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Khyber Fuel Logistics Services Company is committed to providing quality, safe and reliable bulk oil storage terminals services for Nordic Camp Supply (NCS). Khyber Fuel Logistics Services Company is also providing dry cargo services to multiple military bases in Afghanistan and also a transportation from Pakistan In accomplishing its mission, Khyber Fuel: Assures secure storage of the oil. Provides a high standard of storage tank assets. Provides a high standard of preventive and curative methods to avoid any loss of product and prevent work-related injuries and illness. Provides safe and healthy working conditions for its employees and subcontractors. Ensures employees readiness for duty by providing them with all necessary education, training, and support. With our own staff of more than 1000 employees, including management, office staff, yard, and drivers, we have the infrastructure and logistical capabilities necessary to develop storage strategies according to geographic, political, military and other specifications. We are also proficient at generating quick-response contingency plans for unforeseen and/or emergency situations.