Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

Master's Degree   Afghanistan, Kabul Full Time 433
Date Posted:Nov 24, 2021
Closing Date:Nov 30, 2021
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Banking
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:5 - 7 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension:No
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Bank-e-Millie Afghan:


Bank-e-Millie Afghan 

Bank-e- Millie Afghan (BMA) was the first financial institution established in Afghanistan in 1933. Similarly, it was the first financial institution established in a public private partnership set up with 72 percent share held by private sector. As a first bank in Afghanistan, BMA introduced formal banking services to the people and government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Since then, the banks competitive strength and ongoing market leadership philosophy lays in its strong capital base and proven trustworthiness.

In 1976, it was fully nationalized by the government of Afghanistan. Since its establishment, BMA is a leading banking in providing modern and secure banking services. Securing depositors' funds is the top priority of the bank. At the same time, the bank is contributing considerably to the development of manufacturing, agriculture, services, and international trade in the country. BMA is operating based on strong corporate governance principles, financial risk management and strict compliance to keep its credibility and trust. BMA has 15 city branches in Kabul and 21 provincial branches and equity investments in United States of America and England. And it is celebrating its 88th years of fame

Job Summary:

The Chief Risk Officer of the Bank will be acting as focal point in establishing a central risk management system through out the bank in order to define, detect and increase the operational deterrence in acceptance and management of recurring risks facing the bank. The chief risk officer shall be responsible for developing and designing models  for risk identification. Risk measurement and risk mitigations to be used in the bank.

The department shall have four sections namely credit, market, operational and corporate governance risk. Being the head of the department the chief risk officer is responsible for setting up the direction and action plan based on which the section managers would function and discharge their fundamental duties. Managing the departments daily activities, executing its strategic objectives and monitoring the performance of the subordinating sections are key tasks to be achieved by the chief risk officer.


Duties & Responsibilities:

Duties Explanation:

The chief Risk Officer shall be performing below mentioned activities in the capacity of the head of the department that are as follow:

  1. To draft the risk policy of the bank to be approved by board of supervisors.
  2. To prepare an action plan for the department and its four sections for a reviewing the operational, financial and lending activities of the bank with in an organized time line.
  3.  To develop risk identification and risk reporting formats for the department four sections.
  4. To identify, integrate, quantify and report the overall risks in different portlfios of the bank through a portfolio risk information format.
  5.  To measure and fix the risk appetite , the level of risk tolerance and acceptable level of the risk for the bank in accordance to capital standing of the bank and get it approved from supervisory board .
  6. To put in place operating procedure for the risk management department that covers all of the four section and monitor the functioning of the department in line with operating procedure.
  7. To make sure risk strategy of the bank is implemented. .
  8. To oversee, monitor, and control daily works of risk management department.
  9. To develop and implement models that tracks the liquidity position of the bank and identifies any upward and downward movement in the liquidity position and ensure that the bank liquidity and foreign exchange positions are consistent with the regulatory requirement .
  10. To evaluate the effectiveness of the corporate governance structure of the bank and identify those weak areas that have potential of governance risk and propose the management with appropriate solutions for mitigation.
  11. To make sure the bank has sufficient provision reserve to cover credit risks, operational risk and financial risk. Treat any shortfall in provisioning as a risk and immediately report to the management on the existence of risk.
  12. To make sure credit risk of the bank is properly assessed, measured, monitored and reported on daily basis.
  13. To make sure operational risk of the bank is properly assessed, measured, monitored and reported.
  14. To make sure exchange rate risk of the bank is properly assessed, measured, monitored and reported.
  15. To make sure asset and liability risk of the bank is properly assessed, measured, monitored and reported on daily basis.
  16. To make sure interest rate risk of the bank is properly assessed, measured, monitored and reported on daily basis.
  17. To make sure capital charge for market risk of the bank is properly calculated.
  18. To make sure strong control system exists in the bank.
  19. To make sure contingent plan of the bank developed and implemented
  20. To review the diversification range of the bank loan and investment portfolio and recommend constant preventive risk measures to the management for diversifying the twin portfolios of the bank in equivalence to the degree of present risks.
  21. To attend and administer risk management committee
  22. To perform any specific task assigned by the CEO and board of directors

Job Requirement:

Certified in APRM and PRM 

 Master Degree in Economics or MBA. 

knowledge and experience.

• At least five years’ experience in related field

• Experience at banking sector will be preferred.

• Ability to analyze things.

• Good communication and interpersonal skill.

• Supervision skill

• Leadership skill

• Able to communicate in English, Pashto, and Dari.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired