Evidence & Investigation Consultant

Master's Degree   Afghanistan, Kabul Full Time 486
Date Posted:Jul 13, 2021
Closing Date:Jul 27, 2021
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:3
Functional Area:Need Assessment ,Gender,Human Rights,Justice Sector Regorm,Governance,Rule of Law
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:20 day(s)
Possibility of Contract Extension:No
Contract Type:Consultant
Probation Period:Unspecified
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About International Development Law Organization (IDLO):


The International Development Law Organization (IDLO) is an inter-governmental development organization with headquarters in Rome and program offices in Kabul and several other provinces in Afghanistan. IDLO fulfils its mandate by providing training, technical assistance, research, and publication to governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local communities, and professional associations in developing countries, countries in economic transition, and countries emerging from armed conflict. The International Development Law Organization (IDLO) enables governments and empowers people to reform laws and strengthen institutions to promote peace, justice, sustainable development and economic opportunity. We contribute to creating stable and inclusive societies where every person can live free from fear and want, in dignity and under the rule of law. IDLO began working in Afghanistan in 2001 and has become a leading partner of Afghan government, donor countries and international agencies to achieve the common goal of strengthening the rule of law. Afghanistan has been an IDLO Member Country since 2012.

Job Summary:

The duration of the assignment is 20 working days. Contractor shall be remunerated based on the completion of deliverables. Payment will be made after submission of an invoice, and in accordance with and comply with IDLO’s general standards of performance, with a specific focus on quality of the work conducted. The Contractor will bear responsibility for payment of any taxes applicable to payments under the contract for services. Failure to comply with required deadlines and/or IDLO’s general standards of performance may result in no remuneration being paid to the Contractor.

Duties & Responsibilities:

-         Assist in assessing the procedures and practices used in evidence collection and investigation of GBV cases with a focus on witness and victim interviewing, forensic examination of crime scenes and victims, and preservation of forensic evidence at related institutions (to include, but not limited to, Forensic Medicine Department of the Ministry Public Health (MOPH), Family Response Unit (FRU) of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), EVAW Prosecution Departments of AGO, Police and other related institutions.

-         Assist  in identifying and describing items of evidence in GBV cases which are asked to be analyzed by forensic medicine and means of requesting and identify which forms of forensic evidence contribute most frequently to successful case outcomes.

-         Assist in assessing and documenting the mechanisms and relevant entities (such as hospitals) in determining the cause and extent of injury, and/or the cause of death in GBV-related cases.

-         Assist in describing the procedures of chain of custody and responsible persons/units for it.

-         Assist in identifying interlinked standard operating procedures (SOPs) on evidence collection in GBV cases and pinpoint gaps and inconsistencies.

-         Assist in identifying number of institutions that must coordinate and cooperate on collecting and preserving GBV evidence and assess the coordination level among them (including the FRU, AGO, the Forensic Medicine, Court, hospitals as the victims are more likely to seek medical care directly after the crime than police or legal care) and identifying gaps and proposing applicable solutions to ensure the process is executed properly.

-         Assist in evaluating the willingness and ability of the related institutions to develop uniform coordinated gender-sensitive standard operating procedures that assist with the smooth collection and transfer of evidence and identifying areas/topics to be covered in those SOPs.

-         Assist in identifying possible obstacles towards establishing uniform procedure for collecting and preserving GBV evidence.

-         Assist in explaining how GBV evidence (such as victim and witness statements, as well as physical aspects of the crime and forensic evidence), are collected and preserved in practice by the justice professionals and identifying gaps comparing to the applicable laws, regulations and SOPs (including international related documents ratified by Afghanistan).

-         Assist in identifying actual practices and habits to determine whether deviations are mistakes or represent ad hoc problem-solving by the justice professionals involved.

-         Assist in identifying and explaining the responsible units and procedures in the assessment and treatment of patients with liability-related traumatic injuries who are victims of GBV, and documentation of the relevant evidence.

-         Assist in identifying any difficulties that GBV victims face in remembering and speaking about the details of the crime and their problems during the investigation and evidence collection (including but not limited to place of interview, persons involved in interview, time of interview, skills of interviewers, questions themselves and traumatic impact) and explaining if any efforts have been carried out to minimize those problems.

-         Assist in identifying facts and practices that cause revictimization of GBV victims and what efforts have been carried out by institutions to eliminate it.

-         Assist in identifying number of women and men involved in collection and preservation of GBV evidence and assessing if they (men in particular) are trained on gender sensitivity and the impact that the trauma from the crime may have on a female victim.

-         Participate in relevant meetings with the international consultant and provide translation and interpretations to the international consultant as needed. 

Job Requirement:

-         Fluency in English and Dari (required). Knowledge of Pashto would be an advantage.

-         Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team

-         Capacity to work in a stressful environment with security restrictions

-         Capacity to work in a multicultural environment

-         Cultural and political sensitivity

-         Familiar with various data collection

-         Capacity to perform legal interpretation and translation.

-         Extensive knowledge of Afghanistan’s criminal justice system, procedures and process.

·      Master’s Degree in Law or Sharia or above in Criminal Law is preferred.

·      A minimum of five years of relevant professional experience ideally in Afghanistan criminal justice sector or an international organization in the areas of Rule of Law, Gender, Governance, Justice Sector Reform or Human Rights.

·      This is a Kabul-based assignment with possible travels to provinces.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul
This job is expired


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