FIA Community Development/Local Governance (CD/LG) (NSP) Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

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Date Posted:Apr 5, 2010
Closing Date:Apr 14, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:General
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:2 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: false
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

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Job Summary:

FIA Community Development/Local Governance (CD/LG) (NSP) Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Duties & Responsibilities:

Responsible for monitoring the progress of project activities in the field, providing reliable and accurate feedback on the state of implementation, progress and quality of community mobilization, CDC governance and sub-project conditions.
Responsible for recording all monitoring and evaluation findings in an accurate and detailed fashion, ensuring that M and E reports are submitted to the FIA CD/LG (NSP) Director as directed;
Responsible for ensuring that NSP CDC mobilization efforts and sub-project implementation activities are carefully monitored and recorded, utilizing accurate and detailed notes and M and E formats provided by the FIA CD/LG (NSP) Department. These reports are to be submitted to the FIA CD/LG (NSP) Director as required;
Responsible for analyzing the collated data, assisting the FIA CD/LG (NSP) Director and Deputy Director in identifying significant trends, assessing possible causes for those trends and recommending corrective action or solutions if required;
Responsible for reading and understanding the following sections of the NSP Operational Manual (OM);
Glossary Program Overview (I)
Organizational Structure (II)
Program Cycle At The Community Level (III)
Complaints Processing And Resolution (VII)
Monitoring and Evaluation (VIII)
Answers To Frequently Asked Questions (Annex A), CDC By-Laws (Annex G) and M and E Procedures (Annex H)
Responsible for preparing monthly monitoring work plans which monitor a representative sample of ongoing sub-project activities within various sectors, key CDC activities (such as elections, preparations of Community Development Plans, etc.). These work plans shall be submitted to the FIA CD/LG (NSP) Director, as directed, for his approval;
Responsible for undertaking monitoring and evaluation activities in the field, utilizing reporting forms, approved by the FIA CD/LG (NSP) Department. Field data collection, will encompass, group meetings with CDCs‘, individual interviews with community members, reviews of CDC files and sub-project visitors book and inspection/evaluation of the sub-project;
Responsible for performing all employment duties and responsibilities in accordance with the policies and procedures specified and outlined in the NSP Operational Manual and client agreements;
Responsible for encouraging CDCs‘ to keep and maintain monitoring log-books and submit any and all recorded key findings to the FIA NSP Provincial offices. The M and E Officer is required to review these log-books and focus on the following areas;
Identifying any implementation/quality issues that require follow-up;
Identifying follow up actions that may be required to address implementation problems/concerns;
Commending CDC members on their successes in implementing sub-projects;
Responsible for responding to any and all request for M and E data from FIA Senior Management. This includes, but is not limited to, reporting on implementation trends within respective districts or operational program areas, provincial office performance, CDC performance and any other related details as directed by the FIA CD/LG (NSP) Director;
Any and all related tasks, as directed by the FIA CD/LG (NSP) Director, FIA Deputy Country Directorr and/or FIA Country Director;

Job Requirement:

High School Graduate
Strong interest in M and E and supporting rural development and local governance initiatives with 2 years field experience.
Strong communication and observational skills.
Strong reporting and writing skills in Dari, Pashto and English.
Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel

Job Location:

This job is expired