Field Project Engineer

  Amerifa construction company
  Afghanistan Unspecified 1344
Date Posted:Aug 4, 2010
Closing Date:Aug 30, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:2
Functional Area:Construction
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension:Yes
Contract Type:Permanent
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

About Amerifa construction company:


Amerifa Construction Company as a contractor of US ARMY CORPS for construction of Projects across Afghanistan and abroad.

Job Summary:

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Duties & Responsibilities:

Reports directly to the Project Manager or Operations Manager in the performance of their duty
1. Mange the site team to ensure that work is carried out on schedule. If there is a schedule problem inform the project manager immediately.
2. Ensure that work is performed as required by the design documents.
3. Manage the filed team to ensure that equipment, material, manpower, security, and engineers work is available everyday to meet the construction schedule.
4. Manage the Amerifa field team to ensure that engineers and subcontractors people are on site and begin work on time.
5. Manage the Field Project Team in the performance of their duties including safety, quality control, security and engineering and survey. Support the team if necessary.
6. Responsible to be on site at all times work is ongoing to manage quality, safety, security and schedule.
Management Responsibilities
1. Meet the subcontractor each day to discuss the work plan. Report to the project manager when work cannot begin or problems are seen. Contact the PM by telephone.
2. Solve problems with the subcontractor and notify the Project Manager of problems as soon as they appear.
3. Keep good communications open at all times between the field and head office staff.
4. Manage the Project Team to plan and manage employee work hour and non work hour, holidays and schedules to ensure that the field project management activity is not impacted.
5. Ensure that all field staff carries out their work and responsibility on time. This includes reports, schedule information, as-built drawings and safety meetings.
6. Meet the client in the field and ensure that a professional service is provided for Amerifa representation. Inform the project manager of all field discussions with the client. Keep notes for record.
7. Execute the Company community relations plan per the contract requirements. Address and correct field problems with local residents and villagers.
Contractor Team Management
8. Ensure that Contractor hire and training requirements for local employees is carried out in accordance with the contract agreement.
9. Review and approve the monthly subcontractor billing and project schedule update.
10. Update the project schedule each week.
11. Ensure that the subcontractor has all safety requirements completed each day.
12. Ensure that the subcontractor performs all qc tests and inspections.
13. Do not direct the subcontractor to do extra work unless approved by the project manager and design engineer.
Controls and Communications
14. Record notes and memorandums of discussions and agreements held with USACE Contractors, Community members, customer, and Amerifa Staff.
15. Establish daily site Contractor meetings and record meeting minutes and discuss all issues pertaining to security, safety, quality, schedule, cost and community relations.
16. Manage the Amerifa Team project reporting procedure for each project for daily, weekly and monthly reporting in accordance with the project progress reporting process.
17. Utilize progress photographs and cover topics of events for construction activity, safety, security, design, QA-QC and cost.
18. Inform the project manager as soon as a problem appears on site. This includes no manpower, broken equipment, missing engineering staff, USACE problems and quality matters.
19. Ensure that the contractor security plan is used in accordance with the contract agreement.
20. Enforce the contractors approved security policy and procedures for field construction work, engineering offices, residential housing and employee travel for staff and contractor employees.
21. Ensure that security is established for equipment and materials store on project locations.
22. Enforce the Contractor training of security guards by the contractor as required by the contract agreement.
23. Establish an emergency evacuation plan for employees and provide field instruction as necessary to keep new team members current on security policies and procedures. Establish communications to Amerifa management Offices.
24. Enforce the approved safety policy and procedures for road construction and for UXO demining in accordance with the contract agreement. Issue a stop work notice for any conditions that are unsafe and promptly notify the Program Manager.
Quality Control
25. Enforce the contractor’s quality control program (3 phases of control) with the Amerifa QA QC Manager to ensure that the QC program meets the requirements of the contract.
26. Ensure that Field Staff and contractor staff is implementing standard quality control inspections, testing remedial work and record keeping as outlined in the QC Plan.
27. Ensure that construction work is executed in accordance with the approved design documents and contract agreement.
28. Ensure that all inspection reports, records, test reports, non conformance reports, photographs and material certificates are kept on file.
29. Coordinate training of Contractor and Staff as necessary to keep the QC department working well.
Cost Management
30. Review and approve the contractor’s monthly progress payment invoice. Make invoice revisions or adjustments prior to submission to the project manager.
31. Ensure that all Contractor monthly payment documentation and attachments is completed in accordance with the contract agreement including proper schedule.
32. Manage the contractor to keep on schedule. Update the project schedule each day and notify the Project Manager of any delays.
33. Manage the contractor’s mobilization stage to ensure that all contract administrative steps, survey and engineering, equipment and material delivery, and services are in place to begin construction as planned in the project schedule.
34. Work with the contractor to deliver a fully operational field office during mobilization and before construction begins. Establish a system for transportation, communications, services and supplies for basic needs that are excluded by the contractor and contract agreement.
35. Manage the contractor materials procurement procedure for submittal approval and on time site delivery.
36. Monitor the contractor’s construction progress and provide guidance and support to labor and material delivery that allows an efficient construction process. Identify any possible negative construction issues before they become critical and notify the Project Manager.
37. Mange the project construction schedule including weekly and monthly updates. Verify contractors schedule reporting for accuracy.
38. Track field delays and notify the Project Manager for causes and include in the daily report.
Project Closeout
39. Manage an efficient project close out to include all final inspections and tests, final reports, as-built documents, certificates of final acceptance and a formal handover to the Owner in accordance with the contract
able travel to the provinces

Job Requirement:

1) B.S.C in civil Engineering, especially in road Construction field.
2) work Experience in the road construction from 5- 10 years with national or international company.
3) Must be known with different activities of road construction such as:
Ability for apply of drawing and design in the site, Earth work, pavement, structure work, martial and testing method and especially construction management.
4) Must familiar with different kind of road machinery and deploy the machinery at the work site.
5) Familiarity and easy access to computer program such as Auto cad, Office, Microsoft project and etc.
6) Full knowledge and understanding with English language.
7) Ability to attend the job daily 8:00 am to 5:00 pm six day a week.
8) Good experience for site management and coordinating different action of the project.
9) Good Experience in communicate with main office and monitor and client.
10) A good personality to be Adjust according cultural requirement of the site.

Job Location:

This job is expired