Director, Monitoring and Evaluation

  Office of Administrative Affairs
  Afghanistan Unspecified 286
Date Posted:Jan 19, 2011
Closing Date:Feb 4, 2011
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:M & E
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: false
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:

About Office of Administrative Affairs :


Job Summary:

The OAA has many external and internal “stakeholders” that are interested in the successful implementation of the OAA strategic objectives and in the operations of the OAA in general. These stakeholders need to be communicated with regularly, consistently, and clearly on the performance of the OAA. Additionally, ongoing operational information on the implementation of Cabinet decisions, Decrees and Orders needs to be collected, processed, and disseminated regularly within the government of IRoA.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Director will develop a comprehensive strategy and a Monitoring framework for the cabinet decision, Decrees and Orders as well as a comprehensive reporting mechanism that considers the information requirements of internal and external stakeholders, and will manage its implementation.

Overall Purpose:

To enhance OAA’s capacity and effectively assist the organization in implementing its Policies and Strategic Objectives and help improve its capacity at the strategic level to deliver services efficiently and effectively.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Within six weeks of joining he/she shall develop an action plan for revamping the system in accordance with rules and regulations for better quality services delivery and also a work plan in agreement with his/her supervisor.
2. Develop and implement a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation strategy that is supportive of the strategic objectives of the OAA;
3. Develop and implement Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the cabinet decision, Decrees and Orders as well as certain developmental projects;
4. Develop a comprehensive reporting mechanism that considers the information requirements of internal and external stakeholders, and manage its implementation;
5. Work with relevant departments and ministries to develop appropriate M and E systems, policies and methods and Develop implementation framework for the implementation of public relations and outreach strategy;
6. Draft work plan to ensure internal consistency with OAA strategies and success indicators and ensure that M and E staff collect data, conduct practical monitoring, analyze, compile and periodically produce reports as per set timelines, guidelines and department needs for measuring progress of the implementation of Presidential decrees and Cabinet decisions according to the priorities of H.E. the President and Council Ministers;
7. Thoroughly review all reports produced by M and E department for technical content in a timely manner consistent with report deadlines and ensure the implementation of the Government’s annual Accountability Report to the Nation;
8. Ensure that annual ministry work plans are received in a timely manner from ministries and independent directorates and submitted to the Director General for submission to President and Council of Ministers;
9. Identify staff training needs and facilitate training on M and E topics including, but not limited to management, data collection and report writing;
10. Ensure that collaborative relations are maintained with Ministries and other Governmental Offices on requirements of information gathering and reporting to OAA;
11. Ensure that relations are maintained with other Central Offices of Government such as Ministry of Finance, Secretariat of National Development Strategy and Independent Commission of Administrative Reforms and Social Services to coordinate the key indicators of accomplishments.
12. Ensure that he/she transfers knowledge and skills to other individuals and working teams in an effective regular manner in order to improve technical ability, motivation and confidence.

Results expected:

1. Monitoring and Evaluation Framework developed and implemented;
2. Comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation strategy Developed and implemented;
3. Comprehensive reporting mechanism that considers the information requirements of internal and external stakeholders, developed implemented;
4. Appropriate M and E systems, policies and methods developed with relevant departments and ministries;
5. Consistent reports about the cabinet decision, Decrees and Orders as well as certain developmental projects drafted and disseminated;
6. Internal communications protocol developed and implemented and regular reports produced that keeps the management of the OAA, the cabinet and H.E. the president of Afghanistan informed about internal plans, policies, and operational developments;
7. Work plan to ensure internal consistency between OAA public relations and outreach strategy with work plan components, and success indicators developed and implemented;

Reporting obligations:

The Monitoring and Evaluation Director will report to Deputy Director General of the Office of Administrative Affairs and Council of Ministers' Secretariat (Monitoring and Coordination Affairs).

Job Requirement:

– Minimum Requirements:

1. A Master degree in Business or Public Administration plus academic qualifications in Monitoring and Evaluation with 3 years of experience/ or a Bachelor degree in the mentioned subjects with 5 years relevant experience.
2. Excellent Written and spoken Dari or Pashto and English languages.
3. Computer skills, MS office packages, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

- Desirable Requirements:
1. Good team-worker, able to work in very challenging environment;
2. Work experience in the Afghan government preferred;
3. Proven management and training skills;
4. Strong writing skills, especially in report writing and development of public relations materials;
5. Excellent analytical, interpersonal and communication skills;

Notice of revision:

These terms of reference may be revised subject to operational needs.

Job Location:

This job is expired