Communication Officer (Female Only)

Bachelor's Degree   Kabul, Afghanistan Full Time 1479
Date Posted:Jul 21, 2020
Closing Date:Jul 31, 2020
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Media,Communication
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Asara Global Group:


Asara Global Group (Asara), is a for-profit organization, looking after opportunities to provide best quality services and run the firm through predefined approaches and standards to achieve its long term objectives by providing quality services, and successfully execution of donor-funded projects, addressing the gap in the market by providing services to public and private entities and turning innovative ideas into small and medium, demand-based enterprises. Asara has been engaged with the stated activities for the life duration of the firm, and has been successfully awarded the short and long term projects, that are either successfully completed or in the implementation phase. The firm has also been running commercial ventures, to further strengthen the firm’s capabilities and in order to better focus on the thematic areas relevant to the mandate and expertise of the firm. 

Organizational Context

Under the guidance and direct supervision of the CEO, the Communication Officer provides inputs to the design, management and implementation of the Asara communication and public relation strategies/activities, that are geared to influence the development agenda, promote public and media outreach and mobilize economical and financial support for the firm.  The Communication Officer may supervise the communications staff of the firm and maintain a regular working relationship with the relevant projects (on-going or in the pipeline). The Communication Officer works in close collaboration with the Asara management and contributes to the business development activities, and maintains close working relations with the local media, multilateral and bi-lateral donors and civil society organizations ensuring successful Asara communication strategy implementation.

It is expected that all employees under Asara agreement, particularly the Communication Officer, help the firm to achieve its long term goals of self-reliance and self-sustainability, through the seven thematic areas that the firm is planning to activate in the short period of time. The staff members shall individually and as a team contribute in the business development activities as well as aligning their individual activities and work towards successfully achieving the end goal of the firm.

Job Summary:

  • Planning and design of internal and external strategies for Asara’s communications and outreach 
  • Implementation of Asara’s publications strategy and plan
  • Supervision of the design and maintenance of the Asara website, internet and web-based knowledge management system
  • Support to business development
  • Facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing and, Contributing to the external relation including the donor reporting, donor/partner’s mapping/database and other communication and external relation activities.


Duties & Responsibilities:

The roles and responsibilities of the Communication Officer will include but will not be limited to the following, which will be subject to revisions if based on the organization needs;

  • Preparation and conducting of communications needs assessments for Asara as well as for its (existing/upcoming) projects
  • In close consultation and support of Asara management and the projects team, the Communication Manager would remain responsible for the development of Asara’s annual communications plan, with the division of the annual plan into quarterly and monthly plans, which shall be in line with Asara’s mandate and communication and public relation strategy. 
  • Drafting and frequently updating of Asara communications and outreach strategy based on the requirement of the firm, and in close consultation with the relevant project management team and the CEO
  • Responsible for the overall (internal and external) Asara and its projects communication including Bright Future Program, Incubations, and Asara’s subsidiaries e.g. and The Hub.
  • Mainly responsible for the development, and implementation of Asara communication strategy with the focus on key expertise, project portfolio, potential opportunities and Asara’s long-term goals. Content development for Asara’s projects, subsidiaries, Asara website and to manage Asara social media channels for the projects or subsidiaries
  • Create content for the Bright Future website and manage the social channels of the bright future program; and makes sure that the internal and external communications are align to Asara’s projects and subsidiaries
  • Identification of storylines/success stories for publications and drafting of substantive articles contributing to debates on key development issues.
  • Coordination and management of Asara publication activities, such as content management, norms for publishing, design, etc.
  • Supervision of the design and maintenance of the firm websites makes sure that the consistency of the materials are based on the Asara’s corporate requirements
  • Design and execute smart in-country online content and campaign strategy
  • Develop and create social media content such as sorties, posts, polls, Q&A, lives, success stories, etc.
  • Create multiple impact stories for posting and sharing on all Social Media Channels.
  • Scan, curate and share the social media and news updates
  • Manage strategic communication affairs and prepare innovative/creative promotional materials content
  • Manage communication affairs of multi-stakeholder projects.
  • Schedule interviews and meet beneficiaries for extracting stories to be posted on the website and social media
  • Active daily community management responding to comments and prompting further engagement
  • Create Instagram stories via ‘insta take-overs’
  • Deliver reports on results using Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics
  • Conducting media interviews with project beneficiaries and stakeholders
  • Promotion and dissemination of corporate advocacy materials for Asara and its relevant projects 
  • Drafting/production of regular newsletters, or any other relevant Asara publications 
  • Packaging and submission of program initiatives for donor review in collaboration with the program staff 
  • Support in the development of Asara donor reporting format, and contribute to the drafting and quality assurance of the donor reports for different projects executed by Asara
  • Provision of training, consultancy, and advice to Asara staff on communications for development
  • Any other is relevant to the job tasks assigned by the direct supervisor. 


Business Development Activities  

  • Mapping of the potential partners, donors, clients with whom Asara will create partnerships, or to approach to open new opportunities e.g. build relations with the donors and potential clients
  • Prioritizing the announcement based on the current themes that Asara has current expertise in them, and based on the expansion plan of the firm that is planned to be launched in the mid team and longer-term future 
  • Contribute in developing and timely submitting quality responses/concepts/proposals in response to the related announcements based on the above priorities and managing time for each specific bid to give enough time for quality development and avoiding the risk of missing deadlines.
  • Establishing a database of follow-up of the submitted responses, and update the reasons for rejecting the responses logbook
  • Establish a database of current and potential clients as well as potential entities to be approached 


Expected Results

  • Drafting and sharing with Asara management the Initial draft of Asara communication and public relations strategy which shall be in line with the mandate of the firm 
  • Increase reach, engagement and overall presence of Asara, the firm’s projects, ventures and CSR in digital platforms
  • A responsive Asara website is in place and frequently updated with the content and detailed information based on the requirements of Asara projects, which reflects the overall mandate of the firm to its audiences and partners
  • A standardized reporting and donor relation strategy drafted and shared, that will contribute to the expansion of Asara’s relation with its partners and donors
  • A database of Asara’s local and international partners, donors as sell as its business development information system in place and frequently updated


Job Requirement:

  • Bachelor degree in media relations, journalism, publishing or any other relevant field
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant working experience in public relations, communications or advocacy and marketing fields. 
  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages, good knowledge and experience in handling of web-based management systems is mandatory 
  • Fluency in English and local languages are of the job requirements 
  • Experience in developing stories and storytelling
  • Expert in social media management especially in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Skills Required:

  • Strong communication
  • Content development and storytelling
  • Social media management
  • Excellent Dari, Pashto, and English languages skills


Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired