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The CTTC was set up by the American NGO, International Relief and Development Organization in the spring of 2006, with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). In June of 2008 CTTC became a self sustaining Nonprofit, National Registered NGO # 1183 under the direction of Zaman Rezai General Director. Mr. Mohammad Zaman Rezai worked as the deputy project manager for the CTTC program. This program was able to graduate 1500 students in different trade skills in 2 years. The idea and set up this program was taken further to be self sustainable through the team under the supervision of Mr. Mohammad Zaman Rezai working on the capacity building of the USACE introduced staff in Engineering sector. In the mean times CTTC qualified team was awarded many USAID, PRT and Join Task Force. CTTC extended its area of work to other provinces of Kunduz, Farah and Kabul. The efforts are still underway to work for the capacity building of Afghans in different parts of Afghanistan. The CTTC is a vocational/Technical Training school and registered as a nonprofit NGO operating in Afghanistan. The construction training school was established in 2006 under a program funded by the Combined Joint Task Force/ and USAID and implemented by International Relief and Development, Inc. (IRD). The CTTC has successfully graduated over 9000 Tradesman and Engineers from its intensive Vocational and Technical training courses, which include carpentry, masonry, electrical, painting, welding, steelwork, and plumbing. In additional, it has placed 87% into construction jobs and operates its own small construction company that allows students to receive on the job training and employment. CTTC has worked with the variety of donors, including the US Army Corps of Engineers. Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), Gesell shaft fur Technische Qusammerabeit (GTZ), and Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT). Mission: CTTC's Mission is to provide the finest education possible, train future leaders to be able to provide for their needs and the needs of their families, and to strive for great improvement in the Nation Building process.