Financial Intern

  Afghanistan Unspecified 401
Date Posted:Jan 4, 2010
Closing Date:Jan 9, 2010
Work Type:Unspecified
Number of Vacancies:2
Functional Area:Internships
Salary Range:Salary is negotiable
Years of Experience:Fresh
Contract Duration:Not specified
Possibility of Contract Extension: Yes
Contract Type:Short Term
Probation Period:Unspecified
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Job Summary:

The purpose of this position is to serve on the financial projects of AFS, including financial analysis and reporting. This position has line responsibilities for general accounting, project accounting, internal auditing, cost accounting, tax audit and budgetary controls. This position serves office financial policies and accounting practices, the conduct of the relationship of the office with lending institutions and the financial community, the maintenance of its fiscal records, and the preparation of financial reports and taxation obligations.

This position must ensure all financial management obligations and requirements under Afghan law are met, and that sound financial management systems and internal controls exist within AFS.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Reporting to the CFO, the key focus of this role is to provide assist Financial Analysts and Associates in serving the accounting needs of clients. Key responsibilities and accountabilities are outlined as follows:
• Assist and/or perform data entry into accounting management software.
• Assist and/or prepare financial documentation against the organization’s standard policies.
• Assist and/or prepare asset management practices.
• Assist with the financial implementation status of projects/programmes in the budget.
• Assist and/or prepare strategies for fraud and corruption control within client organization and compliance with audit requirements.
• Fulfil financial and other management reporting requirements, in accordance with prescribed AFS policy and internal AFS requirements.
• Prepare internal financial reports to a format and schedule agreed with the CFO.
• Prepare external financial reports for the annual report and as required through Afghan Law or regulation.
• Ensure appropriate and effective financial and compliance systems are operating to:
- record transactions and maintain accounting records in accordance with statutory requirements of AFS;
- record and control the assets of AFS;
- support analysis and review of areas of expenditure for necessity and reasonableness against strategic goals, program requirements, and AFS policy to minimise waste and maximise efficiency;
- provide consolidated financial reports of AFS that reflect factually and accurately its financial performance and financial position (including assets under its control); and
assure financial integrity and effective management of risk within AFS.
Professional Conduct
• Comply with personal legal liabilities and fiduciary requirements of diligence and care in carrying out the duties of AFS.
• Act honestly in all the affairs of AFS and avoid conflict of interest and, should this arise, it must be declared.
• Undertake any additional duties as may be required.

Job Requirement:

• ACCA students highly preferred.
• Currently attending a Bachelors degree program in Accounting, Finance, Commerce or similar.
• Some experience as a financial officer in public practice or commerce and industry.
• Some experience in the development of business plans and the financial analysis of commercial opportunities.
• Some experience in the development of accounting systems.
• Some experience in the design and production of budgets and financial reports.
• Some experience in the supervision of staff.
• A sound knowledge of project accounting principles, including those relating to government.
• Some knowledge of contracting procedures, including financial aspects of contract implementation for international organisations.
• Knowledge of financial systems design, comparative financial analytical techniques.
• Some understanding of company law, risk management and insurance requirements in Afghanistan.
• A working knowledge of computer applications for financial accounting.
Personal Skills and Abilities:
• Professionalism in all aspects of work and life.
• Ability to think clearly and logically.
• Skills in problem identification and solution.
• Exceptional interpersonal skills.
• Ability to meet deadlines, ability to allocate and review priorities.
• High degree of flexibility in work and personal life.
• Demonstrated ability to communicate with persons of various cultures and disciplines.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Adept at using a range of computer hardware and software.

Job Location:

This job is expired