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Date Posted:Feb 11, 2010
Reference:2010 - 011
Closing Date:Feb 27, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Media
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:10 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: false
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:1 month
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Job Summary:

The purpose of this position is to lead the Strategic Communication Department of the Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility (HARAKAT - AICF), including engagement with stakeholders and constructing policies to broaden the understanding and demand for investment climate reform. This position has oversight for the strategic communication program at two levels. Firstly, broad engagement with the HARAKAT - AICF stakeholders to increase the demand for positive investment climate reform. Secondly, prior to inauguration of HARAKAT - AICF funded projects, intervention on specific projects with stakeholders to identify champions for the specific reforms and address the concerns of those negatively affected.
The Communication Director is responsible for (HARAKAT - AICF) communication and stakeholder engagement policies, strategic plan and regular publications that highlight and identify key reform areas cement to investment climate reform. The Communication Director will also be responsible for the laying out a plan for stakeholder engagement through events and project based communication and participation.
The Communication Director must supervise the Strategic Communication Department and ensure all communication activities are in compliance to (HARAKAT - AICF) mandate and enhances broader public and stakeholder involvement in private sector and investment related reforms vital for improving investment climate in Afghanistan.

Reporting to the CEO, the key focus of this role under the Strategic Communication Function is to manage an effective, strategized and well planned communication unit at HARAKAT - AICF. Key responsibilities and accountabilities are outlined as follows:
• Lead strategic communication unit and ensure appropriate strategies are build to achieve Harakat’s goals in engineering reforms and engaging with stakeholders to mitigate risks and modify the reform environment and ensure reforms are successful.
• Provide implementation methodology for the HARAKAT - AICF Strategic Communication Plan that integrates the strategic communication functions in accordance to HARAKAT - AICF mandates.
• Provide leadership to the HARAKAT - AICF's communication team.
• Lead responsibility for the necessary interventionist activities organized between stakeholders and HARAKAT - AICF.
• Organize stakeholders and HARAKAT - AICF engagement forums.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Program Level
• Ensure stakeholder’s engagement with HARAKAT - AICF to increase the demand for positive investment climate reforms.
• Publish regular publication to highlight the successes of the reform agenda and draw attention to areas that require further reforms in facilitating investment climate.
• Strive to identify reform areas and partners among HARAKAT - AICF stakeholders to engage with as part of the broader stakeholder engagement.
• Strengthen the ability and facilitate the environment for the stakeholders to recommend appropriate business reforms.
Project Level
• Facilitate development of well researched proposals that recommend reforms and ensures high likelihood of implementation. These proposals must include: specific recommendations on how to implement reform; the likely measurable impacts, providing clear targets; placed pressure on the government to implement reforms and recommendations; and time-bound deadlines for reform.
• Advocate and support the stakeholders that have positive impact in the reform areas and proposed proposals. Further engagement with champions of reform, chambers and business associations, think tanks and universities and the media under the banner of advocacy.
• Facilitate the necessary financial, logistical and institutional resources to disseminate projects results after the implementation stage. Further, monitoring and evaluating of the communication strategy implementation.
• Liaison between relevant parties for communicating the benefits of the reform process. Also, to ensure all parties are aware of the reforms, there must exist sufficient interest to maintain motivation for the reform process. Endorse Government’s efforts at implementing reform by recognition and advocacy.
• Sharing the findings of the strategic communications into the design of a project with the Proposal Development Unit.
• Understanding that all engagements with stakeholders can contribute to the effectiveness of the project.
• Having a single point of contact (focal point) to disseminate messages.
• Defining and distributing key messages, and having these messages conveyed in all interactions.
• Coordinating efforts amongst projects and with other stakeholders who can contribute to the reform agenda.
• Monitoring progress of the communications to ensure the message is consistent and is being received and digested by relevant stakeholders, while stakeholders, who may oppose reforms are worked with and solutions developed.
• Ensuring there is sufficient budget to undertake strategic communications. While, contribute to the HARAKAT - AICF's strategic communication plan and to the planning process itself.
• Provide regular reporting to the CEO and if required to the Board on performance in key result areas as well as on cyclical evaluation of overall performance against strategic objectives in the HARAKAT - AICF mandate and Strategic Communication Plan.
Professional Conduct
• Comply with personal legal liabilities and fiduciary requirements of diligence and care in carrying out the duties of the HARAKAT - AICF.
• Act honestly in all the affairs of the HARAKAT - AICF and avoid conflict of interest and, should this arise, it must be declared.
• Undertake additional duties as may be required.
Key Result Areas
• Establish the structure for strategic communication function.
• Lead communication team.
• Organize and coordinate stakeholders forums.
• Produce regular publications on reform activities, achievements and future plans.
• Establish strong working relationship with stakeholders and relevant parties in the reform agenda as part of the broader stakeholder engagement.
• Ensure strategic communication mandate of HARAKAT - AICF response to overall mission objective of this organization.

Job Requirement:

• Tertiary qualification in Communication, Journalism, or similar areas.
• Demonstrated extensive professional experience as a senior communication staff with well reputed organization.
• Demonstrated experience in the development of communication plans and strategies and act as potential communicator between agency and stakeholders.
• Demonstrated experience in the management and development of strong and result orient team.
• Proven experience in the design and production of reports, publications and coordinating forums.
• Demonstrated experience in the management and supervision of staff.
• A sound knowledge of communication, media and stakeholder affairs, clients and strategic partners.
• Demonstrated knowledge of develop proposals, contracting procedures, including monitoring and evaluation aspects of implementation for international organisations, government agencies and private sector entities.
• A working knowledge of computer applications for smooth performance of duty.
• Knowledge of design software and HTML Editing (Website management) will be an asset.

Personal Skills and Abilities:
• Professionalism in all aspects of work .
• Ability to think clearly and logically.
• Skills in problem identification and solution.
• Exceptional interpersonal skills.
• Ability to meet deadlines, ability to allocate and review priorities.
• High degree of flexibility in work and personal life.
• Demonstrated ability to communicate with persons of various cultures and disciplines.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Ability to work independently in remote locations under adverse conditions.
• Negotiation skills.
• Ability to motivate staff.
• Ability to delegate.
• Ability to lead a team, work as part of a team or work individually.
• Ability to make effective presentations to small groups and stakeholders.
• Adept at using a range of computer hardware and software.

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