Admin & Finance Officer

Bachelor's Degree   Nangarhar, Afghanistan Full Time 1317
Date Posted:May 15, 2019
Closing Date:May 28, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Administrative
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:4 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English



Agriculture is the foundational basis of Afghan society. Approximately 80% of the population is engaged in agriculture directly or in secondary or tertiary activities. It is in this sector that the future of Afghanistan’s wealth and potential for capital accumulation resides. While some of Afghanistan’s former agricultural infrastructure have been restored, considerably more, remains to be done. Lack of agriculture technology, infrastructure, and difficulty in accessing markets by farmers still remain as challenges in the sector. This is in spite of the enormous potential of agriculture as the sector that can drive economic growth.

These challenges and dependence of rural households on low-value crops on scarce arable land and their vulnerability to increasingly severe droughts and floods due to climate change adversely contribute to viability of opium poppy cultivation as an easily marketable and drought-resistant option. Having said this, it also presents an opportunity as farmers, producers, and processors and traders are demanding increased support from the government, realizing the potential of agriculture as a viable economic option if provided with the requisite technologies and infrastructure.

The Community Based Agriculture and Rural Development (CBARD) project funded by the US Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) aims at supporting improved household income reducing dependency on illicit cultivation / production in 170 selected communities in Nangarhar, Farah and Badghis provinces. The project objective is to prove the viability of high-value agricultural-based interventions in improving local economies of Nangarhar, Badghis and Farah as a sustainable alternative to illicit crop cultivation. The project has two outputs; (i) Local production of, and market for, high-value crops improved; (ii) Community-based agro-business infrastructure are built, developed, and/or strengthened. The project will be implemented by MAIL. The Programme supported by UNDP, provides a framework for increased cohesion of policies, strategies, and results of the ongoing and future joint interventions between MAIL and UNDP.

Job Summary:

The Admin/Finance Officer will report and work under the direct supervision of the Field Coordinator. He/she will be fully responsible for all financial, procurement, and administrative related activities of the project in the field. The Admin/Finance Officer has the following specific duties:

Skills Required:

AdministrativeCooperationCommunication Interpersonal Analytical and Problem solving skills

Skills Description:

·      Good knowledge of administration and logistics;

·      Ability to implement new systems and affect staff behavioral/ attitudinal change;

·      Excellent IT skills would be an advantage.

·      Builds strong relationships with staff and clients;

·      Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude;

·      Demonstrates good oral and written communication skills;

Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Reviews specifications of Goods and Works and ensures compliance with full and open competition requirements and that the specifications are not restricted to a specific firm, Determines an appropriate method of procurement;
  • Prepares bidding documents for National and International Bidding procedures;
  • Seeks necessary approvals and arranges for advertisement in local and international publications;
  • Receives bids and arranges for bid opening and technical evaluation;
  • Prepares bid evaluation reports and seeks approvals including approvals from the UNDP and from the Procurement Directorate of MAIL, if so required;
  • Prepares/issues Notices of Awards and obtains Performance Bonds;
  • Prepares contractual instruments and obtains necessary signatures;
  • Forwards copies of the contracts to concerned offices for implementation and contract management;
  • Arranges for opening of letters of credit, if so required;
  • Receives shipping documents and arranges for tax exemptions, and clearance of Goods, if applicable;
  • Arranges for receipt and delivery and inspection of Goods;
  • Reviews invoices and arranges for payment on an expeditious manner.

·      Plan, prioritize and implement project activities related to administrative and logistic needs;

·      Ensure efficient, effective, responsive, transparent, and accountable provision of administrative and logistic services to support the implementation of project activities;

·      Supervise the support staff including drivers and guards

·      Arrange office space and necessary equipment for all staff and ensure that all furniture and equipment are in proper order including IT equipment and internet infrastructure both in the central and four provinces;

·      Ensure a clean and healthy environment by ensuring proper maintenance of office premises; 

·      Ensure that the support staff performs their duties satisfactorily and provide them with adequate access to facilities and equipment they need to do their job properly; 

·      Prepare, maintain and update personnel files of all the staff of the project;

·      Ensure production and maintenance of up-to-date and accurate administrative records and reports including an organized filing system.

·      Design and conduct logistics and supply needs assessment and prepare plans accordingly;

·      Ensure timely inventory of newly acquired equipment and assets;

·      Review and update transportation needs of the project and arrange vehicles including rental vehicles accordingly;

·      Oversee management of the daily pool of the drivers and vehicles to guide them on their duties i.e. ensuring timely services, re-fueling, recording log-books, and maintenance of vehicles;

·      Review on a monthly basis the driver’s log book and track fuel consumption, maintenance, oil consumption, and movement of vehicles;

·      Ensure proper conduct of drivers by arranging briefing session for the drivers on safe driving, proper maintenance of vehicles, and security precautions;

·      Facilitate organizing events such as conferences, workshops, seminars and meetings;

·      Provide travel arrangements for national partners and project staffs within province;

·      Provide travel arrangements for national partners and project staffs

·      Keep filing system up to date and accessible for the department. Receiving, distributing and filing all incoming and outgoing mail (letters, requests, e-mails, official documents).

·      Any other duties assigned by the Field Coordinator

Expected Results:

·      All procurement processes of Goods, Works and Services are carried out in a fair and transparent manner in accordance with the UNDP guidelines;

·      Procurement plan is developed and approved;

·      Execution of the approved procurement plan according to the estimated budget and within the set timeline;

·      All the Works and Services contracts are closely monitored and thoroughly managed

·      Project has a suitable office and all staff has workspace including the national/international short term consultants

·      Project and project staff have all the necessary equipment available on-time

·      There is a proper filing system in place in the project including personnel files

·      Project support staff is managed and equipment are well maintained

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Nangarhar


The candidate must have bachelor degree in business administration, general management, public administration or any other related field with 5 years of relevant experience.

This job is expired