Community awareness campaign and Training Officer

Bachelor's Degree   Kandahar, Afghanistan Full Time 503
Date Posted:Jan 14, 2020
Closing Date:Jan 27, 2020
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:2
Functional Area:Education/ Training
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:4 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Fixed-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About MAIL/Arghandab:


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a grant to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the amount of $ 348.78 million plus $ 40 million by IFAD, for the implementation of the Arghandab Integrated Water Resource Development Project (“the Project”). The outcome of the project is improved management and use of water resources in the Arghandab River basin. The four anticipated outputs are (i) Dahla Dam capacity increased (ii) Reliability of Irrigation water supply increased, (iii) Agricultural water productivity improved and, (iv) Capacity in water resource management strengthened. Arghandab project was a approved by Board of Directors on Sep 11, 2019 for a period of 6 years. Arghandab project has four components that will be implemented by MEW, MAIL and MRR. The components are: 1. Dahla Dam capacity increased. This will be delivered through three key activities: (a) civil works to raise the main dam, six saddle dams, spillways and other associated structures line and intake tower, which will increase the full reservoir level by 13.6 m and storage capacity from 288 MCM to 782 MCM. 2. Output 2: Reliability of irrigation water supply increased through irrigation infrastructure modernization including canal and structures upgrading, introducing monitoring and control systems on the AIS and community-managed systems. 3. Output 3: Agricultural water productivity improved. Capacity of farmers will be strengthened to improve farm management, adopt climate-smart irrigation and agricultural technologies and practices to improve production and sustainability. 4. Output 4: Capacity in water resource management and use strengthened. The project will (a) support development of policy, legislation and regulatory options for a system of water entitlements and allocation to allow improved management of water resources (b) Provide water resources management training for government staff including women; and (c) Establishment of a National Hydrological Modelling Platform for integrated water resources policy, planning, operations and management to strengthen water resources management The Ministry of Finance is the Executing Agency and the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL), the Implementing Agency for the Project. MAIL was appointed as Implementing Agency in view of its mandate to manage and guide development of the agriculture, irrigation and livestock sub-sectors of Afghanistan’s rural and urban communities. MAIL will established a Project Management Unit (PMU) within MAIL’s Central Program Management Office (CPMO) to be responsible for day to day implementation of the Project including (i) overall management and coordination of the relevant outputs; (ii) guiding and overseeing the work of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU); (iii) establishment and implementation of the project performance management system; (iv) hiring of project staff; (v) confirming sub-project selection, feasibility studies and submitting to ADB for “no-objection”; (vi) procurement of goods, works and services, following ADB procedures; (vii) establishing and managing advance account, submission of withdrawal applications to ADB, retention of supporting documents; (viii) preparation of annual forecast of contract awards and disbursements; (ix) compilation of reports from the PIUs and preparation of project progress reports; (x) submission of progress reports and annual audit report and financial statements; and (xi) preparation of a project completion report.

Job Summary:

The incumbent will be working under direct supervision of Head of Project Implementation Unit and will be reporting to him on all related issues.

Skills Required:

Capacity Development

Skills Description:

1.     At least have 4 years’ relevant experience

2.     Ability to read, write and speak in local languages.

3.     Previous mobilization experience or training.

4.     Skills, training and/or experience in management, social animation, and/or extension, social research, adult education, acting, journalism.

5.     Skills of using personal computer and internet.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1.     Contact relevant party of the respective irrigation scheme, and arrange introductory and rapport Building Meetings with farmers

2.     Preparation of list of shareholders (farmers) and collection of Social Economic data.

3.     Walk-thru survey along the existing watercourse/irrigation scheme in the presence of community elders to document scheme related specific data, and report any issue that could probably prevent the rehabilitation work at any stage of the project

4.     Assist in holding of elections for electing executive body of the IAs, collect membership fee and open a bank account for the association

5.     To convince communities to clearly outline role and contribution of the project and IA

6.     To register IAs with the ID/ MAIL formally as per the approved IA's by-laws

7.     To identify potential leaders and/or organizers, and encourage them for cleaning of the canal

8.     To motivate and encourage potential leaders to talk to their fellow community members about unity and self-reliance.

9.     To initiate actions aimed at breaking down passivity, apathy and attitudes of letting others do things for them.

10.  To raise awareness that community members themselves can move each community out of poverty, and to show them ways they can do this for themselves.

11.  To educate the community elders about project objectives and ensuring them that they are working for their benefits and well being.

12.  To assist community members to identify needs and to generate solutions, identifying priority issues and to analyze their problems. 

13.  To develop trust, tolerance and co-operation among community members.

14.  To assist the community in obtaining available outside resources, warning of the negative effects of becoming too dependent upon outside resources.

15.  To encourage and stimulate full participation by all community members; with special attention to those who are usually forgotten, marginalized and overlooked in community decision making.

16.  To perform any other task assigned by the project Manager.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kandahar


1.     Candidates should have Bachelor degree in Social Science / Agriculture or relevant field

2.     At least have 4 years’ relevant experience

This job is expired