Forest Field Technician

  Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and livestock (MAIL)
Bachelor's Degree   Paktika, Afghanistan Full Time 387
Date Posted:Aug 4, 2019
Closing Date:Aug 13, 2019
Work Type:Full Time
Number of Vacancies:3
Functional Area:General
Salary Range:As per company salary scale
Years of Experience:1 Year
Contract Duration:Open Ended
Extension Possibility:Yes
Contract Type:Service Contract
Probation Period:3 months
Required Languages:Dari,Pashto,English

About Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and livestock (MAIL):


The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock is a key ministry of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that aims to develop the agriculture, irrigation and livestock of the rural and urban communities. The Ministry is expected to lay the foundations for a long-term strengthening of local agriculture, to promote governance, to rebuild social capital and leadership within villages and neighborhoods, and to provide assistance for rehabilitation and development to communities.

The General Directorate of Natural Resources Management (GD-NRM) is one of the biggest and most important directorates of the MAIL. This directorate offers services in Natural Resource (forests, rangelands and protected areas) Management, promoting Community Based NRM initiatives so that local communities can benefit, in a fair and equitable way.

The mission of DG-NRM is Restoration, protection, conservation, and improvement of forest, rangeland, natural vegetation and ecological areas, improving green areas in and around urban areas, introducing prudent utilization approaches and mechanisms, watersheds management and soil conservation, combat desertification and improve ecological balance; resultant to reduced natural disasters, healthy environment, agriculture and livestock sector development and food security.

Home Nursery Project (HNP) for sustainable Management of Natural Pine Nut Forests in Afghanistan is a new initiative of The Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan which currently focuses on three major pine nut producing provinces. The project aims on encouraging local communities’ participation in the process of sustainable pine nut forest management through establishing home nurseries and enhancing the economic situation of local communities and will lay the ground to reduce current pressures on natural forests logging, will support local communities to conserve these resources and ultimately in long term will result to holistic local economic development through production of high value pine nuts and walnuts in Afghanistan

Job Summary:

Under the overall guidance of the Provincial Forestry Officer, PAIL’s NRM dept and forestry directorate, the incumbent will be responsible for the implementation of the field practices of the project including site selection, community mobilization, formation of Forest Management Associations (FMAs), identification and capacity building of interested households under FMAs and carrying out technical home nursery and forest restoration/conservation practices in the field.

Skills Required:


Provinces to travel:

Skills Description:

§ Excellent communication skills; and excellent spoken and written knowledge in local languages (Dari and Pashto), familiarity with English language will be a plus point.

Duties & Responsibilities:

§ Work with local authorities, community leaders, relevant civil society and non-governmental organization, collaborating /implementing partners, and other stakeholders where appropriate in order to achieve the objectives of the project;

§ Identification and selection of the potential areas for implementation of the project and prepare the GIS map of the areas based on the GPS coordinates and Develop a clear site plan/management plan for each area.

§ Mobilize communities for establishment of Forest Management Associations (FMAs) and identify interested households under FMAs to establish home nurseries for them based on clear contracts and rules.

§ Conduct technical trainings and sessions with FMAs regarding technical affairs of nurseries, sapling production, forest restoration/conservation and sustainable utilization of forest resources.

§ Promote and implement home nursery, forest restoration/conservation and harvest management actions with rural communities.

§ Designing local plantation and reforestation methodology and implementation of forest rehabilitation protection and establishment techniques.

§ Provide professional and technical advice on the land preparation and cultivation of pine nuts and walnuts in nurseries, selection ordering, terracing, petting, planting and maintenance of pine nut trees to the communities.

§ Prepare project installment documents for smooth financial management.

§ Develop and continuously implement public outreach action plans using illustrative tools and materials such as targeted public awareness campaigns, print and electronic advertising, social networking and other forms of communication for the local communities.

§ Ensuring communication with development structures like provincial development committee (PDC), District Development Assembly (DDA), Community Development Council (CDC) and community elders for the successful implementation of the Project.

§ Consider the community’s cultural values, aspirations and perceptions, as well as pay attention to the people’s rights and equal access to the forest resources.

§ Regular supervise, monitor and record all filed interventions by FMAs and relevant households and prepare implementation data (FMAs list, Households lists, home nurseries distribution lists, sapling production quantity, training attendances, forest restoration/conservation area/hectarage, exchange visits data…etc.)

§ Prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports of the field interventions and submit to the PAIL NRM dept and Provincial Forestry Officer.

§ Any other task as assigned by the line manager.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Paktika


§ Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture and/or any relevant field.

§ At least 1 year of relevant experience in the field of forest management with reputable national and/or international organizations. Preference will be given to candidates with additional years of experience in the relevant field.

§ Knowledge and/or familiarity with the socio-cultural dynamics in Afghanistan particularly the targeted provinces and/or in rural communities in which the project activities will be implemented;

§ Excellent communication skills; and excellent spoken and written knowledge in local languages (Dari and Pashto), familiarity with English language will be a plus point.§ Enough experience and competency in computer packages (GIS, Ms. Office and other NRM designing packages).

Good team player, self-starter, has ability to work under minimum supervision and maintain good relationships

Job Keywords:

Forest Field Technician
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