Bridge & Structures Construction Supervisor Engineer

Bachelor's Degree   Badakhshan, Afghanistan Full Time 409
Date Posted:Dec 28, 2019
Closing Date:Jan 27, 2020
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Construction Management
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:7 Years
Contract Duration: Unspecified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Fixed-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Leading Construction Company:


Leading construction company established in 2008.

Job Summary:

The position “Bridge & Structures Construction Supervisor Engineer” is an active and responsible role in the on-site construction project management team, stationed on the project site under the immediate supervision of project manager. The area is hilly and mountainous and a considerable portion of road alignment is enclosed between the river and mountainous terrain and some agricultural land. Road construction efforts include cutting, filling, Sub- base course, base course and Asphalt carriageway construction in addition to the construction of support structures including side drains, Bridges, Culverts, Washes, Causeways, Retaining Walls, Breast walls and other relevant structures of stone masonry and Reinforced Cement concrete.

The position complements project technical team for the specialization required in the construction management processes of RCC Bridges with pile and step foundations as well as the construction management of other vertical and horizontal structures of RCC and stone masonry including culverts, causeways and retaining walls, in compliance with the applicable quality requirements and industry standards. The role is responsible for the Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling of the construction processes of structures in accordance with the industry recognized technology and the applicable quality standards and regulations.

The role is fulfilled with specialization & technical understanding in RCC bridge and road support structures’ construction processes as well as the operations & engineering management processes of structures’ construction team in their daily construction operations including but not limited to the various types and sizes of cast-in-situ pile and step foundations construction, and construction of piers, abutments, approaches, span-beams, girders, deck-slabs, retaining walls, culverts, causeways and other structures. The role requires specialized understanding of Reinforced Concrete works, its consistent proportionating materials’ physical, chemical and mechanical (working) properties and the industry recognized method and know-how of their preparation, placement and treatment in the cast-in-situ bridges and structures. The position is a supervisory role who will be responsible and accountable for his team in the proper management of bridges’ and other structural components’ construction individually and the construction management of the structures portion of the project as a whole.

Skills Required:

language skills(English, Dari, Pashto)Self MotivatedAnalytical Thinker

Provinces to travel:


Skills Description:

·        Construction Management of RCC Bridges and Structures;

·        Team management, supervision, Monitoring and Controlling;

·        Sub-Contractor Management, Resource management;

·        Multilateral Support, Troubleshooting, result orientation;

·        Strategic thinking, planning, target orientation;

·        Independency, team plying, openness

·        Responsibility/accountability 

Duties & Responsibilities:

·        Trace and interpret the design, construction and quality requirements of the individual structure and structural components as identified in the contract documents, required by the applicable referenced codes and accepted in the official communications throughout the project lifecycle.

·        Plan, implement, monitor and control the responsive specifications for individual structure and structural components’ construction materials in response to the referenced requirements and processing their testing and approvals in coordination with the project consultant and client, and the procurement, supply and storage processes of relevant materials within the project team.  

·        Plan, utilize, monitor and control the responsive specifications and the required operational capacity of the required construction equipment and the heavy machinery plant in response to the referenced technical and project management requirements and processing their testing and approval with the project consultant and client, and the procurement, leasing, supplying, employing, maintaining and assembling processes of them within the team.  

·        Plan, utilize, monitor and control the day-to-day utilization of the construction material, equipment, fuel, human resources and other inputs based on the performance plan and keep the record of inputs in connection with the resulted outputs.

·        Plan, Direct, Supervise, Monitor and Control the day-to-day construction operations of the individual structures and structural components and supervise the operations toward the acceptable construction of every individual structural components and the structures as a whole by responsible utilization of the planned inputs.

·        Plan, Direct, Supervise, Monitor and Control the day-to-day Structures’ construction quality inspection, three-phase quality control and CQM laboratory testing in support of the structures construction quality management goals, and the defect prevention responsibilities.  

·        Manage the individual structure and structural components’ construction related communications, collaborations and coordination with project stakeholders and project internal team.

·        Assist Project Manager and other monitoring, evaluation and controlling teams in the internal audits, action planning, planning elaboration, result analysis, process optimization, performance appraisal, recovery planning, performance improvement and other organizational strategic and operational level improvement efforts toward the targeted objectives.

·        Any other lawful assignment assign by supervisor and/ or leadership.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Badakhshan


The following qualifications are required to be possessed for the referenced position and are not subject to be compromised, therefore, only the matches for below criteria are encouraged to apply.

·        Have a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from well-reputed and recognized national and/ or international institution with more than Seven (7) years bridge construction related experience, bachelor in Bridge Engineering with Five (5) years relevant experience or Master’s Degree in Bridge Engineering with more than Three (3) years relevant experience.

·        Excellent knowledge of construction blueprints & terminology and the practical knowledge of Bridge & Structures Specifications & drawing package reading and interpretation, including but not limited to the contract conditions, specifications, method of measurement, schedules, design specifications, minutes of meetings, contract variations, design drawings general plans, sections, profiles, details.

·        Excellent knowledge and experience of Bridge & Structures construction material properties and specifications and practical proficiency in the construction inputs production under the blueprints and specification, and their utilization under the engineering technology toward the requirements of end product.

·        Excellent knowledge and understanding of industry recognized standards of technology for Bridge and Structures’ construction.

·        Excellent knowledge and experience in RCC bridge construction management processes for independent supervision and direction of multiple bridge and structures construction teams in their daily operations in connection with structures construction.

·        Excellent knowledge and experience in managing Bridge and structures construction multiple teams in multiple locations within broader construction site with multiple activities.

·        Excellent English Language Skill in Speaking and Writing

·        Good Knowledge of Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Auto-CAD and Civil 3D,

Job Keywords:

Bridge structure, Construction, Engineer

Submission Guideline:

Qualified candidates are encouraging to send their Application & Resume in one single file as MS. Word or PDF named as their own name and surname to the below mentioned email before 27-Jan-20.

Please note, applications will be reviewed on rolling basis, therefore as soon Applications received the screening process will start and candidates will be called for interview!

Please include the name of position and Vacancy Number in the subject line as (Bridge and Structures Construction Supervisor Engineer).

No other documents are needed to be submitted unless asked to present for the Interview.

Applications receive after the closing date will not be considered.

Submission Email:

Submission Email: