Branch manager

  Afghanistan Unspecified 402
Date Posted:Jun 30, 2010
Closing Date:Jul 3, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Account/Finance
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:2 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: false
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

About Sarey:


Job Summary:


Duties & Responsibilities:

Planning (20%)

In order to achieve FINCA’s goals, the Branch Manager will work closely with his team of CM, Credit Supervisors and Credit Officers (CS and CO’s) to provide the following services:
• Develop a plan to hit FINCA’s portfolio targets. Get the plan approved by the Management.
• Manage the portfolio of clients, and ensure that all clients have a CS/CO assigned to them at all times. If a CO/CS is absent, make sure another is assigned to all clients during the absence. Make sure a repayment authorization form to collect repayments is filled out if necessary.
• Undertake daily scheduling of CS/CO’s to ensure transportation is available and clients are served in a timely manner.
• Prepare inauguration report for Finance Department 1 week in advance.

Monitoring and Reporting (40%)

• Monitor how clients use their loans. Make sure all loans are used for business purposes.
• Monitor the application, preparation and disbursement for new loans: attend group information meetings, assist in approval of all new loans, review registration forms, credit request forms and loan agreement between FINCA and the credit group or individual, supervise loan disbursements.
• Monitor weekly collections and ensure that the CM, CS/CO’s are following FINCA procedures.
• Conduct frequent field visits to clients.
• Supervise the performance of CM, CS/CO’s at client meetings and provide immediate feedback about their performance (at informational meetings, disbursements, weekly collection meetings, and end of cycle meetings).
• Conduct weekly meetings with the team of CM, CS/CO’s, review weekly progress report and make sure all members of the credit team are reaching their goals. Discuss problems and help the Cm, CS/CO’s design solutions.
• Monitor passbooks/treasurer books, CM, CS/Credit Officer reports, and other FINCA documentation.
• Prepare and compile a weekly report for the Regional Manger on the progress of the credit team.
• Act as a liaison between management and CM, CS/CO’s; reporting issues to Management and informing the Credit Team of all policy changes and management memos.
• Assist in preparing and presenting programming issues at staff meetings.
• Monitor weekly payments of the team’s portfolio of clients to prevent these groups from failing into arrears.

Internal Control (15%)
• Check business places of all arrears clients, and spot check businesses of all clients.
• Report all late payments. Explain the cause of the arrears, explain what action is being taken and when the CM, CS/CO expects the late payments to be recovered.
• Report all breaches of methodology by clients or CM, CS/CO’s. Identify cause of the breach and recommend a response to the RM (information, training, discipline, etc).
• Complete inauguration files for the CM, CS/CO’s. Verify that all paperwork is in order; loan application and agreement contain all necessary signatures, and everything is properly and completely filled-out.
• Check and compare payment receipts of Finance Department and Credit Group Treasurers of COs, to prevent fraud or accidental incorrect payments.
• In addition, regularly meet with different groups to verify that they are no complaints about FINCA or violations of FINCA methodology.

Training 15 %)
• Ensure that the team of CM, CS/COs has the training, information, materials and skills to complete their jobs. Discuss what CM, CS/COs need and identify the most cost effective way of providing it. Work with management to organize the training or provide the information.
• Assess the need for in-service training within Credit team and provide such training as needed with the help from the Technical Support Manager
• Stimulate and motivate CM, CS/CO’s to achieve the goals of FINCA. Help the RM draft graphical charts to track FINCA’s progress.
Evaluation (10%)
• Assist in carrying out the annual and three months performance evaluation of CM, CS/CO’s and all the branch personnel and provide input for improvements.
• Assist the CM. CS/CO’s in evaluating the credit risk of solidarity groups and clients.
• Evaluate current policies and procedures and recommend ways to make operations safer, more efficient and more productive.

Job Requirement:

• Experience in team management and supervision essential.
• University Diploma essential (university degree in economics, banking or finance is an advantage).
• Experience in private business, credit, trade, or manufacturing desirable
• Initiative, integrity, self-management, and ability to work independently (while consulting with senior management)
• Experience working in the field, bazaars, or markets an advantage
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Knowledge of English is essential
• Computer skills (word processing, data entry and data base management) an advantage
• Ability to evaluate, recruit, train, motivate and support personnel

Job Location:

This job is expired