Administration and Finance Manager

  Peace Dividend Trust - Afghanistan
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Date Posted:Jan 23, 2011
Closing Date:Feb 6, 2011
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Administrative
Salary Range:40000 - 80000 USD undefined
Years of Experience:2 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: false
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

About Peace Dividend Trust - Afghanistan:


Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to making peace and humanitarian operations more effective, efficient and equitable. Since January 2006, PDT has operated the Peace Dividend Marketplace-Afghanistan (PDM-A) project to streamline the local procurement activities of the international community in order to strengthen the Afghan private sector. PDM-A’s efforts support the Afghanistan National Development Strategy and the Afghanistan Compact (2006). Linking demand to local supply is an effective, necessary, and sustainable pillar of private sector growth and job creation. PDM-A has facilitated the award of over 400 contracts worth more than 20 billion AFN (400 million USD) to Afghan-owned businesses. In order to increase the impact of its 4-year program in Afghanistan, PDT has opened sub-offices in Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif, Kandahar and Helmand.

Job Summary:

The Administration and Finance Manager reports directly to the Deputy Country Director, Programme Support (DCD,PS) and manages all PDT Afghanistan administrative and financial matters. He/She works closely with the DCD, PS and the Business Development Manager (BDM) in Kabul and the Programme Managers in the field to ensure that all PDT activities are fully coordinated.

The Administration and Finance Manager exercises functional control over Peace Dividend Marketplace – Afghanistan (PDM–A) administrative and financial matters by providing oversight of, and direction to, the Field Office administrative staff. This includes the collection and collation of reports and returns required to ensure that PDM–A is fully accountable to donors.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Representational Duties

The success of the PDM–A programme depends upon its credibility and reputation within the community. The Administration and Finance Manager, as a senior member of the National Staff, is an important representative of the organization within the community and has the following representational duties:

• Act as the primary liaison between PDM–A and the Government of Afghanistan,
• Represent PDM–A in all of its dealing with Afghan financial institutions,
• Ensure that all transactions between PDM–A and Afghan entities (individuals, businesses, public institutions etc.) are carried out with the highest level of professionalism, and

Reporting Lines

PDT depends on the flexibility and initiative of its staff at all levels. The reporting chain described in this section is intended to maintain these qualities while, at the same time, maximizing our effect on a regional basis. To accomplish this:

• The Administration and Finance Manager is accountable to the DCD,PS and coordinates with key staff as required.

• The Administration and Finance Manager is responsible for:

o Exercising functional control of all PDM–A administrative and financial functions,
o Working closely with the DCD,PS and the BDM to ensure that PDT-A activities have adequate resources,
o Reporting, as described in these terms of reference, and

Job Requirement:

Managerial Duties

To accomplish this scope of work the Administration and Finance Manager has the following managerial duties:


• Establish and maintain a smooth flow of routine, administrative work of the PDM–A offices including Finance and Compliance, Office Administration, Human Resources, and Logistics support functions,
• Read and understand all PDT financial and administrative policies and procedures. Ensure the implementation of new and existing rules and regulations,
• Ensure adherence to the procedures outlined in The National Staff Handbook and all related documents,
• Ensure the Country Director and DCD,PS have adequate information to maintain suitable compensation packages for PDM–A National Staff,
• Maintain an accurate filing system for Finance/Administration and HR,
• Supervise the Administration and Finance staff,
• Carry out responsibilities as outlined in the PDM–A Safety and Security Management Plan.


• Maintain local office policies and procedures and provide training for all issues related to personnel, benefits, travel, office equipment, leased property, physical and moveable assets and communications. Ensure compliance with established protocols by all National and International staff,
• Exercise supervision and control of arrangements for the recruitment, appointment, promotion, transfer and assignment of local staff,
• Provide oversight of the logistical requirements for expatriate visitors and new hires, i.e., staff orientation, visas, work permits, policy registration,
• Ensure the proper functioning of the property and asset management services concerning assets, leases, rents and utility services, maintenance and repairs, and
• Ensure personnel files of all national staff are properly maintained including current, valid contracts, position descriptions, timesheets, leave records and other documents outlined in internal policy.


• Exercise functional control over all of the financial functions of PDM–A,
• Oversee and manage daily accounting and finance functions including the timely recording of transactions, cash management, banking, payroll, inventory and accounts receivable and payable,
• Complete financial closing cycles as outlined in PDTs policies and procedures and routine reporting to the DCD,PS as scheduled,
• Maintain banking relations; plan and monitor country cash flow requirements to ensure the smooth implementation of PDT programs,
• Provide monthly standard accounting submissions to PDT Headquarters, including donor ledgers, vouchers and invoices, account reconciliations, expenditures by cost center/project, required additional reporting, as well as other financial information in a timely and accurate manner,
• Provide monthly financial reports to management including expenditures by cost center/project, reporting and other financial information, in a timely and accurate manner,
• Develop budgets with the Country Director and implement grant budgeting and forecasting systems with Program Managers,
• Ensure that PDM–A is in compliance with donor policies in all respects,
• Preparation of the monthly payroll,
• Perform internal checks (informal audits) and reviews as required to ensure compliance with PDT policy requirements and best use of PDT funds,
• Preparation of Income Tax reports and payments to GOA, and
• Evaluate and Report any instances of fraud, corruption or other misuse of funds to either the CD or DCD,PS.

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