of Kabul Metropolitan Area Development. DCDA plans to develop the new city under public-private partnership, and has started contract with private sector, and developed guidelines for private sectors. In parallel to these activities, DCDA selected an area of approximately 830 ha for initial development, which is called as Parcel-1. Parcel-1 is planned to accommodate 42,000 population as a model for the whole New City Development Project. To plan, design and construct the basic infrastructures for Parcel-1, DCDA requested to the GOJ for construction of water source facilities, roads, water distribution lines, and water transmission pipes from water source to Parcel-1. JICA has assisted designs and preparation of tender documents through the Sub-Project for the Infrastructure Development for Parcel-1 Area in Dehsabz South (hereinafter referred to as Infrastructure SP) since March 2011. GOJ decided to fund construction of water distribution mains as well as water transmission and water source facilities. Those constructions will be conducted as pilot projects under Infrastructure SP and Japans Grant Aid for Conflict Prevention and Peace Building. The planned facilities are scheduled to be ready for operation by early 2015. In Afghanistan, Afghanistan Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Corporation (AUWSSC) is undertaking widely the water supply and sewerage for urban areas. DCDA and AUWSSC have agreed that AUWSSC undertakes the water supply for Parcel-1. After completion of the facilities construction, AUWSSC starts the operation of Parcel-1 water supply system. However, AUWSSC has no organization for the service in Parcel-1. AUWSSC should, therefore, start the establishment of Parcel-1 branch. The establishment of the new organization should be undertaken in parallel with the facility construction so that water supply service to Parcel-1 could be commenced right after the completion of facility construction. The AUWSSC is currently looking for an Administration & Finance Specialist to develop the new organization for Parcel-1 water supply. This post is funded by JICA on a yearly basis and until March 2015 under consultant contract. The person working is called "Leading Advisor acting for" this position. The position will be transferred to AUWSSC as a sub business unit after March 2015. He/she shall contribute to the human and organizational development of AUWSSC through daily works. Leading Advisor shall have professional responsibility to achieve the capacity development, and to contribute to realize the goal of JICAs Technical Assistance, which is the sustainable development of AUWSSC. He/she also shall assume the coordinating role between JICA and AUWSSC for the promotion of common understanding of the issues and enhancement of mutual cooperation. He/she shall make every effort to ensure both AUWSSC and JICAs interests are protected. Ability to solve the conflicting issues and interests is highly required.