Finance Officer (Individual Consultant, Local)

  Afghanistan Unspecified 219
Date Posted:Jan 19, 2011
Closing Date:Feb 4, 2011
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:1
Functional Area:Account/Finance
Salary Range:As per NTA salary scale policy
Years of Experience:5 Years
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension:No
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:1 month
Required Languages:

About AISA:


Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) began as an agency that provided licenses to companies wishing to invest in Afghanistan. AISA has now evolved into a pro-active institution on promoting and attracting investment to Afghanistan. AISA, having its main office in Kabul and regional offices in Herat, Kandahar, Mazar-i-sharif, Nangharhar, Khost, Kunduz, Paktia, Faryab and Helmand province, delivers a wide range of services to investors all over the country.

Job Summary:


Duties & Responsibilities:

(i) Monitor the budgetary and financial functions of the Project;
• Support AISA in preparing detailed Project annual budgets including quarterly forecasts for fund release with inputs from other team members on outputs to be undertaken and the level of financing required for carrying out the activities identified in the annual work plan.
• Request for funds from the World Bank through SOE replenishment applications.
• Prepare and monitor budget control reports and analyze variances between budget and actual expenditures.

(ii) Monitor and oversee all aspects of the Project’s financial management, Including:

• Assess the adequacy of the financial management system and associated internal controls, and if necessary, make suggestions and/or take alternative steps to ensure compliance with the necessary fiduciary standards of the Government of Afghanistan (GoA) and the World Bank.

• Facilitate preparation of financial management guidelines
• to become part of the project implementation manual to lay down clear instructions on different aspects of financial management, viz. fund-flow, accounting and reporting. Obtain necessary approvals before implementing the guidelines.

• Undertake financial analysis of the project’s components/activities and assist the head of AISA in preparing relevant reports.

(iii) Coordinate with Senior Financial Management Specialist and head of AISA to ensure that the disbursement of funds meets the Project’s requirements as well as the World Bank’s financial management rules and procedures:
• Arrange salary and other payments to Project’s staff, Contractors/suppliers and service providers with the MoF and designated bank.
• Ensure daily control of funds disbursed.
• Monitor the utilization of the advance from the Designated Dollar Account, in close coordination with the Special Disbursements Unit (SDU) in the MoF.
• Liaise with the World Bank on disbursements and financial management issues.
• Ensure that adequate supporting documents for Project transactions are retained in the project files and are available for review by World Bank missions and relevant Government of Afghanistan officials.

(iv) Be responsible for the preparation of regular accounting reports and the attachment of supporting documents and ensure proper filing and maintenance of financial related documents:
• Ensure that accounting records are maintained in accordance with relevant international accounting standards and also in compliance with GoA accounting policies and practices and comply with the chart of accounts of the GoA as developed by the Treasury Dept.
• Ensure that all financial and physical data relating to the project are promptly recorded, periodically verified with external sources (Da Afghanistan Bank statements, records of the SDU, etc.) and consolidated at the AISA.
• Prepare the list for the payment of contractors, suppliers, consultants and service Providers by date, and inform them about the exact date of payment.
• Prepare M16 and relevant documents for the payments of beneficiaries.

(v) Undertake necessary compilation of various reports and prepare a consolidated report for the Development Budget External Relations (DBER) Unit in MOF as per its requirements. Prepare periodic financial statements and project progress reports. Ensure that the reports help DBER and SDU comply with their reporting requirements to the World Bank.

• Report, periodically, to the World Bank (based on the Financial Monitoring Report format) and to Government agencies on the financial and physical progress of the project.
• Prepare monthly financial reports for the review of AISA’s Financial Management Specialist review.

(vi) Ensure that the internal control system is effective and corrective actions are taken promptly to remedy weak internal controls and report to the Head of AISA any circumvention of the system or practices that will impede efficient and effective use of Project resources.
(vii) Maintain a fixed assets register to record relevant information on the entire Project’s fixed assets and to track movements of the fixed assets.
(viii) Take all steps necessary to obtain necessary audit opinion for all expenditures Incurred under the project, including liaison by the Auditor General (AG) during the audit process.
• In close coordination with the SDU, prepare and submit project financial statements for audit within three months after the end of each fiscal year.
• Respond to questions raised by the AG’s office during the audit process and ensure that corrective actions are taken to rectify deficiencies reported by the AG’s office.
• Submit audit reports to the World Bank within six months after the end of each fiscal year.

Job Requirement:

• Should be an MBA/BBA with Finance and Accounting from a reputable university, domestic or foreign.
• 1- 5 years of relevant experience.
• Preference will be given to those who have experience of World Bank financed projects as well as knowledge of financial rules and regulations of Government of Afghanistan.
• Initiative, creativity, sound judgment, analytical skills, and result orientation.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills.
• Ability to effectively present information to top management, director and President of AISA.
• Excellent command on MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and QuickBooks.

Job Location:

This job is expired