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Date Posted:Feb 2, 2011
Closing Date:Feb 14, 2011
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Banking
Salary Range:20000 - 25000 USD undefined
Years of Experience:2 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: Yes
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

About Bank-e-Millie Afghan:


Bank-e-Millie Afghan Bank-e- Millie Afghan (BMA) was the first financial institution established in Afghanistan in 1933. Similarly, it was the first financial institution established in a public private partnership set up with 72 percent share held by private sector. As a first bank in Afghanistan, BMA introduced formal banking services to the people and government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Since then, the banks competitive strength and ongoing market leadership philosophy lays in its strong capital base and proven trustworthiness. In 1976, it was fully nationalized by the government of Afghanistan. Since its establishment, BMA is a leading banking in providing modern and secure banking services. Securing depositors' funds is the top priority of the bank. At the same time, the bank is contributing considerably to the development of manufacturing, agriculture, services, and international trade in the country. BMA is operating based on strong corporate governance principles, financial risk management and strict compliance to keep its credibility and trust. BMA has 15 city branches in Kabul and 21 provincial branches and equity investments in United States of America and England. And it is celebrating its 84th years of fame.

Job Summary:

The credit risk officer position is responsible for over seeing and managing the most critical and intricate part of the risk management activities that is to contain four complex types of risk such as balance sheet risk , portfolio risk , cash flow risks and financing risks associated with all existing loans and prospective borrowers of the bank. The credit risk manager is responsible for conducting risk assessment in both pre- sanctioning and post sanctioning stages of lending process. At primary stage before any loans is disbursed, the chief risk officer shall analyze the borrower application, security documents , financial statements and business plans to establish the credit worthiness of the borrowers and price the loans in equivalence to the risk weights and ratings of the each borrower . While at the secondary stage of post sanctioning period, the credit risk officer shall be assessing the repayment frequency,

Loan file and the changes in the asset and liability equation of the borrower’s financial statement that will have an impact over the condition of the loan.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1.To develop a credit risk manual to be implemented in the bank.
2.To fix the loan exposure limits for each types of loan product of the bank
3.To classify each segment of the bank loan portilfio using the risk/return formula
4.Ensure that the loans portfolio of the bank is maintained within a return to risk limit of 70% and adopt corrective measure in case the portfolio is risk return limit is in imbalanced.
5.To identify risk based practices that constitutes qualitative and quantitative risks for the bank and work with credit department to prevent risk based practices carried out in lending.
6.To control the concentration depth of the bank loans, making sure that the bank maintain a sector wise concentration of 25% in the loan portfolio. Any figure exceeding this limits shall be treated as potential risks that shall be reported to the management
7.To Provide key risk analysis of the loan portfolio covering all delinquent. Doubtful. Impaired and none performing loans and the external and internal factors leading to deterioration of loans in the portfolio.
8.To develop and apply credit rating model for each of the loan applicants and integrate the credit rated applications into a joint data base.
9.To assess the efficiency and arrangements of the loan filing, ensuring that all loan files are orderly arranged and each loan file is classified by a docket number, most importantly the loan file present sufficient information on 5c character of a loan.
10.To analyze and monitor the adequacy of the loan loss reserve of the bank on weekly basis and ensure the provision for the loss loan are sufficiently capitalized to neutralize any risk posed to the capital structure of the bank.
11.To examine all loan proposal prior to approval in order to identify the potential risks and observe the sustainability of forecasted cash flow of the borrower to enhance the security of repayments.
12.To supervise the classification of the loan , ensuring the classification are rightly carried out and create a list of all those loans that will end up in default . Communicate with chief loan officers to create on time provisions to keep the credit risk at manageable level.
13.To prepare a matrix on the overall qualitative and quantitative credit risks the banks is either facing or taking a specified duration.
14.Supervise the adequacy, security and effectiveness of the loan underwriting method as well as the internal limits for the sanctioning of loans are fixed in consistency with loan policy of the bank.

Job Requirement:

•University degree in the areas of Banking, BBA, Economics, Commerce, Accounting and other related fields
•At least 2-3 years experience. Experience in banking and particularly in credit administration is highly preferred.
•Excellent English writing and understanding skills
•Proficient with the usage of MS office specifically should be comfortable with Microsoft Excel.
•Good analytical and critical thinking
•Ability to work in a team and creates good working relations with the bank staff.

Job Location:

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