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GreenTech Dunia (GTD) is a registered project management Consulting Company (MoCI license No.: D- 78011) established in 2015. We stand for environmental sustainability and innovation embedded in a global mindset. GTD’s team consists of experienced experts from various professional fields, who have successfully completed projects in Afghanistan, Germany, Pakistan, UAE, and Iran. GTD's team is committed to delivering value-based and innovative solutions to its clients by applying a management approach that considers not only the science but also the art of project management. GTD pursues a team-work approach by closely cooperating with all involved stakeholders throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. GTD maintains an expert database with up to 3,000 national and 500 international experts. GTD has local and international cooperation partners in various sectors; thus sustaining the global mindset of the company. GTD's goal is to contribute to the improvement of people's living standards through the employment of a holistic approach. This approach takes into account social and economic factors alike; consequently allows us to develop appropriate technologies for the sustainable development of emerging economies. GTD is developing and managing projects in the field of renewable energy, water, agriculture, and environment. GTD’s commitment to the cause is further strengthened by the fact that it dedicates 5 % of its annual profit to other research and development projects in Afghanistan.


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    Feb 10, 2020

    The  expert should preferably have a degree and professional certification in solar

    power, renewable energy, and/or electrical/chemical/material engineering. The expert should

    preferably have relevant professional experience of 5 years or more. 

    The ...

    Power system AnalysesPowerReport writing Electrical Engineer