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Date Posted:Jan 30, 2010
Reference:2010 - 001
Closing Date:Feb 9, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Agriculture
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:Fresh
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: Yes
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:Unspecified
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About Sarey:


Job Summary:


The Land Lease and Management One Stop Window is a project to be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and livestock of Afghanistan with the financial support of Harakat. The goal of the project is to create a mechanism that will significantly increase the amount of public land that would be made available to the business community for productive investment. Obtaining land to use for commercial purposes remains one of the most significant constraints to economic growth. Potential investors face considerable uncertainty concerning the availability of suitable land, its cost and the time required to secure the land after it is identified. Survey in recent years has consistently shown that access to land and electricity are the two most frequently cited obstacles for investors. The lack of workable mechanisms for making land readily available at market cost significantly discourages existing businesses from undertaking new investment and effectively prohibits new investors from entering the market.

2.Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to establish the Afghanistan Land Authority (ALA), as an autonomous public entity subjected to Government policies. As a statutory body responsible for leasing public land, the ALA will operate as a single reference point or one-stop window for investors seeking to obtain access to land for commercial activities. It will have a mandate to consult closely with the president, the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA), line ministries and the National Assemble as well as private sector organizations to ensure that land needed for productive investment is made readily available throughout the country. It will coordinate its activities with ministries and donors to ensure that investment in infrastructure, including irrigation facilities, water and power supplies, and roads, contribute to attracting productive investment.

The ALA will have responsibilities to i) Maintain a public land inventory database with detailed information about mapping locations, size, land categories and descriptions, prices and availability of services, ii) Offer a comprehensive land-lease solutions, by delivering a public service in a cost-effective, timely manner that promotes transparency, competition and accountability, iii) Assume management responsibility for making state-owned land available for commercial purposes (including agriculture, industry and services investments). It will supervise the compliance of the lease contracts and will collect the lease revenues and iv) Promote land improvement investments, directly or indirectly.

Phase 1 of the project will take 04 months (mid-Feb – mid-June, 2010) to design the key aspects required for project implementation, including legal aspects, organizational policies and procedures, land inventory standards, land lease procedures, IT protocols etc. At the end of the design, it will be possible for MAIL to start the project implementation, legally establishing the ALA, staff it and start the preparation of its public services.

Duties & Responsibilities:

3.Consultancy Objectives

The Cadastral Advisor will be responsible for develop the set of procedures and standards to identify, map, characterize and register the governmental lands. He will design the system to ensure that the new agency establish a comprehensive information system of the governmental land inventory.

4.Supporting National Team

A team of 14 permanent national staff from the Ministry of Agriculture will be in place to collaborate with the consultant on a full time basis. The team will integrate the future management staff of the entity to be created (1 CEO, 6 Directors, 6 Deputy Directors, 1 Executive Assistant). Each one of the national MAIL staff will be instructed to interface on a daily basis with the consultant’s personnel, supporting in the organization of key meetings with public officers, collection of national documents, participating in brainstorming sessions, reviewing draft documents produced by the consultants, etc. as a result of the daily interaction with the consultant’s experts, it is expected that enough capacity will be built in the national tam to guarantee smooth implementation of the project after the conclusion of phase 1.


The Cadastral Advisor will be fully responsible for the development of the project deliverable number 4 (Land Inventory Manual).
To conclude, he/her will be responsible for at least 10 hours of general and technical training to the national staff participating in the project, in order to ensure the fully understanding of the deliverables by the future users.


The Cadastral Advisor should be interacting on a daily basis with the national team, sharing office space inside the Ministry of Agriculture (MAIL) compound.

7.Contract Duration

The Cadastral Advisor will have 03 months (12 weeks) to present the mentioned deliverables, detailed also in Annex 1. Contract start date will be March 1st, 2010 tentatively.

8.Report and Supervision

The consultant should report and will be supervised by the Team Leader assigned by MAIL. He will receive the deliverables the consultant will produce and approve them after complete satisfaction.

Job Requirement:

9.Qualifications and Experience

The ideal candidate has a master degree in Cadastre and Geodesy and at least 7 years of working experience with state of the art cadastral rules and procedures. He/her has to be familiar with the latest technology and equipment for data collection and processing, as well as a vast knowledge of the geographical, topographical and geodesy reality in Afghanistan. He/her is expected to able to work in challenging post-war environments like Afghanistan. Personal Skills and Abilities of the candidate should include:

•Demonstrated experience in developing and maintaining effective work relationships
•“Self-starter” mentality with strong personal motivation, enthusiasm, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit.
•Exceptional interpersonal communication, relationship building and networking skills.
•Demonstrated leadership skills and a supportive management style.
•Ability to communicate with persons of various cultures and disciplines.
•Excellent written communication skills.
•Ability to work in a dynamic and responsive environment.
•Ability to work under pressure and respond to multiple tasks.

The position is opened for national and international experts.

Competitive salary will be offered based on experience and qualification

12.Facilities to be provided by the client
Accommodation and transportation will be provided

Annex 1 (Detail of Deliverables)

Number 4 Land Inventory Manual


To design a set of unique, national standards and procedures to identify governmental land plots for leasing. The manual will identify parameters to be collected, as well as standardized procedures for data collection. The selected parameters should provide investors with key information to facilitate their decision making process. Minimum information expected includes:
Exact location based on GPS and physical indicators
Size and dimensions of the land plots
Land zones
Water rights
Tax information
Access to the property
Previous use
Type of access
Property rights information

The deliverable will include the following 2 sections or parts:
1.Manual of procedures, detailing parameters to be collected when characterize governmental lands, as well as and methodology for data collection and data registration.
2.Power Point Presentation to be used during the orientation process of new staff members, summarizing the key information of the Manual.

Analyze current inventory procedures existing in the country
International benchmarks

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