Director (Finance, Systems and Logistics)

  Afghanistan Unspecified 266
Date Posted:Aug 2, 2010
Reference:VA- 2010- 057
Closing Date:Aug 14, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Account/Finance
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:Fresh
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension:No
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

About Afghanaid:


Afghanaid is a British-registered international NGO, which has worked in Afghanistan for over 30 years. We assist community-driven processes that address the rights and fundamental needs of people in some of the most remote areas of Afghanistan, providing basic services, supporting development of rural livelihoods and responding to humanitarian emergencies. We are headquartered in Kabul, and operate 20 provincial and district offices across Badakhshan (north-eastern region), Samangan (northern region) and Ghor (western region), as well as a Marketing and Fundraising office in London. We employ around 160 personnel, 97% of whom are Afghans.

Job Summary:

This is a technical leadership role and is required to provide strategic direction and operational guidance in the field of Finance, Logistics and IT systems. The post holder will be required to ensure that
i) All financial management, monitoring and controls, and reporting functions are carried out in compliance with the Afghanaid policies procedures and/or donor/legal requirements, including of Charity Commission and Companies House, the two UK bodies under which Afghanaid is registered as an NGO.
ii) Procurements are carried out in accordance with the Afghanaid and donors policies, guidelines and procedures.
iii) Proper IT functions are maintained and timely services meeting high standards are provided in head office and Afghanaid working areas outside Kabul.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Core Responsibilities and Duties
In specific, following core responsibilities and duties are essential for this post:

• Ensure all finance procedures are consistent with organisational and donors standards.
• Supervises the arrangement and maintenance of adequate banking services, including funds transfers, according to the organization’s need and requirements.
• Arrange that the financial records and supporting documents are properly stored and maintained according to the Afghanaid’s statutory and legal as well as of donor requirements.
• Respond appropriately and rapidly to senior Managers’ requests for specific financial information or advice, which they require to effectively carry out their duties.
• Proactively escalate/flag issues in timely manner to Managing Director and the Directorate’s attention so that joint measures are agreed to reduce risks of the organisation.
• Maintain full compliance by Afghanaid with external auditors who have a mandate to audit either specific donor accounts or our statutory accounts, as part of Afghanaid’s legal obligation under the Charities and Companies Acts.
• Ensure that Afghanaid’s published annual financial information is accurate and clearly presented.
• Closely monitor all financial activities, and keeps the Managing Director advised of all situations which have the potential for a negative impact on internal controls or financial performance.
• Initiate actions necessary to correct internal control weaknesses identified in the country internal and external control audits.
• Facilitate and co-ordinate external, internal, donor or government audits.
• Oversees the protection of the organisational assets (cash, inventory) through effective enforcement of internal control policies and procedures.
• Maintain current knowledge of local government requirements related to financial matters and ensures compliance with tax regulations and other legal requirements.
• Prepare national statutory accounts where required and arrangements for annual internal audit.
• Manage cash flow forecast and responsibility for tracking incoming funds (both restricted and unrestricted funds).

• Supervise all bank relations and bank account activities including negotiation of fees, interest and currency exchange rates.
• Oversee the timely preparation, review and approval of all monthly bank account and cash reconciliation's.
• Design, implement, and monitor systems, procedures and reporting necessary to maintain on a current basis, accurate forecasts of cash requirements for meeting future spending, including commitments entered into and which obligate Afghanaid to future spending.
• Coordinate with programme departments on monthly Cash Requests from provincial offices before cash transfer, and ensures that appropriate balances are maintained to facilitate grant implementation.
• Ensure the development and implementation of a plan to minimize the organisational foreign exchange exposure to currency gains and losses.

• Oversee the preparation and management of Afghanaid budgets, using a bottom-up and inclusive / participatory approach and process which may require production of guidelines, templates/format, relevant staff training and facilitation of the budgeting process.
• Consolidate annual budget for the organisation, based on separate budgets prepared by the incumbent, in close coordination with all other departments, for Head Office, UK Office and Provincial as well as District offices.
• Prepare additional financial forecasts or reports as may be required from time to time for Directorate and the Trustees.
• Prepare the annual and monthly cash budgets based on approved funding/budget.
• Lead in the financial proposal writing process by ensuring that the narrative proposals are backed up by accurate and high quality budgets.
• Preparation of cash flow forecast and responsibility for tracking incoming funds (both restricted and unrestricted funds).
• Supervise the preparation of the annual budget and work plan for the Department; monitors the effective implementation of the budget and work plan.
• Maintain and periodically revise Afghanaid’s systems of budgetary control.

• Ensure all procurements are carried out in accordance with the Afghanaid procurement procedures and donor guidelines.
• Supervise logistic staff to develop or improve procurement procedures and systems to ensure compliance with the donor regulations.
• Manage full compliance by Afghanaid in relation to tax deduction from suppliers’ payment in accordance with the income tax law of Afghanistan.
• Oversee the protection of the organisational assets (cash, inventory) through the enforcement of internal control policies and procedures.
• Ensure proper systems are installed and implemented for asset management (rent and lease agreements, asset inventory, insurance, etc.).
• Together with the relevant teams, ensure rationalisation of the asset usage by their controlled allocation to various offices and projects.
• Support logistics staff to maintain an active database of suppliers of services, goods and materials routinely required by Afghanaid.
• Provide support to logistics staff to maintain a pre-selected, and preferred suppliers active contracts / files.
• Supervise logistics staff to maintain active database of technical specifications and standards for supplies routinely required by the programme teams.

Information Technology
• Ensure staff full compliance with Afghanaid’s Internet and IT usage, procurement and disposal policy and guidelines.
• In consultation with the Directorate, lead IT staff to review IT policy for the smooth functioning of the IT functions.
• With the help of IT staff, ensure that proper IT functions are maintained in the HO and field offices of Afghanaid.
• Ensure a verified and easily trackable record of IT equipment is maintained by IT department for all equipments.
• Ensure that data back up is undertaken regularly.
• Supervise IT staff to provide / arrange training for other staff in the use of e-mail system, and upgrading their skills as and when a system is upgraded or a new system is installed.
• Support IT staff in maintaining regular contact with British Telecom, to get their timely assistance for troubleshooting with e-mail system mal-functioning.

Peoples Management
• As line manager, lead on staff recruitment, induction, coaching and support, and performance management of financial, IT and logistics staff in Head Office and in the field offices, in accordance with Afghanaid’s policies and requirements.
• Participate in organizing and facilitating staff learning and development (exposure visits, training, secondment, shadowing, etc.) either as part of the annual plan developed by the Human Resource Department or/and on ad-hoc basis as required, to assist staff members to effectively fulfil their responsibilities with regards to financial, logistics and IT functions and their managements.
• Support all departmental staff in keeping their updated job descriptions and understanding their role
• Use different management methods to reward and appreciate staff and to create motivation, interest and loyalty among the departmental staff in head office, UK office and field offices (provincial and district)
• Conduct probationary period/annual performance objectives and annual performance review of all staff directly managed, and ensure same for others as overview manager
• Support staff in development of their personal development objectives to effectively deliver on their role and responsibility, ensuring adequate resources are available for their realistic implementation
• Provide coaching and mentoring to senior departmental staff
• Develop succession planning and its timely and effective implementation
• Conduct monthly 1:1 line management meetings will all direct and functional reports, and monthly department meetings; share meeting minutes with Managing Director

• Preparation of monthly budget variance reports (actual-to-budgets expenditure) including analysis and explanation for any variances from YTD approved budget, for each project / grant (restricted / unrestricted) and location (e.g. for each province under same grant), and a consolidated sheet for overview, sharing them with relevant teams on monthly basis and get their explanation and planned actions to overcome under/over spends.
• Lead on production of financial reports of donors within the required time limits, complying with donors’ contractual obligations, and coherently linking with narrative reporting including the phased spending plan of the work plans shared/approved by the donors.
• Ensure that timely internal departmental reports are prepared as required to assist the trustees’ and the Directorate in meeting their responsibilities.
• Supervise strict compliance with legal and statutory financial reporting requirements.
• Identify requirements for and develop reporting formats to aid in the management of organisational operations and grant expenditures.
• Direct the preparation of all donor financial reports in respect to accounting, legal and contractual requirements.
• Donor relationship building by prompt response to their reporting needs and other queries.
• Report to the Managing Director and the Directorate on quarterly basis on risks register, mitigation measures adopted and their status.

Policies and Procedures
• Lead annual review, updating and development of financial, logistics and IT systems, policies, procedures and guidelines, in view of the changes in the market/context/laws, in consultation with the Directorate and Managing Director, and working with other financial staff, where required, aimed at strengthening Afghanaid’s financial, logistics and IT management in Head Office, UK Office and in the field offices.
• In compliance with overall organisational policy, establish procedures regarding loss and fraud management, cash holding limits, cash movements, etc.

Risks Management
• Maintain current knowledge, understanding and interpretation of government requirements, related to departmental matters and ensures compliance with tax regulations and other legal obligations.
• Develop and present proposals for Directorate consideration/approval on possible implications for Afghanaid of new/amendment in government laws to mitigate/reduce potential risks.
• Preparation of national statutory accounts where required and arrangements for annual internal audit.
• Install effective segregation of duties to avoid conflict of interest and potential fraud and misappropriation of cash and other resources/assets.
• Lead on quarterly updating of organisation-wide management risks register, working closely with the Directorate members.
• Maintain a regular update of the organisational reserves status and its implementation, propose doable actions to Managing Director and the Trustees.

External Representation and Networking
• Develop relationships and a support network with head of finance, logistics and IT functions of other leading INGOs working in Afghanistan.
• Build contacts and maintain good working relationships with relevant decision-makers in Ministry of Finance (FoM) and other relevant government ministries.
• Liaison with bankers and tax assessors as required.
• Maintain active database of consultants and audit firms that can be engaged for external financial reviews / audits of donor projects, as and when required.

As a senior director of Afghanaid, the Director, Programme Support (Finance, Systems and Logistics) is a member of the Afghanaid Directorate, the advisory body to the Managing Director that reviews and participates in all major management and organisational strategic decision-making. Members of the Directorate are expected to assume the corporate interests of Afghanaid and in this respect the Director, Programme Support (Finance, Systems and Logistics) will be required to attend other internal strategic meetings and lead of issues of strategic import to the organisation. In particular:
• Play proactive, engaging and effective leadership role as a member of the Directorate.
• Follow up timely and actively on the decisions and actions agreed at Directorate level.
• Contribute to the overall targets and strategies of the organisation.
• Actively engage and influence organisational policies, strategic decisions related with different aspects of the organisation and its future direction, and identity.
• Support in protecting the brand and identity and reputation of the organisation.
• Share corporate level organisational responsibilities with other members of the Directorate.
• Play active, constructive and leadership role within the department, and in organisation of quarterly retreats.

Others: To perform any other related duties as required by the line manager.

Job Requirement:

You will have a professional degree in finance, preferably ACA/ACMA from an internationally reputable university. You will bring at least 5 years of professional senior level experience in areas of financial and logistics management of NGOs or development/humanitarian sector, including of budgeting, donor reporting, auditing and of controls. You will have proven knowledge and expertise of computerized systems, accounting packages and spreadsheets. You will have excellent English language skills (verbal and written), and a proven ability to train and mentor staff and peers. For this position excellent interpersonal skills, with proven teamwork leadership and participation is of utmost importance. Previous work experience in a similar role in Afghanistan and knowledge of local laws and statutory requirements is a desirable asset.

The post requires ability to deal with challenging work situations and willingness to live and work in Kabul, in a shared accommodation with some traveling to Afghanaid work areas outside Kabul. You must have highly developed skills in effective communication (in English and preferably in Dari); excellent skills in Microsoft office; a solid understanding of both GAAP and international accounting standards and ability to independently represent Afghanaid at various senior level platforms and provide them leadership; lead the development of budget for funding applications, with support provided from the programme operations team; mentoring and coaching national staff; and training senior management on financial issues. You will be required to work with significant level of autonomy, take initiative, be able to meet tight deadlines and deliver high quality results against agreed priorities within the given timeframe. You must have respect for local culture and religion, be self motivated, be aware of your personal strengths and weaknesses and their impact on your work, and be able to manage stress.

Job Location:

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