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  FINCA Afghanistan
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Date Posted:Jul 18, 2010
Closing Date:Jul 25, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Administrative
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:Fresh
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: false
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

About FINCA Afghanistan:


Job Summary:

The Administration and Logistics Manager will be responsible for managing FINCA Afghanistan’s Administration and Logistics department. The Administration and Logistics Manager will manage Headquarters (HQ) and its facilities, including the handling of procurement, logistics and transportation.

Duties & Responsibilities:

General Management (20%)

1. Manage Headquarters’ Administration and Logistics Department.
2. Responsible for the training and development of all Administrative and Logistics personnel in all FINCA Afghanistan offices. This includes completing a staff performance evaluation of HQ Administrative and Logistics personnel.
3. Assist the Country Director in creating and updating administrative, procurement and logistical policies, guidelines and procedures, and ensure that these policies and procedures are implemented in all FINCA offices.
4. Supervise all Administrative and Logistical personnel, ensuring that they are performing their jobs efficiently and using their time effectively.
5. Monitor all bulk and non-expendable equipment procurement in all FINCA offices and ensure that such purchases are made according to FINCA Afghanistan procurement policies and procedures.
6. Create inventory management systems, and ensure that all FINCA Afghanistan offices put in place an appropriate inventory management system. Ensure that there is an updated inventory list at HQ.
7. Create and manage an effective flow of information systems between HQ and all FINCA offices through telephone, faxes, emails and posts and ensure that all official communication is properly registered and managed by Administrative personnel.

Administrative Function (30%)

1. Ensure that all FINCA offices are administratively efficient.
2. Work closely with all Administration and Logistics Officers in order to improve the general administrative situation, including incoming and outgoing mail. Create a unitary filing system for the entire office (including hard and soft copy filing systems), keeping all relevant reports, correspondence etc. on file in an accurate manner.
3. Make sure that all external and internal conferences and meetings called by FINCA Afghanistan HQ is administratively and logistically supported.
4. Approve attendance and timesheets for all Administrative and Logistics personnel in HQ.
5. Translate and review the translation of all administrative and logistical documents from English into Dari and vise-versa and make sure that all FINCA offices keep and use a copy of this document.
6. Ensure that all offices maintain and log all keys.
7. Create and update administrative and logistics forms on both hard and soft copies (paper and diskette) and make sure that all FINCA Afghanistan offices are provided with updated and new forms.
8. Make sure that all official communications to outside organizations (government bodies, media, NGOs, private companies, etc) are passed through or approved by the Country Director and Regional Managers.

Logistics and Procurement (40%)

1. Ensure that all FINCA offices are adequately stocked with necessary supplies and forms. Coordinate any supply or form requests according to the supply request procedure.
2. Ensure that Logistics personnel procure and provide timely supplies and village bank materials as per the requests made by staff.
3. Ensure that travel arrangement for all international and national staff, both within country and oversees are being processed and arranged efficiently.
4. Plan and manage all major procurement required for the HQ and other FINCA Afghanistan offices with the relevant Regional Managers and Logistics Assistants.
5. Negotiate with suppliers to obtain the best possible price and quality for major procurements required for FINCA Afghanistan offices.
6. Take the lead in international procurement for major equipment like vehicles, copier machines, generators, etc.
7. Ensure that all major purchases made in FINCA Afghanistan offices are approved and properly documented and recorded in inventory lists.
8. Ensure that all bills are paid in-full and on a timely basis.
9. Identify and build a working relationship with best suppliers and service providers in cities where FINCA operates.
10. Negotiate and manage all contracts for the procurement of rental car services, communication, maintenance, fuel, gas, etc.

Facilities Management 10%

1. Identify suitable premises for FINCA Afghanistan offices, negotiate rent, and manage house contracts for all offices.
2. Oversee the office area and the rented apartments to ensure that they are clean and professional in appearance.
3. Manage day to day maintenance needs of HQ. Ensure that all office commodities and equipment (chairs, desks, computers, etc.) are properly maintained and serviced or repaired. Maintain a list of maintenance contractors.
4. Assist the Branch Managers in obtaining additional office space or market offices as necessary.
5. Track all fixed assets of the offices through an inventory. Apply proper identification labels and maintain complete documentation. Perform an annual check on inventory and prepare proper documentation for the removal of damaged assets of all FINCA – Afghanistan.

Perform other tasks not listed in this Job Description but which are reasonably associated to the position. The Administration and Logistics Manager must show initiative and complete all tasks assigned by his/her supervisor promptly and to the standard expected. The Administration and Logistics Manager can draw on the support and advice of her supervisor and colleagues but is nonetheless ultimately responsible for completing the above tasks without being asked. The Administration and Logistics Manager must be able to work independently when asked and take initiative to solve problems without being asked. The Administration and Logistics Manager must do her/her job without being reminded of routine tasks or requests made by the supervisor.

Job Requirement:

1. At least five years professional experience with three years of Logistics or office management experience.
2. Mid-level management skills.
3. University degree in economics, finance, management, business, or related field.
4. Fluency in Dari, Pashtun and English. Ability to translate from English into Dari and Dari into English.
5. Excellent communication skills.
6. Experience in computers, spreadsheet applications, and word processing.
7. Accuracy, attention to detail, commitment to transparency.
8. Ability to learn quickly, strong self-training readiness.

Job Location:

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