EQUIP Field Engineer

Bachelor's Degree   Afghanistan, Paktia Full Time 2046
Date Posted:Jul 9, 2017
Closing Date:Jul 15, 2017
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Engineering
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Long-term
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:




Job Summary:

In November 2015 MSI was awarded a three-year contract to conduct third party monitoring (TPM) of Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) projects for the World Bank. The ARTF-TPM program was put in place to meet a number of objetives:

1. Given an increasingly challenging security environment, the TPM program provides critical data from the field as input to the World Bank’s implementation support and GoA line ministries’ own monitoring systems. The TPM program provides data on nationwide project sites, including asset verification and quality assurance, where World Bank staff are not always able to systematically visit the sites of geographically widely disbursed projects.
2. The TPM program provides additional evidence that World Bank-funded programs are being implemented correctly, provides assurance to donors, focusing on infrastructure quality assurance and social and environmental safeguards, gender issues and select financial/fiduciary aspects.
3. The Supervisor Agent (SA) provides GoA line ministries with project monitoring and data collection support and shows how such practices could improve GoA project performance and results. This also helps strengthen GoA line ministries’ own monitoring programs. The SA reports directly to the World Bank, but also works closely with GoA line ministries responsible for project implementation at local and central levels.

**Please note: Only Afghan citizens are eligible for this position. **

Position Description:
The incumbent of this position, stationed at the Paktia province or at his/her home of reference, is responsible for conducting a pre-determined number of detailed monitoring inspections of selected EQUIP sub-projects across Afghanistan each month following a data collection protocol and using a World Bank-approved checklist, while complying with MSI security procedures. After each mission the incumbent will diligently review and correct, where necessary, all the collected data and when finished, transfer all the data to the MSI office in Kabul for further processing and reporting.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Develop and maintain contacts with Government of Afghanistan (GoA) Ministry of Education (MoEd) Infrastructure.

Services Department (ISD) engineers and contractors, inform them of planned site visits, and where appropriate encourage them to take part in site visits.

Collect and review primary and secondary data prior to all EQUIP site visits.

Plan and conduct a pre-determined monthly quota of project site visits according to the World Bank-approved EQUIP monitoring plan and MSI’s travel authorization procedures.

If a site cannot be inspected, the EQUIP Field Engineer will inspect an alternative site.

Using MSI-supplied technology and according to MSI standards observe and document:

a. The quality of EQUIP schools under construction
b. The quality of completed EQUIP school maintenance
c. ISD and contractor engineer performance, including contract management
d. The quality of planned and executed Environmental and Social Management Plans
e. Provisions for separate boys and girl’s requirements
f. Teacher and student attendance
g. Textbook/learning material availability and use in classrooms.

Thoroughly review all data collected based on MSI Quality Control (QC) standards.

Prepare and transfer a detailed report of each site visit according to MSI standards.

Discuss remedial measures with MoEd ISD engineers and contractors, where appropriate.

Provide capacity support to MoEd ISD engineers to improve the quality of their oversight of contractors, including the development and maintenance of monitoring checklists.

While in the field communicate daily with supervisors and other MSI staff as required.

Comply with MSI security procedures to facilitate tracking during site visits, including making required GPS notifications and reporting changed security conditions.

Comply with MSI’s project expense submission and reimbursement procedures.

Perform all other duties as assigned by MSI senior management.

Job Requirement:

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Civil Engineering or related field.

Minimum five (5) years’ work experience in vertical structure.

Demonstrable experience in performing QA of construction project sites, writing technical reports, noting deficiencies and variances from project specifications and drawings, comparing actual progress with project schedules and plans, and recommending steps to be taken for improving construction methods and promoting timely completion.

Familiarity with industry-standard GPS equipment. Capable of reading maps and construction drawings.

Documented proficiency in spoken and written English, Pashto, and Dari.
Success Factors:

Should possess good communication skills. Candidates with proficiency (i.e. better speaking, reading and writing skills) in English, as well as the national languages Pashto and Dari, will be given preference.

Candidates should possess tactfulness, enthusiasm towards his assigned tasks, good human relationship skills, integrity, honesty, and the ability to work under pressure to accomplish work tasks within assigned given time periods.

Travel Requirements:
Knowledge of and the ability to travel throughout the project location area is vital to accomplishing the duties for the position. Preference will be given to local candidates.

Physical Requirements:
All MSI personnel who work in Afghanistan must be physically able: (i) to function for extended periods of time wearing personal protective body armor weighing approximately 35 pounds and a helmet weighing approximately 5 pounds; (ii) to walk comfortably over rough terrain; and (iii) to ascend up to six flights of stairs on a daily basis. Candidates will be required to provide medical certification to MSI's satisfaction of the absence of any conditions that might impair a candidate's ability to meet these requirements.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Paktia
This job is expired