District Stabilization Officer

  Afghanistan Unspecified 418
Date Posted:May 11, 2010
Closing Date:May 14, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Private Sector Dev
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: false
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

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Job Summary:

Through the Local Governance and Community Development Project for Eastern and Southern Afghanistan (LGCD SE), USAID intends to assist the Government of the Islamic Republic of
Afghanistan (GIRoA) to extend its reach into unstable areas and engage at-risk populations; create an environment which encourages local communities to take an active role in their own development; and address the underlying causes of violence and support for the insurgency. The ultimate goal is to create a stable environment for long term political, economic, and social development. This goal will be achieved by increasing citizen support for GIRoA in insecure areas and separating the population from the insurgency bringing about greater stability.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Greater community participation in the selection and implementation of small-scale development activities.
• Improved provincial and district governance capacities to deliver services that address citizens’ needs.
• Immediate employment generation through cash for work
• Significant improvements in rural infrastructure (small roads, pedestrian bridges, irrigation systems, and small-scale power sources).
• Expanded economic opportunities through training opportunities.
• Increase access to public services by linking communities to GIRoA officials.
• Implementation is achieved in collaboration with USAID Field Program Officers (FPOs), Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs), District Stabilization Teams (DSTs) and other US/NATO/ISAF military contingents, as required.

Strategic Planning:
In consultation with the PSD and PSMs the DSO will work with government and community to ensure that accurate information is provided to USAID and PRT actors so that strategic planning represents district level needs and realities:
• The DSO will support the PSD and PSM by providing on the ground information, advice, recommendations and feedback from proposed communities and government actors at the district level so as to ensure the ‘Afghan Voice’ is recognized in strategic planning;
• The DSO will take the lead in assessing community needs, request and priorities so as to inform the creation of sub project portfolios or community small grant clusters.

Program Design, Implementation and Management:
• Based upon the established provincial strategies the DSO will take the lead in the identification of new interventions for upcoming portfolios within their respective districts/s and or components. DSO will work with PSDs and PSMs to provide technical information relevant to the development of concepts, proposals, budgets and sub project implementation.
• Conduct site visits and needs assessments at the community level to develop sub projects in line with LGCD SE and community objectives;
• Collect technical information pertaining to beneficiary numbers and impact, proposed locations for infrastructure interventions and community and government dynamics and support for development, etc;
• Collect documentation to support development interventions at the district level including community letters of support, Shura agreements, branding consent forms, security assurances, government concurrence letters, etc.
• Work directly with community and government actors during all phases of roll out and implementation including introducing IPs to community and government leaders, dealing with interim conflicts or community based problems, assessing progress and ensuring that work is progressing in line with LGCD SE obligating documents;
• Conduct regular and thorough site visits intended to verify accuracy of reports and documentation as provided by IPs throughout the implementation process;
• Generate site visit reports and photographs on weekly or bi-weekly basis (and as needed) to document implementation progress and quality control;
• Provide detailed technical comments on all projects on a bi-weekly basis to be used for larger data integrity and reporting efforts.

DSO will serve as the field level point of contact for IPs, community groups and local government partners:
• Coordinate with and update PSM and PSD about project implementation and troubleshoot program implementation issues.
• Community directly with IP field staff and community groups about technical aspects of sub projects and ensure that all required messages are passed back to regional field staff such as the PSD and PSM.
• DSOs do NOT represent contractual or financial aspects of LGCD SE programming but are seen as front line communicators of community, government or IP needs.

M and E, Branding and Strategic Communications:
• Branding: The DSO will take the lead on informing communities about USAID and LGCD SE branding requirements and will make sure that all relevant agreements are collected as well as interim and final branding is accomplished.
• M and E: The DSO will verify accuracy of field driven data such as beneficiary numbers, government involvement in sub project development and implementation and community contribution as they relate to LGCD SE reporting requirements. The DSO will also be required to collect supporting documentation from both community and government actors in support of the data requirements above.
• The DSO will highlight potential success stories for the PSD and PSM and will be required to provide detailed, technical information and photographs to be used in all forms of TAMIS updates, reporting and strategic communications products

Job Requirement:

• 1-BA in relevant field preferred.
• 2-4 years professional experience for Officer level.
• Prior experience working in rural, unstable locations highly valued.
• Prior experience working with, or on, civilian-military field teams highly valued.
• Experience with USAID regulations and grants, contracts and procurements processes highly valued.
• Oral and written fluency in English
• Willingness to work with national and international military forces.

Job Location:

This job is expired