Audit Committee Member

  Pashtany Bank
Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Part Time 429
Date Posted:Aug 28, 2019
Reference:PB 68/2019
Closing Date:Sep 16, 2019
Work Type:Part Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Banking
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:3 - 5 Years
Contract Duration:Open Ended
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Fixed-term
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:English & pashto,Dari

About Pashtany Bank:


Pashtany Bank was established in 1333 (1954 CE) during King Mohammad Zaher Shah regime with an initial investment of AFG 120 million. Mr. Janat Khan Gharwal was appointed as the first president.

Pashtany Bank is a State Owned bank and is registered with the Central Bank (Da-Afghanistan Bank) under the commercial banking license to operate nationwide. The Bank has been operating as one of the leading commercial banking service provider in Afghanistan.

In 2007, during the regime of Hamid Karzai, the name of Pashtany tejaraty bank was changed to Pashtany bank at the instance of Mr. Hayatullah Dayani the CEO of Pashtany bank. 

Job Summary:

the audit committee is responsible directly report to Board of Supervisory.

Skills Required:

Requires travel to provinces:


Skills Description:

Duties & Responsibilities:

a. Audit Committee could be separate from Board of Supervisors or could be a subcommittee of the Board of Supervisors with necessary expertise and independence.

b. The Board of Supervisors of each bank must nominate chairman and members of the Audit Committee to DAB for approval.

c. None of the members of the Audit Committee may be members of the Management Board or employees of the bank or an enterprise in the same group as the bank.

c. The Audit Committee of a bank shall:

1. Review the annual financial statements of the bank before the statements are approved by the Board of Supervisors;

2. Review such other financial reports of the bank as the Audit Committee deems necessary;

3. Review and evaluate the bank’s policies regarding internal controls, and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding their approval;

4. To comment/recommend appropriate accounting procedures; establish

effective accounting and risk management controls for the banks;

supervise compliance with such procedures and controls

5. To review audit performance and to ensure that no limitation on

audit has been imposed by the management.

6. To deliver opinions on any matters submitted to it by the Board of


7. To review comments provided by the Chief Internal Auditor on any

weaknesses in internal accounting, organization and operating

controls, and consider the recommendations made by the auditor and the

action taken by the management in response to the auditor's


8. Oversee the implementation and maintenance of the bank’s internal controls by the bank’s Board of Management;

9. Periodically review the effectiveness of the bank’s internal controls with the head of the bank’s internal audit function and Board of Management;

10. Periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the bank’s internal control systems report,its findings to the Board of Supervisors, and recommend any changes it deems necessary;

11. Recommend to the Board of Supervisors an audit firm to conduct the bank’s external audit;

12. Meet with the bank’s external auditors to discuss the annual audit of the bank’s financial statements

13. Perform other tasks, related or incidental to the above, as determined by the Board of Supervisors.

d. Audit Committee must convene at least once every three months. Audit committee quorum completes by presence of two-third of all members and, valid decisions are taken by majority of present members. Members cannot abstain from voting except in case of Conflict of Interest.

f. Audit Committee can request Board of Supervisors meeting only to consider any matter of disquiet to the committee.

g. Audit Committee can hire its legal specialists and auditors related to its field.

h. In addition, Audit Committee should:

1. Supervise the work of internal auditors and oversee their relationship with external auditors;

2. Ensure independence, objectivity and qualifications of internal and external auditors;

3. Review periodically the remuneration and performance of the external auditors and ensure a periodic change of senior audit partner;

4. Ensure appropriate functionality of internal audit function;

5. Receive and review internal audit reports and draw attention of the Board of

Management and Board of Supervisors to any material matters;

6. Engage external advice as required.

7. Review the external auditor’s letter to bank’s management (containing recommendations on internal control issues) and consider the adequacy of the Board of Management’s response.

8. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and internal procedures through reviewing reports from the Board of Management and internal and external auditors.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


Bachelor degree in related field.

Three years experience in Banking, Administration, legally, Finance and Accounting

Job Keywords:

to be competent
This job is expired