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Kakar Advocates LLC

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Kakar Advocates, LLC, is a full-service international commercial law firm based in Kabul, Afghanistan. We are a diverse group of lawyers uniquely positioned to provide a broad range of legal services to international and Afghan business enterprises. Driven by the passion for teamwork, global outlook and local execution, we strive to serve our clients efficiently and effectively to help them achieve their business goals and objectives. Our team combines international experience with local knowledge to provide the highest standard of service to clients. The team includes internationally trained attorneys, Afghan attorneys, tax and corporate consultants, as well as Afghan government relation specialists. The attorneys have worked in large and prominent US law firms, in addition to occupying important positions, among others, as Advisor to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff, Advisor to the Attorney General, Advisor to the Minister of Justice, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of a commercial bank, US Army Judge Advocate, Senior Defense Counsel, scholar at Harvard Law School, and U.S. diplomat in the Middle East.


  • The Advisor assists, within the given framework, in the design, development and management of technical assistance projects, focusing on one or more of the following areas:

    (i) export and sectoral strategy development;

    (ii) market development;

    (iii) trade facilitation. 

    Punctuality Strong Communication Ski..Policy and Planning
  • The Communication Expert will manage the external and internal communication efforts of the organization. He/She will promote a positive public image and control the dissemination of information on our company’s behalf. Additionally the Communication Expert will act as liaison between different departments and organizations to meet predefined goals and objectives in timely manner.

    Strong Communication Ski..Reporting
  • To assist in increasing private sector investments by carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the current status of investments and facilitating of new investments to the country’s economy, and develop new concepts to significantly improve the investment climate in Afghanistan. 

    Strong Communication Ski..Policy and Planning Financial Reporting
  • The Financial Sector Development Advisor should provide a framework for creating a sound, diversified, responsive and well-functioning financial system that would provide appropriate support the growth of private sector.

    Policy and Planning Multiple Tasking Strong Communication Ski..
  • The Technical Legal Advisor is accountable for taking the day to day legal responsibilities and providing legal advice that includes all the aspects of the review, research and draft process. He/she is responsible to provide support in discrete legal issues.

    Policy and Planning Legal FamiliarityMultiple Tasking Strong Communication Ski..
  • Jan 27, 2020

    We are looking for an effective project manager to maintain the delivery of appropriate tracking of project progress through monitoring, evaluating and reporting.

    Maintain collaborative working relationships among key project partners and donors, through effective communication, consultation and reporting.

    Strong Communication Ski..Time managementAnalytical ThinkerProblem-solving skillsProject ManagementMultiple Tasking
  • The Agribusiness & Export Development Advisor will be responsible for increasing quantity and export of Afghanistan’s agribusiness products. Support the integration of high quality and quantity of goods produced with industry standard agriculture practices.

    Policy and Planning Strategic Planning Strong Communication Ski..Report writing