Early Warning Senior Technical Adviser

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Date Posted:Aug 5, 2019
Closing Date:Aug 18, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:General
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:7 Years
Contract Duration: Unspecified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English



The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) is one of the sectoral ministries of the Afghan government. Following almost three decades of turmoil, war, droughts and a dramatic increase in opium production MAIL’s mandate is to restore Afghanistan’s licit agricultural economy by assisting women and men farmers to increase production and productivity; to manage and protect Afghanistan’s natural resource base for sustainable growth; to improve rural agricultural infrastructure and irrigation systems; and to expand agricultural markets and develop human resource capacity. The goal is to reduce poverty throughout Afghanistan and assure food security for all. Thus, the new direction for agriculture growth is anchored in increased productivity focusing on agricultural products that have a comparative advantage through various value chain approaches.

MAIL, under its mandate, works on economic development, inclusive growth and providing employment opportunities. MAIL structures its activities, according to NADF, in four pillars: Natural Resource Management, Production and Productivity, Economic Regeneration and Change Management. All the projects are aligned into these four pillars.

Pillar one, Natural Resource Management, is the pillar that deals with natural resources of the country such as water, forests, rangelands, protected areas and etc. MAIL is committed to protect and utilize its all-natural resources. There have been many projects implemented for this purpose. Climate Change and its impact are also part of the Natural Resource Management Pillar. MAIL is strongly committed to keep the environment clean and work on the projects that helps mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

The Adapting Afghan Communities to Climate-induced Disaster Risks project aims at promoting community-based and gender-sensitive adaptation to the impacts of climate change in the two provinces through implementation of activities under four complementary components: Firstly, the project will build capacities for decision-making on and implementation of gender-sensitive climate-induced disaster risk reduction measures. Secondly, community-based early warning systems will be established to improve monitoring and response to climate-induced disasters. The third component will introduce climate-resilient livelihood options within the target communities with focus on women, youth, and other marginalized groups; and construct climate-resilient habitats and shelters. Finally, the project will develop capacities of national and sub-national institutions to integrate climate change into development planning. The project is a joint intervention between MAIL and UNDP, and will be implemented by MAIL as part of the ministry’s Central Programme Office for Natural Resources Management (CPO-NRM). 

Job Summary:

Early Warnings Senior Technical Advisor will contribute to second objective of the CDRRP. The EWS will cover four stages: i) Risk knowledge of natural factors and vulnerability, ii) Technical monitoring of risks and preparation of warnings iii) Dissemination and communication of warnings to communities, and iv) Warning response capability of communities.

Objective of the assignment

Objective of this consultancy is to assist the CDRRP project manager, CDRRP team and other relevant stakeholders in establishing an effective community based early warning system for droughts, floods and other climate-induced disasters in Jawjzan and Nangarhar provinces. The consultant will make use of information already gathered in the baseline survey and need assessment and conduct further surveys and interviews to identify reliable sources of warning messages and communication channels for delivering those messages. The consultant is also responsible for implementing and monitoring the community based early warning system on the ground and building capacity of national staff of participating agencies to effectively implement, operate and maintain, and monitor community based early warning system.

Skills Required:

Interpersonal SkillsTechnicalCommunicationReporting

Provinces to travel:


Skills Description:

Duties & Responsibilities:

·        Development of early warning information sources report: identifying reliable sources of early warning information for the following four target weather-related disasters: drought, flood, heat wave, and pest infestation, through literature review (including the baseline survey and need assessment), participating in EWS working groups, meetings with stakeholders and partnership with other actors in EWS, and documenting the sources in a report (early warning information sources report).

·        Development of communication channel report: identifying communication channels for early warning information for all four target disasters to be passed down to communities, possibly making use of extension officers and lead farmers or other community focal points. Documenting the communication channels in a report (communication channel report). Note that these channels need to be practical and the roles and responsibilities specified in them need to be approved by relevant government agencies and communities.

·        The consultant, in consultation with partners, will prepare a plan with a budget for implementation of the early warning system. More than one plan may be required as the system develops its features and size;

·        Development of implementation report: implementing the early warning systems in four pilot communities, from warning message generation to dissemination, for all four target disasters, setting up a monitoring system to collect data about the systems’ performance and documenting the performance during the first three months of the implementation and lessons learnt in a report (implementation report).

·        Finalizing the implementation manual based on the previous three reports and lessons learnt.

·        Establishing the EWS in the remaining 26 communities by using the implementation manual and working with provincial teams and preparing the final implementation report.

Functional Competencies:

·        Knowledgeable of climate change vulnerability challenges and resilience building opportunities in Afghanistan;

·        Knowledge of, and experience in, community-based early warning systems;

·        Demonstrable publications in the area of disaster risk reduction, climate science, early warning systems, and/or climate change adaptation;

·        Demonstrated familiarity of current methods for disseminating weather and climate warnings;

·        Excellent organizational skill, punctual, self-motivated, proactive, reliable and demonstrated ability to work in harmony with staff members of different national backgrounds;

·        Fluency in English with concise, diplomatic, and accessible written and oral communication skills.

·        Displays cultural, gender, religion, race and age sensitivity and adaptability.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul


The candidate must have bachelor in environmental/natural Sciences, disaster risk management, climatology, meteorology or water resources management, or social sciences degree with 7 years of relevant experience or master degree in the mentioned fields with 5 years of experience.

Some experience in community based early warning systems for flood forecasting or drought and heat waves.

Experience in conducting assessments and evaluations of projects, particularly those in the areas of community-based disaster management, climate change and disaster risk management

Experience in working with communities, government, local authorities, NGOs and development partners;

Job Keywords:

Early Warning Senior Technical Adviser
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