FIELD OFFICER for the Nangarhar Nursery Growers Association (NGA)

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Date Posted:Aug 23, 2010
Closing Date:Sep 3, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Agriculture
Salary Range:19000 - 21500 USD undefined
Years of Experience:2 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: false
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:



MADERA is a French NGO implementing humaniterian aid programs in Afghanistan since 1988. MADERA was registered with Ministry of Economic of Afghanistan in No. 199, 1/2/2006. MADERA implements rural development projects in various fields (Agriculture, Animal Health, Forestry, Horticulture, Civil Engineering, Handicraft, Community Driven Development etc.) in 5 provinces: Wardak, Kunar, Laghman, Nuristan and Ghor. MADERA’s headquarter is located in Kabul while MADERA is also represented at regional and provincial levels through several offices and sub-offices. Finally MADERA general delegation is based in France (Paris).

Job Summary:

I. About the Fruit Tree Nursery Industry Project

The Project has been planned in recognition of the need to provide support to the development of the private sector fruit tree industry, so as to facilitate rural development and economic recovery in Afghanistan. In particular, the project will address the need for improved production capacity and management systems among Nursery Growers Associations (NGAs) and the need to support nursery growers to improve their technical skills, in order to ensure certified fruit tree saplings are available for the orchard industry, eventually leading to higher quality fruit, higher incomes and an expansion of the fruit industry.

The Project is implemented by a consortium of five partner NGOs (GPFA, CHA, ADA, SAB and MADERA) and build on the work and outcomes of previous projects in the field of perennial horticulture, including the EC-funded Perennial Horticulture Development Project (PHDP).

The action is implemented in the Western, Southern and South-eastern regions of Afghanistan, primarily in the following 9 provinces: Herat, Nangahar, Laghman, Kunar, Kandahar, Zabul, Logar, Wardak and Paktya

Duties & Responsibilities:

II. Job Description

MADERA is looking for 1 Field Officer for the Nangarhar NGA (Nursery Grower Association).

The Field Officers will be paid and supervised by MADERA. However, he will be seconded to the existing Nursery Growers Associations (NGAs) and will be based in their offices.

Main Duties
The Field Officers will be responsible for:
• Leading and managing nursery production programmes among the NGA membership.
• Working with NGA Board Members, ANNGO (Afghan National Nursery Growers Organisation) Board Members, and other stakeholders to implement various activities.

Main objectives and specific activities will include:

Participate to the promotion, structuring and development of NGA
• Assist NGAs to develop and retain their membership through updating the lists of all fruit tree nurseries in their catchment areas, visiting nursery growers that are not NGA members and explain them the benefit of NGA membership, undertaking various activities to encourage nursery growers to join the NGA;
• Promote the ANNGO programme to NGA members and potential members and explain them the importance of certification and of using horticulture best practices;
• Establish procedures for ensuring that the nurseries of NGA members are managed in accordance with ANNGO standards;
• Assist in the development of administrative tools (data sheets, etc) that will help nursery growers to record and follow-up their activities, and therefore better manage their nurseries.
• Work with NGA Board Members and Area Facilitator to devise and implement strategies whereby NGAs can justify the support (fees) of members;
• Work with NGA Board Members and Area Facilitator to devise and implement strategies whereby NGAs can raise additional revenues from sources outside the membership.

Support NGA in marketing their members’ nursery outputs
• Work with NGA members to maintain and develop demonstration orchards as marketing tools (demonstration of varieties and production methods);
• Train and enable NGA members to offer technical advices to their customers regarding existing orchards or the establishment of new orchards;

Facilitate the access of NGA members to registered Mother Stock Nurseries and certified propagation materials that meet ANNGO standards
• Familiarise all NGA members with the ANNGO certification standards and keep them aware of any changes to the standards;
• Ensure that all NGA members have access to certified propagation materials;
• Ensure that all NGA members’ nurseries are certified and these nurseries offer certified planting materials for sale to customers;
• Ensure registered MSNs are stocked to produce up-to-date propagation material that meets market and grower demand for varieties of perennial fruit and nut crops;

Support the production and preparation for market of fruit and nut saplings or vines to the standards set by ANNGO
• Familiarise NGA members with the benefits of high-quality certified saplings;
• Organize training of NGA members in best practices in collaboration with PHDP Technical Assistance, MoAIL and any other relevant organisations;
• Visit the NGA members’ nurseries to monitor whether they are implementing the technical knowledge they have gained through the training and give technical advice where required;
• Familiarise NGA members with ANNGO standards for the preparation and delivery of saplings for sale;
• Ensure NGA members accurately label all nursery stock, both in the nursery and when lifted for sale, and monitor NGA members to ensure they are following ANNGO standards;
• Participate in exchange visits with other Field Officers;
• Regularly report to the Area Facilitator and participate in meetings with the Area Facilitator and other Field Officers.

Internal relationships
• The Field Officer will work under the direct supervision of the Area Facilitator. They decide priorities while planning activities and related means together. The Field Officer reports achievements and difficulties encountered on a weekly and monthly basis.

Job Requirement:

III. Qualifications

• Afghan nationality.
• Degree, Diploma or equivalent professional experience in the field of perennial horticulture.
• At least 2 years of experience in working in fruit tree nurseries.
• Experience in training nursery owners.
• Fluent in English (spoken, written and reading).
• Ability to work closely with NGA Board Members in a respectful and positive manner.
• Willingness to be based in a district (NGA office) and travel to remote areas.

IV. Conditions

• Fixed term salaried contract – 12 months renewable
• Salary: between 19,000 AFA and 21,500 AFA depending on experience

Job Location:

This job is expired