Afghanistan Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Corporation (AUWSSC)
Bachelor's Degree   Multi City Full Time 771
Date Posted:Dec 3, 2019
Closing Date:Dec 12, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:2
Functional Area:Engineering
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Open Ended
Extension Possibility:No
Contract Type:Contractor
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Afghanistan Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Corporation (AUWSSC):


مقدمه : شرکت آبرسانی و کانالیزاسیون شهری افغانستان به اساس فرمان شماره (130) مورخ 5/11/1384 مقام عالی ریاست جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان و مصوبه شماره (36) مورخ 18/10/1384 شورای محترم وزیران جهت تغیر شخصیت حقوقی تصدی آبرسانی به شرکت آبرسانی و کانالیزاسیون شهری افغانستان هدایت گردیده است ، که بعدا جهت تحقق مواد فرمان شماره فوق (گروپ کاری) در مورد تغیر شخصیت حقوقی تصدی به شرکت موظف گردید که کار آن الی تاریخ 24/11/1386 ادامه یافت و بعداً غرض تصفیه تصدی هیئت تصفیه از جانب وزارت محترم مالیه تعین که در مورد تثبیت تسلیمی و انتقال تمام اموال منقول و غیر منقول تصدی به شرکت اقدام نمایند که کار آن از تاریخ 3/7/1387 الی تاریخ 21/میزان/1389 ادامه یافت. اهداف شرکت : - صحت و رفاه همگانی در شهرها - تحفظ محیط زیست - تهیه آب آشامیدنی صحی - جمع آوری و تصفیه آب های بدرفت - رشد خدمات موثر و مداوم آبرسانی - توسعه منابع مورد ضرورت بشری - فعالیت شرکت باساسات تجارتی و انتفاعی و مدیریت موثر و مثمر میباشد. وظایف اساسی شرکت : · سازماندهی و مدیریت امور تأمین آب و تأسیسات کانالیزاسیون(فاضلاب). · جمع آوری بل( تعرفه) استفاده آب از مصرف کنندگان و حفظ و کنترول آن. · بررسی و مطالعه طرح تأمین آب و تأسیسات کانالیزاسیون(فاضلاب) به کمک مشاوران داخلی و خارجی منطبق بر قوانین دولت جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان. · تأمین آب و تأسیسات کانالیزاسون(فاضلاب) همراه با تکمیل آن در مطابقت با قوانین محیط زیست. · تولید لوله های کانکریتی سیخ دار برای ایجاد شبکه های کانالیزاسیون (فاضلاب). · راه اندازی نمایشگاه مجهز برای معاینه کیفیت آب آشامیدنی و کنترول آب بعد از تصفیه آن با توجه به معیارات بین المللی. · بدست آوردن عضویت در انجمن های منطقه ای و بین المللی عرضه خدمات آب و کانالیزاسیون( فاضلاب) مطابق قوانین و مقررات. · توسعه منابع بشری بنابر ضرورت. · آموزش کدر فنی برای عرضه خدمات بهتر آبرسانی و کانالیزاسیون(فاضلاب). · جذب کمک های داخلی و خارجی جهت آموزش کدر، تأمین آب و تأسیسات کانالیزاسیون(فاضلاب) و تأمین مواد مورد نیاز شرکت. · امضای قرار داد همکاری با سازمان های ملی و بین المللی برای ارائه خدمات بهتر.

Job Summary:


The Environmental Safeguards Specialist shall be responsible for: a) being be able to fulfill the duties including help organizations understand and follow environmental regulations that protect the environment and to mainstream the basics as outlined in the project Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF). The incumbent deals with improving and enhancing the applicability of Environmental and social Management Plans (ESMPs). He/she will identify the potential Environmental safeguards related issues within the project activities prior and during implementation stage. He/she will provide technical assistance on compliances and mitigation strategies for the potential negative environmental impact and identify training needs at different levels of the organization and of clients (on continuous basis) training of project staff. He/She will collaborate with relevant government agencies and he/she also work with external consultant during various assessment studies and preparation of management plans.

Skills Required:


Provinces to travel:


Skills Description:

Duties & Responsibilities:

A.    DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (include, but are not limited to):

·        Ensure mainstreaming of environmental management and its due diligence as outlined under World Bank ESF (Environmental and Social Framework) for all the sub-projects under AWSIS project.

·        Ensure that, for all activities financed by AWSIS, all efforts are made to avoid and minimize environmental and social negative impacts; and where they cannot be avoided, that these impacts are identified, and the necessary mitigation measures are developed and implemented following the ESF Standards.

·        Review and implement the project ESMF (Environmental Management Framework) applicable.

·        He/She will assist and regularly liaison with Consultant/Consultant Firm who will be responsible for Environmental studies and other management plans.

·        Appraise the Environmental risks and impacts associated with projects implemented through AWSIS investments against the requirement defined in Framework.

·        Collect/Assist in primary data collection and assist/prepare Environmental Management Plans for sub-projects and report its compliances.

·        The incumbent will be responsible to monitor and supervise the implementation of the Environmental management plans prepared for subproject and will report the line management. 

·        The incumbent will help coordinate and collaborate with external consultants and other relevant stakeholders.

·        The position will be required to prepare training and capacity plans and materials on environmental management issues and provide regular trainings, including EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) training to relevant project engineers, concerned community representative, and/or any other relevant staff including contractor’s staff at the field level.

·        The incumbent is responsible to participate in relevant meetings during the World Bank supervision missions and brief the team.

·        Assist in establishing dialogue with the PAP (Project Affected People) communities and in ensuring incorporation and implementation of environmental concerns and suggestions from such interactions on environmental mitigations, good practices, consultation, information dissemination, environmental grievances handling/ management;

·        The incumbent will control and provide technical mitigation of pollutants or effluents generated due to project operations, that have an adverse impact on the natural environment and those who are exposed.

·        He/she will develop and maintain a data-base of compliances/non-compliances and generate reports.

·         Regularly interact with maintain good communication and co-ordination with related local government bodies for effectively addressing concerns related to safeguard management and particularly with NEPA (National Environmental Protection Agency) to exchange information and share knowledge about the implementation of the environmental and social management plans.

·        The incumbent will regularly review and liaise and follow up with the findings of third-party monitor to ensure that the concerns raised are effectively addressed.

His/her will review and understand the applicable national environmental management policies, laws and other guidelines of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (IRoA) as well as the WB Safeguards Framework

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul, Kandahar



The candidate must be Fluent in English with a working knowledge of Dari and/or Pashto. The minimum qualifications, skills and experiences required for this position are as follows.

·        Demonstrated ability to research, analyses systems and report accurately and concisely as well as available to travel within the country.

·        Proficiency in computer skills including MS office is necessary.

·        Ability to prepare plans, report writing skill and initiate dialogues with different stakeholders.


  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Environmental Science, related engineering disciplines, agriculture, Natural Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, or other closely related field. Master’s Degree in related fields are is preferred.
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in environmental safeguards management relevant to medium-large scale infrastructures projects and OR an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience that provides the capabilities to perform the described duties.

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