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RANA Technologies

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RANA Technologies Enterprises (RTE) is a dynamic and leading ISP/ICT and BPO Company in Afghanistan, providing high-quality broadband Internet services, ICT “Turn-key” solutions, and BPO services to its clients since 2005. As one of the leading technology companies in Afghanistan, RTE revolutionized the Internet services in 2005 by deploying Wi-MAX based broadband Internet services to urban and rural areas providing reliable and high-quality Internet and PTP services for the first time in the country. Over the years RTE has built a very unique and strong partnership platform with its global renowned partners who have enabled RTE to provide world-class products and SLA based services to its end clients. RTE believes its key strength lies in the fact that it provides customers with a wide variety of quality business-specific products and services with comprehensive in-house sales support and technical knowledge to create solutions tailored to each customer's needs. Whether you are a small business or a large multinational, our corporate service portfolio will surely meet your needs while striking the ultimate balance between service performance and affordability.