Budget Policy, Reform and Coordination Director

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Date Posted:Oct 30, 2010
Closing Date:Nov 8, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Government
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension:No
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:Unspecified
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About MBAW/MoF:


The Budget Department within the Ministry of Finance (MoF) is responsible for the preparation of the national budget and for monitoring and reporting on its implementation. The national budget activities, at present, are largely donor/aid co-ordination function with considerable liaison and involvement of international partners. The budget is used as a major co-ordination mechanism of the Government through which it consults, agrees and articulates to all national and international stakeholders the expenditure programmes and priorities of the Government for the year ahead. The National Budget is also the primary instrument for the Government to allocate and manage its financial resources (both internal and external revenues) in a balanced, transparent and accountable manner within a short to medium term framework. The Budget Team is composed of Directorate General Budget, Budget Execution Sectors, Budget Policy, Coordination & Reporting Unit, Provincial Budgeting Unit and Program Budgeting Unit. In addition, the Project Management, Office Management and IT Units provide administrative support to the Budget Department including plan development trainings and office and logistics management. The Project Management, Office Management and IT Unit also coordinate and implement a public information strategy on the National Budget and develop mechanisms to measure and monitor the effectiveness of the delivery of Budget Department’s products and services to key stakeholders and clients.

Job Summary:

Budget Policy
Budget Reporting

Duties & Responsibilities:

A key role of the Director will be to help set the overall direction of the department Team within the context of the Economic and Fiscal Frameworks established by the Ministry of Finance on behalf of Government. The Director will be responsible for leading the budget formulation, implementation and reporting process and ensuring that the budget remains a key policy tool to implement Government priorities. Underpinning all responsibilities rests the capacity building imperative to ensure that institutional and professional development takes place and that the department is systematically invested with the capability to be sustainable over the longer-term.

Budget Policy:
Budget Policy, Reform and Coordination Director will be responsible for:

- Providing technical leadership to the Directorate;
- In consultation with FPU, prepare briefs to senior officials of the MoF on core budget policy issues and their fiscal implications;
- Oversight of the development and implementation of the budget preparation processes and procedures, including budget calendar, budget circulars, budget manuals and guidelines for line ministries and sub-national departments, as well as budget documents and reports.
- Coordination of Budget Department activities in different stages of budget preparation and execution process
- In consultation with Fiscal Unit (FPU), development and refinement of the medium term fiscal framework for the country, including macro-economic and fiscal projections and analysis, and continually review assumptions and analyze reports;
- Ensure accurate, timely and thorough preparation of the budget documents, including: (i) Mid-Year Review, (ii) Pre-Budget Statement (Medium-Term Budget Framework), (iii) Budget Statement and National Budget Decree and (iv) periodic performance reports;
- Timely submission to Cabinet and Parliament of the budget documents, including: (i) Mid-Year Review, (ii) Pre-Budget Statement (Medium-Term Budget Framework), (iii) Budget Statement and National Budget Decree and (iv) periodic performance reports;
- Implementation of different PFM reforms of the Budget Department, including program budgeting, provincial budgeting, pro-poor budgeting and gender responsive budgeting in line ministries.

- In cooperation with FPU, development of recommendations for the changes in the government policies in the area of public finance management (PFM) and advise on the impact of these government policies on budget and overall fiscal sustainability of the country - including but not necessarily limited to security expenditure (police and national army reform and expansion), P and G and social protection;
- In consultation with Fiscal Policy Unit (FPU), preparation of the monthly, quarterly and annual budget implementation reports according to International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB), Asian Development bank (ADB) and other multilateral and bilateral donors conditionality programs requirements;
- Coordination of activities with different units within Budget Department, ensuring the quality and accuracy of data and information that is contained in the budget documents and published on the Budget Department’s website;
- Preparation of the work plans for the department and assist subordinate personnel in preparing their individual plans;
- Representing the Budget Department or the Ministry in meetings or conferences, when needed;
- Perform other duties as assigned by Director General of Budget.

Other Responsibilities:

Other responsibilities of the Director should include:

- Ensure the budget is comprehensive, policy-based, prepared in an orderly manner, and supportive of the national development strategy (ANDS);
- Ensure the budget is realistic, based on a sound multi-year fiscal strategy, and implemented in a timely manner;
- In consultation with AMD, ensure adequate, predictable external assistance is going through the national budget;
- Ensure budget information is available to the GoA and the public;
- Ensure alignment of the National budget with ANDS priorities and/or sector strategies;
- Contribute to the establishment of a Public Finance Expenditure Framework in the Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance;
- Provide Leadership over the formulation, structure, implementation, co-ordination and reporting on the National Budget;
- Play a lead role in assisting the presentation of the National Budget to the Minister of Finance, to the Budget Committee, and preparation of Budget Documents for submission to Cabinet and Parliament;
- Co-ordination of International Technical Assistance working on both operating and development budget streams;
- Strong coordination and work relation with Fiscal Policy Unit within Ministry of Finance;
- Collaborate and provide budget information with international development partners;
- Serve as a Liaison with Treasury Department concerning the Chart of Accounts;
- Provide direct support to other colleagues to host regular (monthly) meetings of the Budget Committee, and for agreeing agenda preparation, reporting/recommending on key items and follow up on strategic decisions;
- Serve as Liaison with Treasury, Customs and Revenue regarding the preparation and implementation of the Budget;
- Oversee the development of Provincial Budgets and seek their inclusion within the National Budget;
- Contribute to economic and fiscal analysis and reports concerning Afghanistan’s future prospects;
- Maintain relations with key donors and with Government Trust funds, such as ARTF, CNTF, LoTFA; and
- Work in a spirit of co-operation and partnership with other international assistance provided to the Ministry of Finance.
- Transfer knowledge, skills and abilities to Ministry personnel in order to strengthen managerial qualifications, improve motivation, and build confidence;

Other Tasks:
• Any other tasks and responsibilities as required for the implementation and requested by the Director General Budget.

Reporting Relationship:
Reports to the Director General Budget and Deputy Finance Minister.

Job Requirement:

Education and Experience:
• Post-graduate qualification in economics, public finance, accountancy, public administration, or fiscal management;
a) Senior professional with at least 4 years experience in the field of budget preparation, execution and reporting;
b) Knowledge and experience of aid co-ordination and donor relations in a post-conflict/development setting ;
c) Experience of using budget as a tool for policy direction and co-ordination;
d) Ability to integrate operating and development budget successfully;
e) Proven ability to develop budget policy, legal instruments, and guidance to line ministries and provincial administrations in budget formulation and execution process;
f) Excellent communication and diplomacy skills;
g) Excellent analytical skills, report writing, presentation skills;
h) Demonstrated experience of institutional capacity building, skills transfer, and mentoring and training of national staff with sustainable results;
i) Strong computer and technical skills; and
j) Strong leadership skills with a focus on building and retaining professional staff.

Language Requirements:
• Fluency in English (reading and writing) and proficiency in Dari and Pashto.

Job Location:

This job is expired