Assistant Warehouse Manager

Bachelor's Degree   Multi Location Full Time 1930
Date Posted:Jul 25, 2022
Closing Date:Sep 25, 2022
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Procurement and logistics,Transportation,Business Development and Growth ,Business Administration
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:3 - 5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: Yes
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:6 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Ghazanfar Group:


The late Al-Hajj Abdul Ghafar Ghazanfar laid the foundation for the group. Many of the businesses that the group has opened or is currently running were all his vision of growth, innovation, development and prosperity. The group has many subsidiaries, which are involved in the following industries: 1. Oil and Gas 2. Crude Oil Refinery 3. Fuel Storage 4. Banking 5. Construction 6. Trading 7. Logistics 8. Mining and Media 9. Industrial The group's progress has been steady over the past few years; the constant rise in the revenue from petroleum and other businesses is proof of the group's progress. We have opened many offices locally and internationally, and are spreading our operations by incorporating into new industries and synergizing our subsidiaries to give us an efficient and profitable result. Through our actions we are able to offer employment for the youth of Afghanistan and also train them to learn and prosper throughout their career. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that everything should be done for the improvements of the living standards of Afghan citizens. One of the group's goals is to bring foreign investment in Afghanistan and to increase the standard of quality and performance. We also try to raise the benchmark for performance and quality amongst our competitors so that a competitive environment is created which would benefit the public and would give us a reason to pursue a higher quality standard. We constantly review our strategy and work on introducing measures, which would help our clients and us both. The group has a main office in Mazar-e-Sharif from where they direct all the workflow. All the information from the group's activities are sent and recorded in the Mazar Office. As the group's recent business ventures and activities are spreading throughout Afghanistan, another office has been made operational in Kabul. The group is getting ready to introduce itself in many other industries like Oil Refinery, Metal Smelting, and Foreign Investment for prospective clients.

Job Summary:

We are looking for a dedicated candidate who can make a great impact in our team through planning, monitoring and reporting of our Warehouses.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Oversee receive and dispatch of goods
  2. Receive orders from warehouse manager for receive and dispatch of goods and coordinate receiving and dispatch plans accordingly
  3. Supervise and monitor receiving of inbound and dispatch of outbound of goods
  4. Ensure that the goods are safely and securely stacked and stored
  5. Ensure spacious and efficient layout of the store room
  6. Coordinate with labor provider subcontractors for safe and on-time receive and dispatch of goods
  7. Supervise and monitor tally assistants/store keepers on proper recording of inbound, outbound and stored goods
  8. Produce daily, weekly and monthly reports of the warehouse’s operations
  9. Ensure that the warehouse and goods in it are safe and secure
  10. Assist warehouse manager in developing policy and procedures for operations, security and safety and share with project coordinator and once finalized, ensure the policy and procedures are adhered to
  11. Ensure strict adherence to operation and safety rules and procedures
  12. Ensure that reports tally with WFP reports
  13. Attend meetings alongside warehouse manager with WFP relevant authorities and employees about project operation issues when required
  14. Supervise all employees and workers and assist warehouse manager to give on the job training to ensure better performance
  15. Ensure that the warehouses, warehouse premises, equipment and machinery within the warehouse premises are properly maintained and working at all times
  16. Assist warehouse manager in preparation of daily operation plan and ensure performance accordingly
  17. Supervise attendance of employees
  18. Report to Warehouse Manager and Project Coordinator on regular and ad-hoc basis
  19. Perform other activities assigned by BIT leadership, Warehouse Manager and Project Coordinator

Job Requirement:

  • Ability to work autonomously with strong time management skills.
  • Be hardworking, solutions-focused, and have a positive, can-do attitude.
  • Display a high degree of professionalism and have high attention to detail.
  • Be trustworthy, honest, and reliable. 
  • Ability to build and maintain professional relationships.
  • Ability to communicate efficiently and present clear and concise information to team members and management.
  • Experience in managing a team.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul, Balkh

Submission Guideline:

Interested applicants can apply with their UP TO DATE CVs either on or email their CVs to